BLOOD-C PV (Updated)

The official website of the BLOOD-C TV Anime series released a PV for Episode 1! Check it out at

The TV Series launching date has also been revealed, broadcast will start on July 7.

Update: The video was strangely removed from the website (although CLAMP’s Ohkawa herself made a comment about it on CLAMP-NET.COM). You can still watch the PV via YouTube:


12 thoughts on “BLOOD-C PV (Updated)

  1. Hello Chibi Yuuto, (it’s quite an honor to talk to you here. I know that this is my first comment as well as my first appearance here, but I have been watching these entries before I joined LJ xD) How are you?

    Wow…this trailer is awesome! But is it just me or does Saya looks like Sayaka from Kobato? Anyway this is pretty exciting even though I haven’t looked much into the Blood Universe. Maybe I should read and watch Blood+ sometime…^^


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