BLOOD-C – Newtype scans

Here are scans from this month’s Newtype magazine about the BLOOD-C TV Anime series:

Thanks to Koi Nya for the heads up!

The BLOOD-C TV Anime series will premiere in July on TBS/MBS.


10 thoughts on “BLOOD-C – Newtype scans

  1. WOAHHHHH Saya is SO cool looking ! I already adore her !! She is gonna be one of those beat up girls for sure ! haha just kidding, but she looks like this ne ? It’s also part of her job after all. Oh and does the broom in her hand mean that clamp decided to make her being the daughter of a temple cartaker instead of Hana ? I really wonder now. On the other hand she really kinda looks like Arashi, even to the eye color, but that might just be because it’s CLamp who designed her. Only time will tell, and it won’t be long until July O_o


  2. When I first saw the drawings for her, I immediately thought she looked like a combination of Watanuki and Himawari.. but maybe it was just the pigtails and the glasses. XD;; She’s very gorgeous, though. I’m really hope this turns out well.


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