Blood-C to be made as both TV Series & Film

Breaking Blood-C news!

The official website for the CLAMP x Production IG original animation Blood-C has updated with information on staff and the announcement that apart from the previously announced TV Series, there is also a movie release planned for 2012.

The TV anime series will be directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (XXXHOLiC director) and CLAMP’s Nanase Ohkawa will be in charge of the series composition. Character Design will be done by Kazuya Kise (XXXHOLiC Rou, Adayume OADs).

There is a wallpaper present on the website featuring an illustration drawn by CLAMP that can be obtained by answering a quick poll. If you don’t want to answer to the poll and just want to see the wallpaper, here is the 1028×1024 pixels version.

An official twitter account for the project was launched as well.

Finally, there is a comment from CLAMP saying that they were shocked when Production IG approached them for the project (they said “EHH!” out loud xD). They are feeling very honored to be involved in this project.

The TV Anime will premiere in July on TBS.

I was hoping Nanase Ohkawa would be in charge of the series composition (and not just provide a rough plot line) but it’s nice to see a confirmation. I hope she gets to write a lot of scripts, including the movie’s!

The movie was quite of a shock to me, I wasn’t expecting it so soon. This is going to be huge!


25 thoughts on “Blood-C to be made as both TV Series & Film

  1. I’m really looking forward to this ^-^ While I might sound rude now, I don’t really trust Tsutomu Mizushima after what he did with the HOLiC series (I was very disappointed in it)…but of course that doesn’t mean he can’t do a better job with Blood C…I really want it to be awesome.

    Thank you for the news!


      • By the way

        You changed your avatar!! First was Yuko-san and now… what is this name’s girl? Saya? If I disliked something about that director is that me made Holic more episodic that how it was already. Well, I hope it will be good.


  2. Oh my… I really want to subtitle this in German even though I’m still busy with the Kobato. series D:
    It will air on MBS and TBS? Yeah! That means high quality transport streams! And that means there’s a high chance it will air with closed captions. Really useful while translating an anime.
    I’m so looking forward to this!


  3. Wow, Naoki Sato (who also did the OST of X/1999 TV version) is doing the OST of this show too? Awesome!

    Idk about Mizushima since I check that most of his works were comedies. But I think CLAMP really trust this guy much which is why he’s assigned to be the director of this project.

    Now, I’m waiting if the story will be a remake(I doubt that it will be a sequel to Blood+ for obvious reasons) and also the characters too asides from Saya (the main female lead of the franchise).


  4. This is indeed going to be HUGE. A movie before the series began?!!! Wow. Only CLAMP can do this in the industry.

    I have never seen any BLOOD+ movies/series. So I think I should watch them before July…


  5. mmm this is exciting news lol. I’ll have to look into the Blood+ series, though I hope this is a stand-alone series that is part of a larger franchise…

    What exactly does being in charge of series composition mean anyway? How much influence will she have?


  6. I hope this anime does well. It’s got vampires so it should be awesome. By the way, I added you as a friend cause you are SOO COOL!!!!!


  7. Series composition and scenario they say, I hope she’ll do quite a few episode. ^^
    Talking of which, I wonder how long the series will be, July is rather unusual to start a series, it’s usually on october or April. Will it be only 13 episodes? Or will it be 26 or 39?


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