Jump SQ #03 cover feat. GATE7 (Updated)

The official website of Jump SQ magazine announced the cover for its March issue, featuring GATE7:

There was also a 1 page increase in the debut chapter. At first, 43 pages were scheduled, now Jump SQ website says 44 pages. Yay? xD

Only a few more days before the debut of GATE7! The magazine goes on sale February 4.

Update: Preview pictures from the chapter (from Jump SQ’s website):

37 thoughts on “Jump SQ #03 cover feat. GATE7 (Updated)

  1. Looking good ^^ It’s actually not *that* often that Clamp make their characters wear traditional japanese clothes, so this is *almost* a rare view ^^
    Anyway, I never complained about Clamp’s art, but let’s see now in which direction the story goes~
    Red eyes and white skin like a rabbit XD
    Thanks for the info!


      • I did think about Yuuko (and xxxholic as a whole actually), which is why I included the *almost* part ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I didn’t know that Okimono Kimono was inspired bu Yuuko, I learn new things everyday! XD Which remind me I really have to buy the english release of Okimono, I’ve left it aside for too long…


    • Yuuko also has white skin and red eyes and usually wears kimonos. *gasps* Could it be that —?!

      BTW I love your icon (that’s Touya and Sakura from CCS right?). Is there a bigger version?

      And thanks chibiyuuto for your updates! I used to follow you since way before, good luck with everything. ๐Ÿ˜€


      • Aha, I definitely didn’t think that far, I just thought it was the year of the Usagi and that bunny ears suit her quite well ๐Ÿ˜‰

        This super cute artwork was made by an artist from Pixiv, which released and keep releasing until now new SakuraxSyaoran arts~ (nop, it’s not Touya, sorry…)
        This is the page with the full artwork: SxS artwork by rใ†ใ„ at Pixiv


        • Because Sakura looks smaller I thought it’s Touya. ^^ It’s a shame I can’t access the site. Anyways, thanks for the answer! And I agree, it fits with the Rabbit’s Year. ๐Ÿ˜€


          • Oh, sorry ;_; I knew that it wasn’t possible to see the full sized artworks when you weren’t a member of Pixiv, but I never realized you couldn’t even access the page of a fanart at all! @__@ It’s such a shame, I thought you could also take a look at her other CCS drawings which are to die for >.<

            Anyway, I upload it for you right here: SxS artwork by rใ†ใ„


  2. I’m definitly going to buy it. *————-*
    Even thought I live in Brazil, and the freight is a little bit expansive, I always buy manga magazines that I like.
    I loved the cover!
    44 pages? YAY


    • Hello fellow Brazilian! =D

      In the cover says that we have a One-shot of the mangaka Mayu Sakai? *——————*

      I have no idea, but you could check out their official website to confirm that =)


    • Yes, there is an one shot by Sakai Mayu, she is shoujo-mangaka but she did released one shot in Jump SQ before.

      Also for furoku, there going to be four posters of One Piece by four different mangakas to celebrate exceeding 200 million volumes (it is first time in manga history).


      • Thank you for the information!
        I love Mayu Sakai! *–* This is another reason for me to buy this JUMP SQ.

        Posters of One Piece? hum… I’m going to give it to my friends. I’m not that into One Piece.

        Thanks again!


  3. I didn’t expect the colour illustrations to have such a xxxHOLIC feel to them, especially compared to the first one with the moon and lotus. But I like Hana’s dynamic pose.


  4. OMG, it looks just great!

    the manga kind of remembers me of a mixture of chobits and xxxholic.
    Hana behaves like chii in her naive childish way but as a master of dreams she could be a missing link to yuuko ๐Ÿ˜€

    we will see ๐Ÿ™‚


    • :O so im not the only one who thinks of it like xxxHOLiC and Chobits too? :’D
      Hana reminds me of a kitten for some reason XD she’s cute and very energetic (when eating her noodles LOL)


  5. The art looks awesome like the fisrt chapter. Im sure these two will be a fine couple but…am I the only one annoyed that there have been two kisses in the two chapters? XD I mean, it’s nice to see CLAMP draw it but why before the characters even know eachother? (maybe their making up for all the kisses they didnt draw in their previous works XD

    btw, I really enjoy every update you feed us about Clamp, Chibi Yuuto ๐Ÿ˜€ -Josephine


    • I read that the one-shot will not be carried in the tankoubon, so maybe this is the official chapter 1, making this kissing scene the “same” scene. We’ll have to wait and see ^^

      btw, I really enjoy every update you feed us about Clamp, Chibi Yuuto ๐Ÿ˜€ -Josephine

      Thank you so much, Josephine!! =)


  6. I feel somehow frustrated seeing this perfectly clean images with pure white pages, perfect grayscales and deep black ink…when I know just how crappy the actual magazine is compared to these D:

    Thanks for the adding up the preview!


    • Hahaha I thought the paper quality would be better than the average weekly magazine. After all, it’s a monthly publication, and the “SQ” in Jump SQ stands for “Supreme Quality”. Oh well xD


  7. She certainly looks like a girl, there is no question about that. It’s somehow understandable that Chikahito would think she is a girl, but then Kobato also looks like a girl and Fujimoto thinks she is a girl… but is she really?

    About Hana, we never know ^^”


  8. I’m going to say it now…..

    Can’t wait for the anime to come out….I just hope it won’t be hack and slash ver. I want an company to really work well with GATE7.

    CCS, MKR,Tsubasa OVAs, xxxHolic OVAs and Chobits, Just wow, really good

    Kobato (could have been better. Animation was love, story could have been better. Fujimoto should have been less of a jerk.)

    X TV (eye color change, could have been better)
    Tsubasa TV, xxxHolic TV (Nuff said)


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