XXXHOLiC manga reaches its climax

The cover of the next issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine reveals that XXXHOLiC is officially entering its climax phase. In other words, the manga is reaching its end:

Recently, the German and Italian publishers of XXXHOLiC announced to their readers that XXXHOLiC would end in the current volume (19).

With Tsubasa, the climax phase was first announced in January but the series only ended in September. Personally I think Tsubasa was an unusual case… usually when a series enters its climax, there are only a few chapters left.

We will know soon enough if XXXHOLiC really ends in volume 19. The next CLAMP-NET.COM updates will announce the last chapter of the current volume and we will know if it’s indeed the final chapter of the series.

Volume 19 will be released in March 2011 along with a new OAD.


44 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC manga reaches its climax

  1. I don’t know it somehow seems rash we’re already two chapters into the volume and there’s no build up toward an ending.Although with xxxHolic they could make another time jump or leave the series with an open end.


      • Eh, true. But IMO the story for HOLiC has been pretty dry lately and doesn’t seem to be going in any particular direction. I guess the keg ran out.

        CLAMP should have ended when Yuuko died. I’ll admit that I had high hopes that maybe they would break away from their formula and smooth things out between Doumeki and Watanuki and maybe give Himawari a bit more importance. But no, Watanuki still treats Doumeki like, well, crap, Doumeki won’t give way about his true feelings, and they couldn’t put Himawari on the bus fast enough. And Kohane? What?

        I am sad to say that it feels like CLAMP is turning into a one trick pony. The only reason I like Kobato is because I have a penchant for cute and sugar. Gate 7 FEELS promising but I can’t help but feel like it’ll come with CLAMP staple metric tons of angst.


  2. Finally! I love Holic but it’s been flagging since the time skip. I’m quite ready to see what everything has been leading up to.


    Tis chess_77, by the way, with a new username ^w^


  3. Finally. And after this, more Gohou Drug. A dream come true. Well, that’s only my fantasy.
    I just want a proper ending for XXXHOLIC.
    Thank you for the news =).


  4. Holy mother of god… I don’t know whether to rejoice or cry…

    Now, to see if my perdiction for the end is correct. If it is, I’m officially dubbing myself CLAMP’s American link or something! I predicted a lot of stuff in Tsubasa MONTHS before it happened and all my friends freaked when they found out I was right (examples include Fai having a twin, Sakura being a clone…).


  5. Oh God! Seriously, how will they wrap up the conclusion in about 7 (at most) chapters?! I hope that this won’t end like Tsubasa did – stupidly rushed. I have been hoping that XXXHolic will end before it digs itself a hole, but…. this is just too soon. There is still so much that needs explaining and wrapping up.


  6. I really hope this is another “unusual” case because if it’s really ending in Vol. 19 xxHolic ending will be horrible… I mean, there were not so many revelations since Yuuko died, I was hoping maybe she would really appear again, but it didn’t happen.. I hate what Clamp did to Himawari and I hate how Watanuki is portrayed now, I prefer his older self a lot more.. I wish CLAMP could give XxxHolic a good ending u.u But my hopes are null.


  7. It hurts to say it, but I really agree with here. It’s a shame that CLAMP invested so many great ideas, characters, and illustrations into T.R.C. and xxxHOLiC only to give them both unplanned or rushed endings — and while I think they did a great job with T.R.C.’s epilogue, I get the feeling xxxHOLiC is going to get a much less satisfying ending due to the way they’ve constructed this whole “Rou” segment. (That’s to say that CLAMP hasn’t taken any steps thus far to resolve any of the problems and mysteries remaining in the plot, and seems to be setting up an unhappy ending for Watanuki, to boot.)

    That aside, I wish Bessatsu Shounen realized the difference between “climax” and “resolution.”


  8. I can’t quite see how CLAMP can wrap everything up sufficiently in 2/3 issues, so I’m a little disappointed to hear that. If they can pull it off, great, but I can’t see it answering all of our questions.

    And it makes the reboot quite strange, as it seems like they were pushing for an ongoing ‘monster of the week’ format for a while (like earlier HOLiC before the subplot kicked in).

    I wonder if the magazine has pulled it rather than CLAMP completing the story?

    But, naysaying aside, CLAMP did surprise me with the epilogue of Tsubasa giving more that I’d expected so I’ll have to wait and see.

    And if the end of HOLiC means that they’ll pick up X or Gohou Drug again then I’ll very happily say goodbye to it, as much as I adore Watanuki!


  9. Somehow I have the feeling that xxxHolic and TRC will build a third magaseries…

    And how I´ve been say it before, xxxHolic is since the last volumes on the climax, but we don´t get this because we didn´t read the chapters close behind another. I´ve read TRC once more in one line, and suddenly I didn´t find the ending rushed.

    And when we saw Yukos death, it was rushed and short too.


  10. Thanks for the news! ^^

    I guess my post won’t add up much to what was said already by all the people before me but, yeah, I have my doubts about just how Clamp is going to satisfactorily end up XXXHolic in the next three months considering none of the chapters released for the past year got anything to do with making advance the actual plot story, it was mostly all about Watanuki new job as the new owner…unless we will get an open ending, meaning Holic will find his true final in another future work of Clamp, just like we learned what happened with Subaru/Seishiro of Tokyo Babylon in X-1999.
    Still, whether it is TRC or Holic, it indeed really does feel like 2 great series with incredible high potentials of becoming fabulous artworks were spoiled in the end ;_;


  11. Buhuhuhuhuhuhu ;__; even if I wish a soon ending, I will miss both series so much. Q_Q
    For me, TRC and xxxHolic were the first CLAMP series which have a great special humour and a very good and slacky storytelling.


  12. Hi!

    It’s great xxxHOLiC is finally ending!! I wonder why CLAMP has been releasing such pointless chapters lately instead of giving more information about the main plot u__u I honestly can’t see the series ending properly, but on the other hand I bet Ohkawa will surprise us (or at least that’s what I hope), moreover considering the next volume comes with the OAD and part of the end may be shown in it!

    BTW, and as I said on twitter, this information confirms what the publishers had said…so FINGERS CROSSED FOR CLAMP STARTING X NEXT YEAR!!!!! 😀 (I’d love they could also finish CLOVER, but oh well *sighs* it’s quite improbable, isn’t it? u___u)

    Thanks, as usual, for the information!!!


    • *Random comment: What a horrible cover illustration O___o the more I see it, the more I love CLAMP and their unique style full of prettiness. /end of random comment*


  13. Oh crap, I really do need to translate 210 ASAP, don’t I?

    I feel like both TRC and HOLiC after a certain point could have ended at any point, and I feel like TRC wound up ending rather abruptly. Given how much is still completely unaddressed in HOLiC, I suspect it will feel the same too.


  14. They want to wrap everything in a volume? Hmm… I think it won’t be enough for explanation but does CLAMP EVER explain anything properly? LOL

    The pace is indeed slowing and I don’t see any progress in the plot (I’m a mere mortal and they are the Goddess… so actually my pov is not important lol). As you said, let’s just see whether xxxHolic will really wrapped up in 19th volume….


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