CLAMP enters “Hall of Fame”

On November 1st, online store celebrated its 10th Anniversary and the 4 members of CLAMP attended the party.

The event was held to announce’s “Hall of Fame” and CLAMP was nominated in the comic artists category. The artists were chosen based on sales and customers’ reviews.

Here are some pictures from the event (click to enlarge them):

In the pictures above, CLAMP members appear along with president Jasper Zhang (front left) and manga creators Ken Akamatsu (Negima!, Love Hina), Nobuyuki Fukumoto (Akagi, Washizu) and Norifusa Mita (Dragon Zakura).

Source: Internet Watch, Oricon, BCN Ranking etc.

Here is the video of the ceremony with CLAMP accepting the award:

You can check the complete “Hall of Fame” list here.

In a not-so-unrelated note, today marks 10 years since I became a CLAMP fan/follower. 10 years ago the 1st episode of the CCS anime premiered on Brazilian Cartoon Network and the journey began! CLAMP enters Hall of Fame on the same day I celebrate 10 years of knowning them. Cool coincidence, huh? =)