CLAMP x Blythe Collaboration: new Watanuki doll

As previously announced, CLAMP has collaborated with popular fashion dolls brand Blythe to design original celebrity dolls for the brand’s charity event to celebrate its 9th Anniversary in Japan.

Apart from the doll inspired in Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura), another doll inspired in Kimihiro Watanuki (XXXHOLiC) was added:


27 thoughts on “CLAMP x Blythe Collaboration: new Watanuki doll

  1. Strangely, this reminds me of Harry Potter! XD Especially since the pipe in his hand looks like a wand. But it’s much much much better than the Sakura one, the eyes aren’t creepy. 😀


  2. Oh, he looks so awesome! His hair is perfect. If they massed produced this I would be all over it.

    Even though his head is way giant, it still has the same triangle shape as his 2d counterpart.


  3. *drools* Oh my god, he’s so perfect and amazing! I’ve never had an interest in these dolls before, but I definitely want this one! Not that I’ll probably get it…even if I find it I’ll think the price is outrageous or something, LMAO~


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