CLAMP interview from Me & My Blythe vol. 2

While we are in the subject of Blythe dolls, in February of this year was announced that a CLAMP article/interview would be published in the “Me & My Blythe vol. 2” book.

My Brazilian friend blaize_chan was kind enough to share pictures of the article and transcribe the interview with CLAMP (which can be checked below, after the cut!). Many thanks to her!

Download pictures.

CLAMP Interview

CLAMP x Blythe Collaboration: new Watanuki doll

As previously announced, CLAMP has collaborated with popular fashion dolls brand Blythe to design original celebrity dolls for the brand’s charity event to celebrate its 9th Anniversary in Japan.

Apart from the doll inspired in Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura), another doll inspired in Kimihiro Watanuki (XXXHOLiC) was added: