CLAMP and Maaya Sakamoto Talk

The talk between CLAMP and Maaya Sakamoto was that was published in 0331 (Maaya Sakamoto’s 15th Anniversary commemorative pamphlet) has been translated to English and can be read here.

The talk is extremely long, entertaining and very enlightening. Among the discussed topics, they talk about preferences for dating, women lifestyle after 30s, career and more.

I thought it was very cute the relation of Maaya and CLAMP in this talk… Maaya seems like a young sister asking advices to CLAMP, who seem like their older sister or something xD I was very amazed by how mature the members of CLAMP all sound. They all seem pretty sure of who they are and what they want while Maaya is still wondering a lot about those things (which is totally understandable considering her age).

It’s also a very very very revealing talk about CLAMP’s personal tastes, it’s extremely rare to have them talk about themselves and not about their work.