Several News

We have several news today.

• Kobato.:

First off, here is the cover of Kobato. CHARACTERS COLLECTION, the Kobato. TV anime official guide book:

The book will be released on February 24 by Kadokawa.

The TV Anime series of Kobato. will be made into a novel series! Kadokawa is releasing the first one, entitled Kobato. #1 – The Girl Who Came From The Sky on April 15. The novels will be written by Shiribuji Riu (後藤リウ) with illustrations by Madhouse.

CLAMP-NET.COM reports about Episode 20, entitled “…People who travel”, being an original anime episode written by Nanase Ohkawa and adds that those characters that keep traveling will appear.

The episode will be aired on March 02.

My (and some people’s) suspicious about this episode were right, then =D


OAD director Tsutomu Mizushima wrote in his official blog that production of the XXXHOLiC Rou OAD is now complete. Nanase Ohkawa posted a message in CLAMP-NET.COM saying that they have just received a copy of the DVD.

• ETC:

An article about CLAMP is carried in the “Me & My Blythe2” book, the second volume of a series about the culture of popular dolls known as Blythe. The article was written by Blythe‘s producer Junko Wong.

The book is currently on sale.

Sounds interesting! I’m really curious about what the producer of this popular phenomenon has to say about CLAMP.