Kobato. TV Anime #18 (Updated)

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Now now, this episode was particularly well-drawn, wasn’t it? Very pretty =)

I really like Kobato’s winter costume. And looks like Kobato’s bottle has filled itself up some more since the last time we saw it. Ioryogi reminds her that the next season is Spring and she should have the bottle filled by then.

So they did find a way to fit the yakuza dude being all sick and Kobato taking care of him, at least it served to show how Kobato doesn’t make any judgments when she heals someone. Now please give me the Green Drugstore crossover, please. It’s winter, people need cough drops, it’s the perfect setting!

Then we see Doumoto telling Kobato that he likes the type of girls who are exactly like Kobato. That was rather unexpected because I could swear he had a thing for Fujimoto xD I do not think he is confessing his feelings for Kobato, though. After all, he said he likes that type, not Kobato herself (although yeah, he could be hinting that he does like her in fact).

I don’t really like Doumoto’s hair, I think it’s badly drawn xD CLAMP’s one is much nicer, almost completely different.


12 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #18 (Updated)

  1. I could swear he had a thing for Fujimoto xD

    I thought the same when he first appeared in the manga *laughs*

    I do think he meant it that way, especially because he tried to ask her to spend Christmas eve with him (when Fujimoto caught them), and in Japan Christmas eve is a special date for couples.


  2. ** VAChE **

    wow…I don’t have much to say about this episode…
    I feel a bit confused…mainly because I don’t know why this series is treating the story so differently from the manga…I mean, at least for me, there was enough material from the manga to be animated, why did they COMPLETELY change the sick yakuza guy arc, why are they trying to build this love triangle that in the manga doesn’t exist? why does it seem the main plot of the manga is this love triangle? why aren’t they focusing on Kobato’s mission?
    I really like this series (both manga and anime) but I can’t still understand the point of this…the end is near and I don’t think we’ll ever see the divorced woman arc (that woman was so nice! *-* I loved her) and the bazaar’s arc was put too late u___u I thought there would be a second season, but I can see there won’t (just read on twitter you gave the name of episode 22…) *sighs* I wonder if the manga will have a different ending…

    BTW the animation was pretty ^^ and I insist Doumoto is great! *-* I hope we can see more of him in the manga


    • Hummm honestly, I think that 3 volumes isn’t enough for 24 episodes. They really are doing a miracle because they are covering up until volume 3 only.

      At least the sick yazuka guy was there, in a different order, yes, but at least we saw him =/ I personally like the adaptation. Some changes are necessary. For example, they had the Wish characters there doing nothing, and they were useful when Sayaka was sick.

      Now, as far as the love triangles go, Doumoto has appeared very little in the manga, we don’t know what his true intentions are, maybe he ends up liking Kobato as well in the future?

      I’m still not sure about a 2nd season either. We’ll have to see the upcoming episode summaries to see if they plan to finish it within these 24 episodes.


  3. this episode can be added to my “favorite kobato episodes” list cuz i really like the art and animations. i just noticed sound effects too, so that surprised me a bit. the soundtrack was probably the best in this episode. is madhouse good at song choices or what? XD

    i also wasn’t rly sure of the love triangle for this anime. honestly, eventhough i’m a lil disappointed at the lacking of sayaka x fujimoto hintings, i’m a lil interested in the doumoto x kobato x fujimoto plot goin on, it depends on how the storyline’s gonna go. i wonder if CLAMP-sama allows this only on the anime. hey, at least we can use doumoto-san to learn more bout the characters and maybe increase the fujibato-ness. >D

    > Now please give me the Green Drugstore crossover, please. It’s winter, people need cough drops, it’s the perfect setting!
    LOL i BET a lot of fans are asking for that too, we’re not the only one. XD oh but they better draw them better, cuz in xxxholic, they look SO awkward. XD


  4. Am I the only one who prefers DoumotoxKobato rather than FujiBato?

    They’d make a sweet couple that spend their time helping others and living their lives as cheerful as they can.

    Doumoto had a thing for Fujimoto? I know he’s metrosexual but not all metros are gays and clearly he didn’t seem to have a crush on him, he just wanted to help him and cheer him up.


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