Kobato. TV Anime #15

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So they used the story of the yakuza dude whose appendix was hurting, twisted a little to make Sayaka being the injured one instead (not in the appendix, though).

I first suspected that it could be the case when Kobato started crying in front Sayaka’s bed. Not only the scene with her tear drops was exactly like the manga, but also that was the first time Kobato cried in the manga, so I thought the events were similar. My suspicious proved to be right in the kitchen scene where Kobato cries again and reveals her fear of someone’s death. By the way, even though it was supposed to be a sweet moment between Kobato and Fujimoto, I thought the scene was weird and anti-climatic xD I loved the part when Fujimoto catches Kobato “in the act” and she goes DDDDD=

It was also a good opportunity to give some attention to Shuichiro (who hasn’t had a bigger role so far in the story). He IS a doctor, after all! They have a doctor in the neighborhood, there’s no need to go to the closest Kobayashi Hospital xD

Is it just me or Shuichiro looked different? His eyes, I don’t know.

The animation was very iffy in this episode, sometimes it barely looked like CLAMP, specially the eyes. But it’s amazing how it never affects Sayaka. Even in the previous episodes where the animation wasn’t at its best, Sayaka always looked very well-drawn.

Speaking of Sayaka, isn’t she just adorable? I wonder if my kindergarten teachers were as adorable. Probably not xD

Thank god the episode ended with a cliffhanger!! (sort of). Showing Okiura spying in all his glory =D All the previous episode so far ended with Ioryogi and Kobato teasing each other and the camera going up (LOL). That formula gets repetitive after 14 episodes.

Next episode: Bazaar! And Okiura! =D


17 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #15

  1. I am so disappointed.

    This episode replaced the awesomeness of Drop 6 and 7?

    Bah. It was cooler with the Green Drugstore and the cough drops and the yazuka thug and the panicked phone call and then that wonderful scene where Kobato is literally clutching at Fujimoto as she cries and he is so soft and gentle and made all the readers adore him by being all sweet…

    I liked the inclusion of Shuichiro, though. Like you said, it was a good opportunity to show him off. And, yes, he did look weird. Especially when we first saw him. It’s like they mixed up old! and new! Shuichiro into one strange creature!

    I liked the thought of Kobato and the children making 1000 paper cranes for Sayaka, though. That was really sweet! And it was good to see Okiura lurking around!

    But, yeah…I’d have rather had the manga version.


    • I agree with you that it was a big let down. In the manga, Fujimoto rushes out because she thinks it’s Kobato who is in pain. The anime version was totally anti-climatic.

      It’s like they mixed up old! and new! Shuichiro into one strange creature!

      Exactly! XD I wonder if that’s how the 5th reincarnation of Shuichiro looks like.

      I still have high hopes for the Gouhou Drugs boys to appear. I would be very disappointed if they don’t. Maybe they will leave it for the winter episodes. You know, people get sick in the winter xD


  2. There’s no Fujimoto x Kobato love in the anime, I’m a sad fan ( . – . ) I didn’t find the episode especially bad, but that single scene ruined everything for me. Fujimoto’s so cold in the anime… Am I the only one who feels Kobato annoys him for real?

    Where’s the pairing I love? *sigh*

    I agree, Sayaka looks pretty no matter the episode! I wonder if the animators like her especially or she’s blessed.


    • I wouldn’t say that there is no Fujimoto x Kobato love in the anime, but it’s certainly sweeter in the manga.

      I wonder if the animators like her especially or she’s blessed.



      • I meant it’s poorly done. They’re starting to suggest it, but it makes very little to no sense at all ;;; Fujimoto is too grumpy in the anime and doesn’t show much love for Kobato, they look like co-workers and that’s it.

        They aren’t hinting Fujimoto’s unrequited love for Sayaka either, I wonder if they won’t touch that matter in the anime.


        • Yeah, I agree with you in that part. Even though I cheer for Fujimoto and Kobato, I really like Fujimoto’s unrequited love for Sayaka. It’s like they are siblings but oh, not so much =)


  3. ** VAChE **

    This isn’t my fave episode…but it’s not the worst either…

    I felt a bit sad for Kobato…I know MANY fans HATE Kana’s voice for Kobato…but I really felt sadness in her voice while I was watching this episode (I’ve got the impression my opinion on this series is WAY different than the fandom’s one u___u)

    >>I thought the scene was weird and anti-climatic xD


    • I don’t know, I said “scene” because everything looked so off. The script (in the KITCHEN?), the camera angle, the drawings, anyway xD

      I really love Kana’s voice for Kobato, she’s so adorable when she’s sad, and confused and happy, all the time!

      why was he at the end of the episode smiling like “thank God everything is back to normal”?

      Because I don’t think he’s really that mean. Unless he was picturing the best way to destroy that happiness, and that gives him pleasure XD But I don’t think that’s the case.


  4. I got a similar impression, Okiura was smiling with a expression like, “She is better now, i can go home XD!” How good to see that I’m not the only one who thought that.
    And yeah, I wanted the bad guy sick, just like drop 6 and 7, Fujimoto at least seems to like Kobato more


    • Yeah, me too! Which meakes me wonder if the bad guy isn’t really as important as I thought he might have been.

      Plus, the bad guy is much suitable for this role. I mean, he’s a BAD guy and Kobato still feel sad about him… she will obviously feel sad for Sayaka, who is gentle to her, but to feel sad for someone who made that mess in Yomogi, that is showing how much Kobato cares for people, whoever they are.


  5. It’s actually the first time, I was a bit disappointed…Shuishiro-san…why were his eyes fat black…o.รด…But it was really nice to see and hear him for than just a few seconds ๐Ÿ™‚
    I liked Kana’s voice-acting so much! It’s really a pity that the animation was kinda…strange…I didn’t realize at first that Kobato was actually clutching to Fujimoto because the camera showed just Kobato’s upper head going a bit closer to Fujimoto…=__=…Maybe if they had just chosen another angle it might have been much more effective (and cuter!)
    Sayaka is so pretty no matter if she’s ill or healthy! XD

    And by the way, the first OST is officially announced on the Kobato website!


    It is called OST.1 “Haru no utakata” ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t wait for it!!! I thought, you might be interested in this ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Amuri Nakahara


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