Kobato. TV Anime #13

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For one side, it’s understandable, after all a season has 3 whole months, it would be weird if she didn’t get any candies during all this time. For the other side, wow, was this quick and out of the blue? XD

I wonder if there will come a point where CLAMP will have to do something like this too, in the manga.

At this point, I also wonder that by the end of the series she will have filled the entire bottle (after all we just reached half of the series), I’m thinking that she’ll get TONS of candies from the Bazaar. By the way, the Bazaar story will finally happen in episode 16 (first conversation with Chitose, Chiho and Chise) and will be extended for at least 2 more episodes.

I miss the Okiura (the Debt Collection)… we haven’t seen him properly yet, just *heard* him.

I think we finally saw Ioryogi alerting Kobato about her hat? Geez, they waited the windy season to talk that, talk about being faithful to the spirit of the season xD

As much as I love this anime, I have to confess that I almost fell asleep watching this episode XDDD it was so slooooow, and the song is killing, it’s immediate yaaaawn XDDDDD But animation was perfect ^_~

Loved the ending when Fujimoto made toys out of the tree’s trunk (Fujimoto is such a good boy). It gave a new hope to the tree that had just died, that’s so Kobato-like.


11 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #13

  1. This is probably the episode I liked the most ♥
    The story was beautifully told, and characters felt more like themselves (plus Kohaku is wearing the same clothes as in the manga? Or moreless, I can’t remember if they’re exactly the same).

    I looooove Kobato’s song! I’m going to buy the CD just because of that song, it’s so so so pretty (TwT) I wonder if they’ll include a version with Kohaku in the CD? That’d be lovely.

    I feel Ioryogi’s warning regarding the hat lacked importance… He didn’t tell her she shouldn’t take off her hat, just that her hat almost blew away. Maybe on future episodes this will be addressed again?

    I love Sayaka’s voice o.o!

    I thought about the bazaar when looking at the episode titles: mysterious life-form part 1 and mysterious life-form part 2 *LAUGHS* ;;;;
    Fujimoto’s such a teaser.


    • I’m pretty sure the CD shall have both Kobato’s version alone and the duet with Kohaku, I think it’s just bound to be =D

      e didn’t tell her she shouldn’t take off her hat, just that her hat almost blew away. Maybe on future episodes this will be addressed again?

      I hope so, maybe in another Autumn wind LOL

      mysterious life-form part 1 and mysterious life-form part 2 *LAUGHS* ;;;;
      Fujimoto’s such a teaser.

      Those titles WIN!!!!!!! XDDD


  2. Oh my God.
    Clamp should open a label for clothes. I would buy everything XD

    Can the Animation even become prettier?! Q__Q I nearly cried during the duet (finally! XD I’ve waited for a Kobato-Kohaku-duet all the time!) Of course, there wasn’t as much development in the story compared to episode 12, but anyways, it was awesome!!!
    Woah, I’m completely hyper now XD
    I hope the soundtrack will be released very VERY soon!! >_<
    And I personally love "Ashita kuru hi"! I mean, it is arranged very prettily, the instruments and effect that were used, the melody is simple but quite effective! The refrain is wide and warm, everytime I listen to this song I'm totally enchanted! Before they announced that there will be a Kobato Anime, I composed some songs on my own, imagining Kobato singing it. Actually I used a pretty similar combination considering the instruments, but of course my own songs, weren't as wonderful as the offical one. But, you know, I'm absolutely happy right now, because this Anime is exactly the way, I've ever hoped and wished for.
    No matter how the Anime will end, whether it'll be an open end or not, I'm absolutely convinced that MADHOUSE and CLAMP won't ever disappoint us. Up until now, the Anime is everything I wished for!

    Amuri Nakahara


    • Wow really that the songs you composed were similar? That’s impressive =D

      I’m also very confident about the outcome of this anime, regardless of having another season or not.


  3. OMG i felt so bad for the tree, and so happy that Kobato healed it. I really liked this episode 🙂 I was so happy to hear Kobato and Kohaku’s duet, it balanced out the song


  4. I like the song that Kohaku sang with Kobato.

    It’s nice for Fujimoto to “reuse” the tree’s trunk so that the tree can “relive”

    The tree is very nice. He gave Kobato many konpeitou (correct me if I’m wrong), comparing with last time.


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