CLAMP draws “Happy Ko” (once again!)

A brand-new illustration drawn by CLAMP of the “Happy Ko” character was broadcast today in NHK’s kids show, Tensai TV-kun MAX:

The illustration above, that has the Winter as theme, was taken from the show’s official website. There’s also a message from CLAMP, they said because of the amount of fur in the costume, she won’t feel any cold (LOL!).

“Happy Ko” is a character played by one of the show’s young hostesses, Fujii Chiho, she presents the Girl’s Communication corner of the show.

This is the 3rd time that CLAMP draws “Happy Ko”. Check ou the previous two illustrations here and here.

27 thoughts on “CLAMP draws “Happy Ko” (once again!)

  1. Sorry, if the language of this text seems obnoxious. It’s a funny day, for me, today. XD

    idk. is it just me or are the pics look a lil like Fuji Chiho-san (omg it just reminded me of Kobato o_o) looks grown in each pic? starting w/ the first pic to this one. maybe it’s CLAMP-sama’s changing art style. o.O

    But it’s so cute though! i’m a little worried about her legs not wearing any tights or anything. isn’t it a lil too cold in japan? XD and the clothes might’ve gone by seasons! spring is comin up, rite? w.e. i love this dress! XD

    Thanks for posting this up! πŸ™‚


  2. ** VAChE **
    Oh GOD, Fujii Chiho is so lucky for having CLAMP drawing for her *-* it’s a very pretty picture, I liked it…but for me the autumn one looks even prettier

    Thanks chibi Yuuto! πŸ˜€


  3. Ah, I can present TV Senshi if they want me to! xD

    Anyway, … the illustration is so cute! ^^

    I’m just so amazed to see that they can still create new costumes! This is great!



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