– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/10 – Newtype #09 – Drop. 15-B (on sale).
09/10 – Newtype #10 – Drop. 16.
10/10 – Newtype #11 – Drop. 17.

No breaks for Kobato. yey! =)

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/12 – Shonen Magazine #37 – Chapter 227 (on sale).
08/19 – Shonen Magazine #38 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
08/26 – Shonen Magazine #39 – Chapter 228.
09/02 – Shonen Magazine #40 – Chapter 229.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/17 – Young Magazine #38 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled (on sale).
08/24 – Young Magazine #39 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled. (CLAMP changed that. Chapter 186 was supposed to come out in this issue).
08/31 – Young Magazine #40 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
09/06 – Young Magazine #41 – Chapter 186.

Wow, this volume 16 will never end xD

• Item:

A CLAMP 2010 calendar will be released on October 15. The calendar will be called “CLAMP Calendar” and will feature the 12 illustrations that were first published as the covers of CLAMP No Kiseki (released during 2004~2005).

The calendar is an original product of Pyrotechnist and manufactured by Movic (CLAMP in 3-D LAND).

The calendar’s size will be 147mm×210mm and it will cost 1,575 yens.

35 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

      • Yeah, I think the same as you. XDD
        I want to know the end of all these twistewd story, but of course, I would miss it. Btw, there should be more Kurogane and Fai in the new chapter, because the last ones have been so much S+S. n.nU


      • Yes, I want everything resolved as well…I’m just afraid we won’t get a happy ending…or know were they’ll go from the point they’re at now. I mean, isn’t there still a lot of feathers out there? And the whole Seishiro and vampire twins ordeal…it just doesn’t seem like all this can end in just a few more chapters 😦


  1. Thanks for the info~

    I’m a bit confused about the CLAMP calendar… Those are not the illustrations from CLAMP no Kiseki, right? o_O; *Wonders why they’re using those for the advertisement*


  2. Too bad about xxxHolic having another dry stretch. For all the Young Magazine issues dated 2009, xxxHolic has only run 17 times so far, and been absent for 20 issues. If you had a yearly subsrciption to Young Magazine, it would seem to be cheaper to just buy single issues. Truthfully, I’ve grown tired of Tsubasa these past few volumes and would rather see what happens in Holic.

    Interesting about the ALL CLAMP calendar. I’m surprised it’s a desktop calendar this year, and it seems to be much bigger than other desktop calendars from Japan (although they say it can be hung on the wall). Also, it’s ring-bound (instead of single sheets), but I guess it’s just nice that CLAMP’s calendars are back again.


  3. yay Kobato~! 😀
    Tsubasa’s goin steady… 🙂
    xxxholic… D:

    isn’t CLAMP no Kiseki with mascots and ioryogi-san? if it is, yay! I love Nekoi-san’s mascots, so i can’t wait. ^-^


  4. Wow, thanks for the update,,,the breaks…really tired of it,,when can we get vol 16? This is really a question…so it means the OAD is going to be released at year end (can it?) or more possibly, next year’s spring? =.=


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