CLAMP x Gundam feature from Newtype #9

Here is the drawing that Mokona did for the 30th Anniversary celebrations of Gundam that was published in this month’s Newtype magazine:

Click to enlarge it.
A little disappointing, isn’t it? XD I somehow expected a full page xD It’s adorably cute, though xD

If you are interested, you can download this month’s Newtype magazine via this link. The magazine includes the most recent Kobato. chapter and the TV Anime article, the Code Geass illustration that CLAMP drew for Newtype‘s pin-up calendar and a report from CLAMP’s visit to Paris.


12 thoughts on “CLAMP x Gundam feature from Newtype #9

  1. Olá, Chibiyuuto!!!

    This month’s Newtype seems really interesting! Will DL later, becasue I’m really fond of Kobato’s character design. ^^

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Aww, Amuro is freaking adorable! ♡

    It is incredibly simple though, I too was expecting a little bit more from them, but you know hey.

    Thanks for the link. I was wondering how I was going to get a hold of this.


  3. this month’s Newtype is really great,,,with the Kobato chapter as well^^ I am sooo lucky to get one >///< only 620 yen in Tokyo…screams when I saw the article about Japan Expo…^__^ and the Gundam illustrations, Mokona's is the first in the page,,,she is really well-known =)


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