Kobato. TV anime, Wish, Code Geass R2 news

Check out the new illustration for the Kobato. TV anime in this month’s issue of Newtype magazine, in which it’s possible to see the Wish crossover:

Click on Original image (4.7 MB) to check the same illustration in higher resolution.

Still no sign of the Nanase Ohkawa interview that is also carried in that issue.

It seems like they will be taking the connection with Wish really seriously. Wish is credited in the staff as being the original manga in which the anime is based on (along with Kobato.). It’s like the TV anime will be a merged adaptation of Kobato. and Wish. That certainly gives enough material to cover in 24 episodes, knowing that Kobato. has only 4 ongoing volumes.

Still on the Kobato. anime, the official website has been renewed! Make sure to check it out!

New names were added to the staff list:

Original work: CLAMP (Kobato., Wish)

Director: Mitsuyuki Masuhara
Series Supervision: Morio Asaka

Series Composition:Michiko Yokote / Nanase Ohkawa
Script: Mamiko Ikeda / Miharu Hirami / Reiko Yoshida / Tsutomu Mizushima / Yuka Yamada

Character Design: Hiromi Kato
Chief Animation Director: Satoshi Tazaki

Color design: Harue Ono
Art director: Hideyuki Ueno
Director of Photography: Kouhei Tanada
Editing: Kashiko Kimura

Sound director: Masafumi Mima / Toshihiko Nakajima

Music: Takeshi Hama
Music production: FlyingDog, Inc.

Animation: MADHOUSE

I have a few points to make about the updated staff. Most of its members has already worked in previous CLAMP anime adaptations, which is a very positive thing. Many of those worked in Card Captor Sakura, which is even more positive.

Morio Asaka (CLAMP IN WONDERLAND, Card Captor Sakura, Chobits) has joined the staff as series supervisor, which is very nice.
Nanase Ohkawa is no longer alone in charge of the series composition, she is now sharing the role with Michiko Yokote, who also worked with Ohkawa as series compositor of the XXXHOLiC anime.

Also, Nanase Ohkawa is not listed among the series’ scriptwriters, this probably means that she won’t be writing too many episodes. I’m not very happy with this news, I was expecting Ohkawa alone would write a fair amount of episodes, but at least she will be supervising all scripts and hopefully writing a few.

The director of XXXHOLiC’s anime, Tsutomu Mizushima, will be one of the scriptwriters. I thought that was surprising.

Sound and color supervisors have previously worked in the Card Captor Sakura anime, which is good!

Music will be in charge of Flying Dog, which means the artists of the opening and ending themes shall probably be one of these. My bet is on ALI PROJECT and Maaya Sakamoto =)

The website has a production blog too, which I’ll keep looking for any interesting info. Right now they have a short interview with the director, which again he mentions that the characters of Wish will appear a lot in the anime.

Kobato. TV anime is scheduled for the Autumn.

Moving to Wish now, the same official website of the Kobato. anime mentioned above reveals that volumes 3 and 4 of Wish’s new edition will both be released on September 26, a month after the release of volumes 1 and 2.

Lastly, we move to Code Geass R2.

The latest Newtype magazine and also CLAMP-NET.COM announced that CLAMP will draw a new illustration of Code Geass R2 that will be part of the Newtype pinup calendar.

The illustration will be used in the calendar for the month of October and will be published in the next Newtype magazine, which will be out August 10.