CLAMP IN AMERICA pushed to 2010

Several online stores such as Amazon have been listing the release date of CLAMP IN AMERICA to February 23, 2010. The official website of publisher Del Rey confirms the postponement for such date.

Although no official word has been given, one of the reasons for the change could be due to the increase of page numbers. The book, that covers CLAMP’s career during its 20 years of history and their impact in the American culture, was originally expected to have 144 pages. Now, it is being listed as having 336 pages (more than the double).

The price has been increased as well by extent, from US$ 19.99 to US$24.99.

Thanks to shidouhikaru15 for poking me about that ^^

CLAMP draws extra costume for Tekken 6

CLAMP is involved in yet another collaboration project.

This time they were invited to design an extra costume for the character Kazuma Jin of Namco’s game Tekken 6, from the popular Tekken series.

The game will be relased for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and it’s scheduled for Autumn 2009.

Here’s a preview of the costume designed by CLAMP:

According to CLAMP-NET.COM, more details along with CLAMP’s comments will be published in this week’s Shonen Magazine.

This is the first time CLAMP draws for a game.

I used to play Tekken 3 so much xD I really love this series, I’m very glad CLAMP is involved in this project.