– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/09 – Newtype #06 – Drop. 14 (on sale).
06/10 – Newtype #07 – Drop. 15.
07/10 – Newtype #08 – Drop. 16.

Nothing changed for Kobato.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/27 – Shonen Magazine #26 – No Tsubasa scheduled (on sale).
06/03 – Shonen Magazine #27 – No Tsubasa scheduled (CLAMP changed that. Chapter 222 was scheduled for this issue).
06/10 – Shonen Magazine #28 – Chapter 222.
06/17 – Shonen Magazine #29 – Chapter 223.

Chapter 222 has been pushed by a week, no good!

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

06/01 – Young Magazine #27 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled (on sale).
06/08 – Young Magazine #28 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
06/15 – Young Magazine #29 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
06/22 – Young Magazine #30 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
06/29 – Young Magazine #31 – Chapter 183 – Beginning of tankoubon 16.

As revealed in Chapter 182, XXXHOLiC will be back on June 29.

• Event:

The official title of CLAMP’s exposition in Paris will be CLAMP Les Reines du manga à Paris (CLAMP The Queens of manga in Paris). As previously announced, it is going to be held at the Bibliothèque historique de la Ville de Paris from July 2 to September 27.

According to CLAMP-NET.COM, this will be the first exposition of manga art in Paris that is sponsored by Paris city, and during the period while the exposition is being held, posters of CLAMP’s art will be spread around the city for promotion purposes. That same illustration (the cover of CLAMP No Kiseki #10) features the cover of en vue, a magazine about cultural events held in Paris with free distribution. You can check the PDF of the magazine here.

Here’s the poster that will be spread around the city for promotion:

43 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

    • they are, after all, the Queens of manga XD

      i love the cover colour!…but almost 1 month without xxxHOLiC again!? *hiks* they’r being cruel to us.
      Now that Tsubabsa’s chapter is postponed, the translation better come right after it…I’ve got to go on a trip the day after it -_-


  1. I’m going to the exhibition after Japan Expo is over – there’s no way I’d miss the chance of seeing original CLAMP artwork while I’m in Paris! *A*

    Uh, I was hoping we’d have a Tsubasa chapter this week…orz


    • It’s indeed a great opportunity to anyone going to JE and make a detour to that expo, it’s a must-see.

      >I was hoping we’d have a Tsubasa chapter this week

      Me too, but then I read in 2ch that there was a break this week. I saw this coming D:


  2. I already saw the news about the chapter being postponed till next week in Clamp_now community but, somehow, I was hoping there might have been an error ;____;
    Which makes 3 weeks without TRC and 5 without Holic =___=
    You SURE gotta be patient when you’re a Clamp fan ^^;;;;
    If we get any more patient then we already are, we might actually reach enlightenment 😛


    • It was well scheduled, but Saturday (when the spoilers are usually out), the 2chers said there was no Tsubasa in the next issue and today CLAMP-NET confirms it =/


  3. I have been looking forward to Tsubasa Ch.222 since last Saturday, and this morning Clamp-net announced the change in schedule and nearly made me cry.

    another week’s wait again >____


  4. Reading the En Vue:

    P.3 Lol! They wrote Mokola instead of Mokona. ^_^

    Nothing new about CLAMP, but we got the number of people who went to last year exhibit at Angoulème : 40 000 in 4 days. o.O

    So, the Paris exhibit is from July 3rd to September 27th (closed on july 14th and august 15th), Entrance fee : 4€ (2€ for privilege fee, free for 8 years old and younger)

    The exibit has some “on the side” activities:
    – Three “Learn to draw manga” workshop (10 years and up, 2€)
    – Clamp Anime projections (Tsubasa Chronicle, xxxHOLiC and three movies) on Thursday and Saturday on 3PM every week through all the exhibit lenght.
    – Two hearing impaired visits
    – Forum des images, a 2H30 seance showing different anime adaptation of Clamp works, to help with the crossover understanding. ^_^

    I want my librairy to do the same. We only had a conference about manga two years ago and that’s it. T_T

    And we can see that manga is a lot more important in France than in United States:
    – CLAMP goes in Los Angeles, the anime communities is informed.
    – CLAMP goes in Paris, the whole population is informed, public librairy organise an exhibit and the city is full of posters to promote the event.

    And I hope the CLAMP girls are going to take a day off or two in Paris. I mean they really deserve it!


    • but we got the number of people who went to last year exhibit at Angoulème : 40 000 in 4 days. o.O

      I noticed that too. Very cool!

      Thanks for the translation and info! Indeed France is giving much more attention to CLAMP than the USA did. Just check their activities, they’ll do two fan panels, two sign sessions and the cosplay contest. Now this exposition.

      Isn’t France the 2nd biggest manga market (the 1st being Japan itself?), or is France behind the USA? For some reason I think France’s market is bigger than the USA but I could be wrong. One thing is true, they release a lot more products than the USA (they already have the CLOVER new editions and Kobato., not to mention the TTR OADs, CiW2 Precious Edition, among others).


      • Glad my summarize was appreciated. ^_^

        France is the world second manga market, or at least was (I don’t have any recent data on this, so I guess it’s still true, but I could be wrong).

        And yes, Kobato 1 will be in French in August. And we have the Tsubasa sold with the DVD just like Japan (though I’m not sure if they will reach Canada T_T). This make me hope for an annoncement at Japan Expo for the publication of Mangettes in French too! I’ll have to wait a month more than the English edition (Atlantic crossing sure is long ¬_¬), but I trust French translators a lot more than American ones.


    • – Two hearing impaired visits

      Oh, now I wish I could go! Would those just be film screenings with subtitles, or would CLAMP actually be speaking with sign-language interpreters on hand?


      • It’s a visit of the exhibition, so an interpreter would translate what the guiding clerk is going to say. Clamp won’t be there, they have manga to wrote and draw and the hearing impaired guided tour are one in July and the other in August. ^_~


        • I see…hm. Well, my chances of going were very, very low, regardless. 😦

          Setting that aside, thank you for your information! And thank you to Chibi Yuuto for posting this!


  5. And to think I had hoped for TRC and Holic to be finished before Japan Expo… XD

    It will be quiet weird to see posters of Yuuko and Watanuki in the streets…
    But just as I thought, it seems the expo will use the material from Angouleme : they show the creative process and the different tasks of each member of the group, plus illustrations gathered by themes.
    The whole article is quite fun – “Encountering the same success in Japan, Europe and North America, the group’s work plays on the moral ambiguity of the characters. The stories explore the themes of destiny and impossible love, as well as, more generally, the torments of adolescence.”
    Torments of adolescence? Can it really be considered as one the main themes of CLAMP? Now I fear a little the content of the exposition!


  6. thanks chibiyuuto san, the only good thing is that i can translate the las 2 chapters, i’m sooooo late with my translations, i have my bro and sis on vacations here


  7. NOO!!! no HOLiC till the end of the month?! no frickin way!
    and i was so looking forward for chapter 222 of tsubasa! gosh, now i gotta go through another week without new chapters. T^T now i have nothing else to read for the time being! T^T hopefully there won’t be more breaks or i will CRY!!!! hoepfully i can make it again…
    but on another note, tsubasa 222 and kobato 15 will be out the same day! ^_^
    thanks for the news as always!!!


  8. Thanks for the update, also how do you get twitter to update your livejournal with a 30 minute delay at the max? I tried to use loudtwitter but it only sends the updates once every 24 hours which I found to be somewhat confusing with the times and such.


  9. If Holic chapter 183 isn’t getting any happier; trust me to ask CLAMP about it at Japan Expo -_- (and with it spoil half of the fans) (I might not make it alive out there)


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