Here’s the illustration that CLAMP drew for this month’s issue of VOGUE NIPPON magazine, scanned by flowright.

Click to go to a photo album with enlarged versions.
The illustration features fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. That same illustration became a T-shirt that is currently being sold at the VOGUE NIPPON × Comme des Garçons MAGAZINE ALIVE store (seen in one of the pics above).

The store is a collaboration between VOGUE NIPPON and the label Comme des Garçons to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the magazine. The store officially opened on May 28 in Tokyo and will run for 6 months. The T-shirt will be sold as long as the store lasts.

This is part of a collaboration project between 7 manga artists and 7 fashion personalities:

Karl Lagerfeld × CLAMP
Marc Jacobs × Egawa Tatsuya
John Gagliano × Moto Hagio
Donatella Versace × Monkey Punch
Hedi Slimane × Yamato Waki
Gisele Bündchen × Makimura Satoru
Coco Rocha × Peach-Pit

Mainichi has pictures of all the T-shirts.

19 thoughts on “CLAMP in VOGUE NIPPON magazine

  1. Thanks for sharing these! I don’t think Karl Lagerfeld is as good-looking as CLAMP made him, but it’s still cool to see the collaboration stuff.


  2. the design looks awesome! 😯 CLAMP-sama did a great job drawing Karl Lagerfeld. The staff looks cool! the sun is a lot more detailed than the one we saw at CCS, though. ^^


  3. aww thank you so much for the news Chibi Yuuto!!
    i’m just so glad they were the ones chosen to illustrate Karl Lagerfeld, he’s just my favourite designer EVER and such an incredible man!
    i really hope that will give him the desire to take a closer look at CLAMP’s works. their sense of fashion goes way beyond the “we like to draw clothing” thing, and i would just love him to work with her…oh yes! they could release some sort of line based on TOKYO BABYLON’s characters’ style! i’ve always wanted to dress like Subaru ^^


    • If you like Karl Lagerfeld this must be a dream collaboration ^^

      I agree with you, I wish this collaboration would go further than just this t-shirt. CLAMP’s fashion sense must be appreciated somehow.


  4. Thanks for the big pictures. I saw them before, but never in this format. ^_^

    First thing I did think when I saw the T-shirt was “Why did Mokona draw an old yakuza in Clow’s cloak?”

    Then I googled the name of the designer and understand it all. ^_^

    Still, he look like the king of all Yakuza under Mokona’s pen. ^_~


  5. and I am alive…. I’m alive!!! Lagerfeld!!!!!! Jacobs!!!!! Galliano!!!! Coco Rocha! x33333

    I’m really sucker on these and I’m jealous and I don’t live in Japan… DDD=


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