Kiyokazu Fujimoto (Pyrotechnist) to attend Desucon

This is for the people who live in Finland, or near it =)

CLAMP’s executive producer, Kiyokazu Fujimoto, will be giving a lecture at the Finnish anime convention Desucon, to take place on the 6th and 7th of June.

Kiyokazu Fujimoto is the Chief of the project department of Pyrotechnist, the company that works as CLAMP’s managing agent. He has been involved in the production of several CLAMP animes, including XXXHOLiC and CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2.

According to the website, in his lecture, Fujimoto will cover topics such as working with CLAMP and their publishers, what is Pyrotechnist and what they do, the process of making CLAMP mangas into animes and CLAMP’s future projects. The lecture will given in japanese but translated to english finnish.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the name of Fujimoto’s character of Kobato. was given after him.

Does anyone reading this live in Finland? Or near it? Or knows someone who can go? Sounds like a great lecture that might provide us some inside information about CLAMP and what they might be up to.

I definitely wouldn’t miss it if I lived any nearer the region =)

Also, this is the first time that I heard of someone from Pyrotechnist giving lectures about CLAMP.

27 thoughts on “Kiyokazu Fujimoto (Pyrotechnist) to attend Desucon

    • Yeah me too! Each member of Pyrotechnist (there’s a lot xD) should travel to a different country. LOL

      If we can’t get CLAMP, at least their managers u.u


  1. For a moment there, I thought I was seeing things when I read the name. O_o So there’s a real Kiyokazu Fujimoto, just like there’s a real Takashi Yamazaki. XD


  2. I hope finnish fans will let us know how it was :3
    …I think the most surprising thing of this entry was reading “Kiyokazu Fujimoto(Pyrotechnist)to attend Desucon”…I was like “E-eh…what?” when I just read the name I thought you’d say something about his seiyuu and I was gonna go all ‘we have his seiyuu already!?’ but knowing he’s named after someone is also surprisingly cool ;D


    • Me too! Very looking forward to it =)

      LOL @ seiyuu confusion xD I knew there would be some confusion for being someone rather unknown and yet sharing the name of a character xD


  3. You know what? It’s partially because of me that Fujimoto is at that con.

    Long story: One of the arrangers of Desucon, Tsubasa, used to have a fanzine before making it became too unwieldy compared to animeblogging. Tsubasa is a friend of mine and I used to write seiyuu articles (me and my siblings are just crazy about seiyuu) and other stuff for the zine. And when he was at the army (it’s obligatory for Finnish men to spend a year at the army or civil services when they become of age) I was in charge of the fanzine.

    My little sister had been e-mailing voice actor Furuya Tooru for a while and sending him presents on his birthday. So when I wrote an article about him for the zine, we asked him a few questions which he then answered. We sent him a copy of that zine once it came out.

    So when they started making Desucon, Tsubasa contacted me and asked if we could ask Furuya if he wanted to come and be a guest of honor. So I told my younger sister to start lobbying the issue, and lo and behold, eventually Furuya was announced to be the first guest of honor at Desucon. (I’m going to meet him in a month eeeek!) Desucon managed to score a second guest of honor later, university professor Imai Ryuusuke.

    The story goes on! Fujimoto heard about Desucon from Furuya and his manager and became interested. He contacted the Desu people through Furuya’s manager and eventually said that he actually wouldn’t come if he didn’t get to have a lecture at the con! So when it’s usually a horribly laborous task to get guests of honor for conventions (Finnish anime conventions haven’t had Japanese guests for a few years, actually) this time it was the guest who suggested it and who definitely wanted to come! We’re all really excited and happy about the turn of events.

    I have a lecture at the con, too – I talk about seiyuu just before Furuya’s panel. Here’s a link, just find the part with Furuya in the first column and I’m directly above him! I hope Desucon is going to be a huge success – it’s revolutionary in many ways, such as being arranged by people who were tired of the way other cons were arranged and that they lacked good lectures and activities, and being the first con where you have to pay to get it – people have been more than ready to pay 15 euros for a well-done con.

    Want me to ask Fujimoto about something for you? ^_~


    • Ah, sorry for spamming, but there’s a mistake in your post – the Desucon website says that the lecture will be translated to Finnish, not English.

      I could try to find out if it’s okay to record the lecture. There have been clips posted on Youtube from other cons before, so it might be possible. I probably won’t be able to videotape it myself, but if clips are put up on the Internet after the con, I could translate it to you if you’d like.


      • Spam away, feel free =)

        >the Desucon website says that the lecture will be translated to Finnish, not English.

        Ohhh sorry about that! Google translated it as “english”. Bad google. I’ve fixed it! Thanks ^^

        >I could try to find out if it’s okay to record the lecture.

        Yes please! I have hope that videos will actually show up, indeed, but it’s always better to have a backup, right? =) Besides, they could post only clips and it would be nice to have the whole thing XDD *greedy*

        Just do what you can (you know, see if someone can do it for you, etc) and I’ll appreciate it heartly. Of course, all this IF recording is allowed.

        I would also thank you if you could translate the videos! Thanks!


        • I left a message at the blog asking about the recording and if we get to ask questions at the lecture. I have seen complete panels, cosplay contests and stuff like that from other cons at Youtube, but I don’t know if we can do that with Japanese guests of honor 😮 But I’ll get back to you after I know better o/


    • Ehhhhh I’m so impressed! In a way it is thanks to you, if Fujimoto heard about the con thanks to Furuya! (I do wonder why Furuya and Fujimoto know each other, though, hummm could he be related to a CLAMP anime? Kobato?)

      That’s actually great news that you are coming! In fact you’re even giving your own lecture (good luck on that, by the way!). I am, however, slightly “mad” (although mad wouldn’t be the right word) at you for not letting me know about this! XDDD Next time let me know of such news! XD

      I hope you can tell me everything about it (I really want to know as much as possible!)


      • The Desucon blog says only that Furuya’s manager Ikeda and Fujimoto are acquainted, not how or why. Those manager people and their relations x3 (Are they actually making a Kobato. anime? I feel like I’ve heard something like that…) But yeah, Fujimoto got interested in Desucon after hearing about Furuya’s trip to Finland. I’m really proud that everybody came together like that and managed to get such impressive guests for the con!

        I’m sorry that I didn’t let you know earlier, I’ve just been really REALLY excited and enthusiasted about Furuya and the news about Fujimoto is quite recent (it was announced in the blog on 27. April), so it just didn’t cross my mind. I’ll make it up to you by telling you what he says in his lecture, let’s hope that recordings are allowed!


        • Oh through his manager, yeah, that explains it all. These people all know each other =)

          And don’t worry! I noticed that the news really is pretty recent! ^_~


    • >Want me to ask Fujimoto about something for you? ^_~

      Actually yes! Although I think he will say it himself in his lecture.

      I would like to know:

      1) How he became involved with Pyrotechnist.
      2) If he is involved in the future Kobato. anime and if he can tell us about his role in it.
      3) How often he and the other Pyrotechnist members meet with CLAMP (this might sound like a stupid question but I’m really curious about that LOL).

      Ask any of those ^ (or as much as you can XD) if he doesn’t mention himself in his lecture. Thanks in advance!!


      • I’ll keep them in mind! Let’s hope that they allow us to ask questions since it’s a lecture and not a panel, though I think they’ll probably let us ask questions at the end. 😀


  4. -«According to the website, in his lecture, Fujimoto will cover topics such as working with CLAMP and their publishers, what is Pyrotechnist and what they do, the process of making CLAMP mangas into animes and CLAMP’s future projects.»

    mangettes, mangettes, mangettes…please…mangettes


  5. Great news! France have the CLAMP girls and now Finland have their manager. I’m so jealous of you guys! Enjoy your luck! ^_^

    And we want a picture of him as soon as possible! Just to see if he look like Kobato’s Fujimoto. ^_~


  6. *p-pinged by homecountry’s name* WHATWHENOMGWHAAAAAAT

    oTL I-I hope I’ll have money to go! *d-doesn’t live in Lahti and is a poor student TT__TT* If I will, I’ll definitely post about it. o/;;;


  7. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, that if you go, we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about it. 😀

    As its been mentioned, a recording would be nice.


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