Tsubasa Shunraiki Part 2 Screenshots!

The official website of the Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OADs added several screenshots from the second half of Tsubasa Shunraiki. Check them out here!

It looks a tad better than OAD 1, in my opinion, but not outstandingly better.

The OAD will be released on May 15 along with Tsubasa #27.

And thank you guys for always taking your time to let me know about these updates (clstmk-san, always alerting me about OAD updates ^^)

28 thoughts on “Tsubasa Shunraiki Part 2 Screenshots!

  1. Thank you for letting us know as always! =)

    They really look better than the first ova. I love picture 33, it is so cute!… but it seems they did not fix the wrong colouration of sakura-hime’s dress. It looks so odd and ugly this way. In the manga and also in the tv-anime it is so beautiful~ ;__; The ova-dress makes me cry…
    Do they want to show this is a different sakura in the beginning of the series this way, or did they simply made it wrong…? However, it looks totally ugly, I think O__o


  2. Thanks for the news Chibi Yuuto-kun n.n
    I must say that the screenshots look much better than the ones of the first OAD… i hope that they just didn’t pick up the pretty parts of it, and the rest stays just like the first one…



  3. Thank’s for the update! These look really great! 🙂 I was wondering if you still had a link to a working download of the first OAD. I tried downloading the previous one, but I kept receiving clipping issues in all my viewers. Did anyone ever release a clean subtitled version?


  4. aww… I’m disappointed… I was kinna expected this OVA to end with Syaoran and the group left Nihon country and arriving at Clow country like how they did in LeCount arc.


      • but by the look of the new pics, I got a feeling that the ending is going to be after Syaoran contacting Yuuko that he want to give save both Sakuras, and want to know where Fei Wong Reed is. Then it gonna cut to the Nihon castle and ended. (I dont think they gonna show the part leading to Clow country because CLAMP hasn’t finish the arc yet and probably because they dont want people to demand for the next episode.)


        • Narcolico:

          Have you seen picture 34? It looks a lot like Yuuko sending them to Clow Country.

          CLAMP is making this chapters to have success. They do want to be asked for the next chapter.


  5. OAD II

    OAD 1, I think quite good.. but some part it looks a bit weird.. O_o;;
    I love the music arrangement in tsubasa by yuki kajiura. I fell in love with tsubasa because of her music. For me, her music suits the best. Tsubasa’s character always speak slow and easy for a Japanese beginner like me to catch it. I’ve never like syaoran in CCS, but I love Shaoran CCS & TRC when I get to know him in TRC.

    I’ve to disagree with some of you who dislike this OAD. The OP and ED is quite good.. for me it suits the best. Well, why dont think like this, CLAMP have been struggling to make OAD for us, why don’t we just enjoy what she given to us. I think that is the best that they can do for us… (or else they wont get kodansha to publish it!) as they have to do the OAD fast in order to meet the deadline. Hope for the best for future TRC OAD.

    I love your comment chibiyuuto.. but your comment on OAD 1 is somehow I disagree.

    Well, everyone have their own opinion, and this is mine! ^^

    by the way, I found something interesting (I’m sure some of you notice): (picture)

    The more complicated the story, the more I LOVE it! My head is full of curiousity.. How confused you are, there must be answer to all the question. TRC teach me the meaning of life.


    P.S: This is my first post! nice to meet with everyone here!


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