Kobato. TV Anime website open! (Updated)

The official website of the Kobato. TV Anime has been launched!


It got its own domain and everything (I mean, not just a page in NHK’s domain).

The website also announces that a special booth for Kobato. will be build for the Tokyo Anime Fair, which will happen this weekend. A life-size Kobato paper doll will be displayed in the booth!

The Kobato. anime starts in the japanese Autumn.

Update: Here’s a picture of Kobato life-size paper doll from this year’s TAF:

33 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime website open! (Updated)

  1. OMG, she looks so damn cute ToT
    i hope that everything of that anime stays just as cute as those pics, it’s simply… *faints*
    Thanks a lot for the news Chibiyuuto-kun!!!



  2. omg!! I’m so happy!! thank you so much for sharing this news!! ;w; I’m so glad it got it’s own domain…it shows its importance~
    I want that life-size kobato so much!! >w< she looks sooo pretty! I hope many people will be attracted to it! and get interested in watching the anime ;w;!! kobato deserves so much more love!! I'll be hoping for some more pictures when the event is held 8DDDD


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