Tsubasa/Hajime no Ippo commemoration illustration

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Shonen Magazine, in this week’s issue the mangakas that are currently being serialized in the magazine drew a collaboration illustration featuring their characters dressed as the manga Hajime no Ippo, currently the longest running series of the magazine. CLAMP, of course, joined the special treat drawing Sakura as ring girl:

Click to enlarge it.
The full illustration can be seen here and here thanks to Ritual Scan Forge.

36 thoughts on “Tsubasa/Hajime no Ippo commemoration illustration

    • CLAMP’s drawing is by far the prettiest, and I’m not saying this because I’m their fan (at least I think I’m not xD).

      I’m surprised to see Sakura, could swear they would draw Syaoran in box gloves, but maybe being CLAMP as they are, they must have wanted to do something different ^_~


  1. awww Sakura looks so cute! 50 years is a LONG time for publishing houses

    btw. I think we’re all gonna want to discuss what JUST happened in Tsubasa. >.< The light bulbs of understanding are going off in many Tsubasa readers heads once they read that chapter.


      • I had to look at the images like three times through and I read some very rough translations So i got the general idea… >.> but I am looking froward to better translations/scans as well.

        my very poor japanese only got me so far on my own merit. I figure out like 3 words all on my own.


  2. Speaking of the 50th Anniversary, on the 17th, there was a big Sunday/Magazine “Reunion” Party where 160 or so mangaka attended. I see my beloved Rumiko Takahashi and Adachi Mitsuru, but I don’t think CLAMP was there (unless they’re short and they’re being blocked by some of the other artists)???


    • Ohhh sugoi! On the 17th you mean March 17?

      I don’t know if they are there because since their Private Boards are closed, I can’t tell if they attended to it.

      But I really think they are there. I see a few women that could be them.

      Thanks for telling me! I’ll do some research on the subject xD


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