Kobato. Drop. 10 by CLAMP No Lumiere

You can already download it here =)

Okay so the weird creature that is Ginsei loves the stuffed god and the bird loves the black bear. Well I am too impressed by Genko’s information gathering skills. I wonder how he managed to find out all this stuff about the School.

So Sayaka’s father was in debt with the impostors linked to the yakuza, and then Sayaka got married with Okiura, who is supposedly the impostors’ boss? Did she know who she was marrying with? Was it before or after her father passed away? Judging by Zuishou’s words I would say she married him after her father died.

Ioryogi, I love you, but I’m afraid you are making an early judgment about Okiura. I’m sure Ohkawa wants us to think he is a bad guy, but we must hear the other side of the story before coming into conclusions. He can’t be a bad guy, c’mon xD

Adorable Toshihiko playing soccer is adorable XD And adorable Fujimoto exchanging his nap time with Kobato so that she can rest is adorable too XD

Oh noes, the kids are leaving the school? Oh noes, they make this manga so cute, they can’t leave XDDDD I hope Toshihiko doesn’t leave, but I’m pretty sure the school will be closed at one point of the story =/

Fujimoto attended to college? That’s something new! I wonder how old he is…

And look at that, Sayaka wasn’t as gentle and kind back in her school days? xD Somehow I can’t picture her like that. But maybe that’s what attracted her to Okiura, she is fond of bad guys xD

I’m so curious for Sayaka’s backstory… but I know we won’t be getting it so soon u.u

9 thoughts on “Kobato. Drop. 10 by CLAMP No Lumiere

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I’m sad that some adorable little kids are leaving the school. 😦 At least Toshihiko is still there! He’s my favorite of the munchkins.

    They need to show us Sayaka’s backstory so we can find out how she got involved with the debt collector.


  2. Hmm, it looked like Fukimoto was either taking away Sayaka’s bad feelings or trying to give her energy on one page, the one before he mentions about how energetic she used to be. Oh and I have a new theory about Kobato, I think she really was a dove who had a wish and, in order to fulfill it, she became a human. Silly theory, but she does get really upset when Ioryoi calls her Dobato…


  3. =) Wonderful work, like always! And Kobato was extra cute this chapter. ^^

    I’m thinking that Fujimoto is at least the same age as Touya was at the end of CCS. Fujimoto is just a big softie inside…

    I can’t quite imagine Sayaka like that either – the closest would be like a mom or a big sister swinging her broom around to people who threaten her family…



    of course we are not seeing sayaka flasbacks any sooner… knowing clamp…. look how long it take with tsubasa…
    my theory here is that fujimoto has a crush with sayaka, like a mother-son love. but is obvious than, little by little, he is falling for kobato.
    about how old is he, i though he was 17, but i’m starting to think i am wrong.
    and i also think sayaka’s husband is not a bad guy. he must have a good reason abot it…


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