– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

09/10 – Newtype #10 – Drop. 9 (on sale).
10/10 – Newtype #11 – Drop. 10.
11/10 – Newtype #12 – Drop. 11 – Possible last chapter of tankoubon 3.

Alright, after the last chapter’s surprise, no more A/B assumptions. I’ll just wait and see how it goes xD Great thing that we have no breaks though! And if I’m counting it right, the chapter to be released on November should be the last one of tankoubon 3. Nice.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

09/10 – Shonen Magazine #41 – Chapter 198 (on sale).
09/17 – Shonen Magazine #42 – Chapter 199.
09/24 – Shonen Magazine #43 – Chapter 200 – Possible last last chapter of tankoubon 25.
10/01 – Shonen Magazine #44 – No Tsubasa scheduled.

So there you go, Chapter 200 is there, must be a great achievement for CLAMP! And again, if I’m doing my math right, it should be the final chapter of tankoubon 25, specially since there’s a break after that one. Too bad, it would be pretty nice to open volume 26.

• Comics:

CLAMP-NET.COM updated later to announce the release date of Tsubasa #25, which will be November 17.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

09/13 – Young Magazine #42 – Chapter 165.
09/22 – Young Magazine #43 – Chapter 166.
09/29 – Young Magazine #44 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
10/06 – Young Magazine #45 – Chapter 167.

• Featuring CLAMP:

The November issue of Newtype magazine will be carrying a feature entitled CLAMP (Mokona) x Yukana-san Collaboration Project, which will consist of a new illustration of C.C. along with a photograph and new interview with Yukana (C.C.’s seiyuu in Code Geass).

I’m pretty sure that illustration will be included later in the upcoming CLAMP x Code Geass artbook, and this feature will be a great way of promoting it.

Lately there has been a lot of CLAMP content in Newtype!

The Newtype issue with that article will be released on October 10.


Information about the content of the special cards have been announced. The Secret Card will feature Sakura Kinomoto, Yuuko Ichihara and Ashura, and will be called Time To Admire Snow, as for the Point Card, it will feature Subaru Sumeragi, Seishirou Sakurazuka and Kimihiro Watanuki, the title of the card will be Time To Play With Snow.

Both illustrations will form a single one, similar to the special cards of the past Series.

I’m very curious for both illustrations, but specially the Point Card one!


34 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. You rock, as you always do ChibiYuuto-kun. Much thanks for your updates (Now that I’m back to being obsessed with manga. :D)

    Hmm, I haven’t been stalking your journal for a while.. ^^” Ohisashiburidesu! ^o^


      • Eeh.. ;_; I’ve been zonked for a bit. ^^” It’s all in my journal, I haven’t the heart to retype everything, but hopefully, I’ll be around for a longer period of time this time round. ^^” I’ve missed you though! I need to catch up on my CLAMP radio (I can’t believe it’s finished! D:)

        Hope you are well. ^^ I see a pretty layout~


  2. watanuki on the same card with sei/sub?! poor kid o_o i definitely want to see the images of these special cards! but yes, ch 200 better have some goodies for all of us. oh, and i’m glad sei/sub isn’t completely forgotten in the TRC universe…i’ve been wondering when clamp intended to finish their subplot (probably never, with our luck)


  3. Thank you for the info :3

    I wonder if chapter 200 will have anything special like a color page … Probably not since it’s just a chapter number, but it’d still be nice XD I’ve been following this manga weekly since chapter 80! Not much in numbers, but with all the breaks it’s been a long TIME since then! XD


    • A color page in the last chapter of a tankoubon seems unlikely (at least it never happened during these 198 chapters xD) But I hope it’ll be a big chapter.

      It’s been a while since TRC featured the magazine cover, I hope it happens in Chapter 201!

      >I’ve been following this manga weekly since chapter 80!

      And I, since Chapter 1! XD


      • Uwaaaa, impressive! I am sad I didn’t know about Tsubasa earlier :/ I hadn’t even heard of it online until around ch. 70-80 and that’s when I started reading XD Actually I’m not sure what exact chapter I started, but it was the beginning of Piffle. I think it was about ch.80 ^^;

        I also hope we get a Tsubasa magazine cover for 201. *crosses fingers*


  4. Seishirou on the same card as Subaru and Watanuki? Oh noes… he’s going to bury them in snow and Yuuko’s going to initiate a snowball fight to save them… and then add Sakura with the Snow Card into the mix… O_o


  5. chapters

    So sad!!! I counted the dates and chapter 200 has to be the one which open volume 26… There has been 8 chapters per volume, so starting volume 25 in chapter 192, it should end in chapter 199. It would be great to start chapter 26 with colour pages…
    The only thing that make my idea bad is that, if c.200 is the first of v.26, we would have a break of two weeks, which doesn’t make me happy.
    Apart from that, c.100 is the first in v.14. It would be great to continue it.


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