Kobato. Drop. 9 by CLAMP No Lumiere

CLAMP No Lumiere’s teamwork brings you another chapter of Kobato., less than 24 hours after the RAWs were released! XD

Go get it: http://clampno.lumiere.free.fr/

– Surprise one: Drop. 9? I gave up trying to find a logic in the chapter titles…
– Surprise two: color page! They didn’t announce it, but who’s complaining? It’s very different, I like the background pattern ^^
– The kids of Kobato. are so adorable (nap time? awww xD), but adorable Toshihiko is adorable xD And he blushing for Kobato is just the cutest thing ever. Toshihiko for the win!
– Fujimoto has pretty Kamui hands xD And he worries some more about Kobato in this chapter.
– Lots of background information about Yomogi Nursery School. So Sayaka didn’t only inherited the school from her father, but his kindness too.
– Then we have the confirmation (kind of) that Fujimoto was raised by Sayaka’s father.
– We find out that the debt’s origin came from impostors who, by taking advantage of Sayaka’s father, pretended to be a charitable institution and took a great amount of money from the school. They are related to the Yazuka (Okiura?) and eventually hand over the school to them. I wonder how Sayaka ended up marrying the (supposedly) chief of the gang who stole her father, unless she didn’t know it O.o

I don’t know about you all but I find this story all too weird. Very kind man, adopting a kid, Sayaka marrying the one who stole her father. I think this is just one version of the story. Things are surely getting interesting, but I miss Okiura~

26 thoughts on “Kobato. Drop. 9 by CLAMP No Lumiere

  1. Woah! That was fast! ^^
    Great work again 🙂
    I think I like Fujimoto more and more but hey! Being an absolute Syaoran’s fan, it’s no surprise: I love the sweet tsundere type! XD


  2. The chapter ended so abruptly… Maybe there will be a 9-B? XDDD

    Thank you and the CnL staff for the chapter! Btw your editing is awesome XD

    Indeed that story is very strange. More and more mysteries to the pile!


    • >The chapter ended so abruptly… Maybe there will be a 9-B? XDDD

      I agree, it cut short right in the middle of their speech xD I think there will be 9-B, at least it’ll “flow” better in the tankoubon.

      Thank you for the compliments, Shinigami-kun! We really do appreciate them =DD Thanks for downloading it as well \o/

      I wonder if Kobato. will become as confusing as TRC, hopefully not xD


  3. Hmm, the plot thickens! My theory, Sayaka was forced to marry Okiura to pay off the debt, and that this Okiura is someone she knew from childhood, maybe someone who went to the nursery?
    And yay for colored pages, Kobato deserves more of them since it’s such a cute story.


  4. First of all, thanks for the quickness! I was surprised when I opened my e-mail account..
    The story is getting some kind of soap opera style, but I like it anyway…And the characters are getting really loveable…


  5. Wow, that was fast. ^^ Lovely work as always.

    Maybe the Debt Collector was the one who got Sayaka’s father out of debt (temporarily) and marrying Sayaka was part of it? And then he showed his true face? *boggled*

    More KobatoxFujimoto next chapter please. XD And the kids are so cute!


  6. GREAT

    I’m so glad it was released so fast!!!
    Yeah, this story is getting really interesting!
    I’ve been thinking, can it be that Kobato-chan cannot take her hat out because she is an angel and has an aureole in the top of her head??? It almost imposible, but you can see in this chapter that she is wearing a much more smaller hat than usual. so, whatever she has to hide, it should be small. and considering that ioryogi knows usagi…
    by the way, where does she get so much clothes is she is poor?
    see ya


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