Tsubasa OAD Announcement!

We have the Obi, finally! shidouhikaru15-chan found it for us (she’s my heroine today xD):

Click to enlarge it.

The big letters say:

The production of Tsubasa Original Animation DVD Sequel has been decided!
Production: PRODUCTION I.G Script: Nanase Ohkawa

The small letters say that the first OAD will be attached to Tsubasa #26, to be released in February 2009. Tsubasa #25 will be released in November 2008 and will not come with an OAD.

More information will be available soon in Shonen Magazine and in the official website of the Tsubasa OADs.

So the schedule goes like this:

Tsubasa #25
Release date: November, 2008.

XXXHOLiC #14 DVD Limited Edition
Original Animation DVD “XXXHOLiC Original Episode” (tentative title) Part 1
Running time: 25 minutes.
Release date: January 16, 2009.

Tsubasa #26 DVD Limited Edition
Release date: February, 2009.

There should be more information on the back side of the obi but we couldn’t find any pictures so far, including the hypothesis that a total of 4 OADs will be released, 2 for XXXHOLiC and 2 for Tsubasa.

It’s very likely that the XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa OADs will be linked, specially if we consider that the staff has both XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations directors working together.


86 thoughts on “Tsubasa OAD Announcement!

    • YAY! But I’m hearing that there will be only 2 Tsubasa OADs. So volume 28 might come without any OAD.

      *does the NEWLY CREATED “I’m so happy, there’s a new Tsubasa OAD” dance.*


      • *sorry for bugging into the convo*
        so, there are only 2 OAD for Infinity arc?? O____O I know the Acid tokyo is longer than Infinity but is 2 OAD enough for everything that happen in Infinity?? especially with all the “angst/emo” building up in there and also the aftermath of the stabbing!?


        • They don’t say how many at least in the obi’s front side. There might be something in the back side.

          All they say is that there will be “a” OAD in volume 26.

          But, I’ve seen reports from people who bought the tankoubon and are saying that 4 OADs are planned: 2 for Tsubasa and 2 for XXXHOLiC (must be confirmed).

          For now, please take it as ONE Tsubasa OAD and ONE XXXHOLiC OAD ^^”

          There might be more, and I think there are, but we should wait for more information.


  1. THANK YOU Chibiyuuto-kun for the translation and ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
    I KNEW IT~~~ all those tempting us with all those “Infinity drawing” previously!!?? I am so glad our dream is finally fulfilled XD XD XD

    YEAH!!!! INFINITY ARC~~ 7 months more!! ^____^


    • Big major thanks to -chan who was able to find the obi!

      This was bound to happen, indeed, it was just a metter of waiting for the official announcement ^__^

      >YEAH!!!! INFINITY ARC~~ 7 months more!! ^____^

      Oh my, looking at that angle it’s SO far away! I hope that means GOOD animation.


          • Tokyo Revelations was awesome but had a few animation flaws.
            TRUE~~ the somewhat disappointment I got from OVA 2 – Boy’s right eye still sadden me ;___; they spent a lot of time for “first” and “last” but sort of discard the middle one [and to me, that’s THE most important one] *SIGH*


      • -I had 60% of the post pre-written XD
        Ohh I see! Good timing then.

        -definitely a good thing that you are in vacation xD
        XDDDDDD Also is thanks that I have to do something in internet ^^U, if not maybe I would be doing marathons of watching anime or playing videogames ^0^


  2. You are my hero. Seriously..

    I honestly dont know how I found your livejournal… it was Hitzuzen, I tell you!!

    Anyways I’ve been hunting down information about this “big announcement” and now am very, very satisfied and happy. Yup yup =D


    • Hikaru-chan deserve most of the credits for finding the obi =)

      Haaha thanks for finding and keep on reading my livejournal, it means a lot to me ^__^

      Glad to know you’re satisfied with the true shape of the “big announcement” we were all waiting for ^^


  3. YAYYYYY!! That’s awesome!! But are we absolutely sure that it’s the Infinity arc? I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, but I was just wonderin’. Either way, it’s WONDERFUL news!


    • >But are we absolutely sure that it’s the Infinity arc?

      No, we aren’t sure. They haven’t announced anything about the story yet, just that is Tokyo Revelations’ Sequel. It could be Infinity or an original story.

      We better wait before stating that it is Infinity.

      You’re welcome for the news ^__^


  4. Sorry for the irrelevance

    Sorry for the irrelevance, but how many arcs are there after the infinity arc (and there names). I’ve only just finished the Piffle arc.


    • Re: Sorry for the irrelevance

      after infinity?? hmm *thinks*
      not sure if these are the correct/official names , but they are the worlds they go afterwards~~
      +Celes arc (Fay’s world)
      +Nihon arc(Kurogane’s world)
      +Clow country arc(is more like and alternate dimension of Clow country,yuuko says is a space between time or something like that, still! is Clow country.)

      And that’s it o_o, we are still in clow country, which is most likely the last one


  5. *voluntarily puts self in temporary coma, but dies of happiness instead* YAY!!!! And if they’re linked I’ll definitely watch them both- been meaning to catch up on my xxxholic anyway… i think I’m still on like volume 6… >_


    • >*voluntarily puts self in temporary coma, but dies of happiness instead*

      HAHAHAHA all these crazy reactions I’ve been seeing today are amusing XDDDD

      I think this will be a great opportunity to link the animes, we only saw that in the movies.


  6. Hmm, I once heard a theory that the last chapter of TRC might come out on April 1st next year since that’s a Wednesday, this is starting to sound more plausible with the future dates of the books. Anyway, let’s hope it’s infinity, who doesn’t want to see the gang where black leather and chains!


    (etc etc omg omg)

    Thank you SO MUCH.


  8. omg!!!

    Kyyahhhhhhhhh *fangirl scream*
    wow wow!!! that’s wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!11 *cries*
    too bad we are only getting 2 OADs of Tsubasa :/ , but oh well!!! i’m so happy i don’t rly care!!!!!1 8DDDDDD

    Thanks for the info chibiyuuto-san, you are always so kind!!1 and also thanks !!

    me so happy ;o;


    • Re: omg!!!

      2 OADs seems not enough to me as well, but I trust Ohkawa, I’m sure she’ll write an amazing script =)

      You’re welcome for the info, I’m extremely happy to be able to share it ^__^


  9. Things just keep getting better and better! 😀

    Many, many thanks to ChibiYuuto and ShidouHikaru15 for the fabulous news!

    *Cries tears of joy*

    Can’t wait! Can’t waiiiiiiiiiiit!! ^_____^



  10. So we’ll have Tsubasa until when, 2010 at least.

    Thanks for the cover. So this time for the first time, no Syaoran in the cover. Or is this the special cover and the common one is not out yet?


  11. last_memory

    I don’t understand ? Is it a continuation of Tokyo Revelations or a new adventure for both gangs ?


  12. YAY! Thank you so much for the news, that’s really great! I’m so exited, it’s quite a long time before they will get realeased – but it’s worth it. 😀


  13. Yes, good point. What does thsi mean for tsubasa. Theres like no info on what its gonna be. Is it gonna be a continuation of tokyo revelations, is it gonna be its own standalone ova like the tsubasa birdcage movie, are they gonna skip a bunch of mangas and jsut do this ova based on what they consider is an important saga.

    I read it was suppose to be a closeup of the xxxholic and tsubasa, so by those words alone i would assume it means its gonna be at the end of the manga series to finish the series completely which would suck cause id like to see more seasons be animated.

    can someone shed some more light on whats going on



      • ah, so that must mean its like the next 2 volumes of the manga. Sweet, tho i wish they would just do a season dvd release if they cant put it on tv. Id love to see the entire series put to dvd. WOuld be so cool


  14. I think Yukimura is a guy ;; His body looks male, and Sanada Yukimura was a male samurai *just googled it*
    Gate7 is full guys o_O;

    I was secretly hoping Kobato would appear at the nursery *dies*


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