Tsubasa “big announcement” soon to be made

I’ve been asked about this a lot for the past couple of months, and I am finally able to give more news about it!

According to readers, the next issue of Shonen Magazine, out tomorrow in Japan, states that a “big announcement” regarding Tsubasa will be made in the obi strip that will come with volume 24, which is set for a July 17 release.

There you go! And I knew it! Obi strip of volume 24, I knew it! The pattern is the same for the previous OADs. The project might be related to XXXHOLiC too but I’m not sure yet, I need to confirm that.

Could this be related to the “big project” Takuya Matsushita mentioned last February in his column? Could this also be related to the anime plot Ohkawa was writing last April?

If you ask me, I would say “hell yeah!” xD

Stay tuned for more info!


77 thoughts on “Tsubasa “big announcement” soon to be made

  1. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    I’m so speechless after reading your report. Arigatou gozaimasu!
    I’ll be tuned for any further information from you, the great informant. ^o^
    And heck yesh, I’ve survived a TRC-less month as it will be back!!

    *does a victory dance*

    Ja ne!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


    • >You made me excited o___O

      I’m glad, that’s the effect I was looking for XDDDDDDD

      >I’m hoping it would be related to the anime plot Ohkawa worked on :3

      Me too, definitely!


  2. My heart was beating 999/sec as I was reading your post. I can’t wait *A* If it is a set of OAD’s then I hope they spend more time on it than they did on the Tokyo Arc, now that they know that it’s gonna make lots of money, I hope they can work on making it better quality


    • >My heart was beating 999/sec as I was reading your post.

      HAHAHA omg I hope I didn’t cause any heart failures! ^^””

      I too hope they put a -little- more effort and budget, specially, in this project. Tokyo Revelations was great but there were a few things they could fix if they had more money and time.


  3. I’m hoping for either an announcement regarding the Tsubasa OVAs (hopefully we’ll get one for the Infinity arc) or an announcement for when Tsubasa will end. I don’t really want Tsubasa to end, but I do want some answers already!


    • I think it’s the first, OAD announcement. It’s too soon to made an announcement about the end of TRC. They usually announce that a few chapters before the end.


  4. Uaaaah, I could die right now, I’m so happy! But I won’t, not until the news comes out!!! *clings to life for now* What a totally huge lift after my hard drive practically exploded and I lost everything I held dear to my heart!!!


    • I’m so sorry about your hard drive! It’s really terrible when that sort of thing happens >_<

      I'm happy I could provide you a bit (or a lot) of happines ^^ Let's wait for whatever this will be ^^


  5. Took them long enough!!!
    It’s been an eternity since they made this ‘big surprise coming up’ announcement O__o
    Thought they indeed said at first it would be a ‘joined’ project concerning both holic and TRC, did it turned out being a TRC thing only then…

    Anyway, truth is anything is good ^^
    Well! Nothing left to do but wait for July 17th and see what happens πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the news!!!


    • Well, if it’s a big project, it demands a big plan, but it’s finally coming ^__^

      >Thought they indeed said at first it would be a ‘joined’ project concerning both holic and TRC, did it turned out being a TRC thing only then…

      Indeed, CLAMP said that a Tsubasa AND XXXHOLiC “media adapatation” would be announced soon, at that time, and it turned out to be only TRC (unless they counted “Kei” or unless having Yuuko on the OADs makes it “XXXHOLiC” too xD)

      This time they are saying the same thing, Matsushita announced it as a Tsubasa + XXXHOLiC project. We’ll see.


  6. Good news! *_____*
    Seems some anime project then, mh? I’m still hoping for a Horitsuba anime someday, but it’s far more probable that, after Tokyo Revelations success, they’ll go on wi Infinity arc too, which is great anyway! *____*
    Can’t wait can’t wait~
    Your guesses? ^^

    Thanks a lot for being always ready to share news, you’re our hero! ^O^


    • I would say it’s definitely an anime project. But we should wait for the official announcement.

      >Your guesses? ^^

      More OADs! Not sure about being Infinity, all I think is that it’ll be more OADs and this time it’s the last time.


    THANK U SO MUCH CHIBIYUUTO-SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *will try to wait patiently till that day*
    D: omg omg, it’s more likely to be more oads
    B-but I want to dream that they’ll announce madhose
    is gonna animate the rest of the manga…since there’s no way beetrain is touching tsubasa ever again D: LOL my wild dreams hahahaha
    I’ll accept the oads super happy anyways *w*
    I hope that if it is oads, they’ll make tsubasa have an original ending
    and not just infinity arc because if they don’t make more ovas after that
    then we wouldn’t have an animated ending D:…so even if it’s an original ending and the manga is not gonna end like that, I’d like that better ~~ even if I love the infinity arc -w-
    Thank u so so much again chibiyuuto-san!


    • >B-but I want to dream that they’ll announce madhose

      That would be OUR dream ;_;

      >I hope that if it is oads, they’ll make tsubasa have an original ending

      I’m quite positive it’s going to have an original ending. I’m quite sure it is ^^

      You’re welcome, Mina_akira-chan ^^


    • If I can tell you something in advance, I’m pretty sure it’s more OADs. Please don’t be mad at me if I’m wrong XD But I’m pretty, pretty sure it’s going to be more OADs =)


      • It certainly would be very exciting news to have more OADs announced. I’m betting that’s what it will be too. However, another set of movies or a Horitsuba animation would be equally fantastic, so I’m sure I’ll be happy either way!


  8. i KNOW i should scold myself for not listening, but WHAT is the infinity arc??? I seriously have no clue.
    i mean i know what an ARC is but….
    HELP? -_-“


    • Hahaha it’s okay. The “Infinity” arc is the part of Tsubasa’s story that takes place in a city called Infinity. It takes place right after the “Tokyo arc” (the one we saw in the OADs) ^^


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