CLAMP Internet Radio #43

– Only 3 of them in the studio this time, Nekoi is absent, they said she’s busy working (on the computer?). No idea in what, with all of this month’s breaks xDD

– They started reading an e-mail that was sent by a listener who asked (I think) which of the twins was older, Fye or Yui. Mokona said that in Holitsuba, Fye is older than Yui. Ohkawa agreed. Why only in Holitsuba? Doesn’t that apply to Tsubasa as well? O.o

– Ohkawa talks about Syaoron’s name in Holitsuba, but I don’t know what exactly she said about it xD

– In the Life Report corner they talk about the Girl’s Party that was held in their studio last month.

– XXXHOLiC◆Kei series compositor Michiko Yokote was at the party, and that made me realize that hell, he’s a she! I didn’t know Michiko Yokote was a woman @_@ I looked up and indeed Michiko is a female name, I should have know! So it’s two women taking care of XXXHOLiC anime? XD I always treated her as a guy, I’m sorry Yokote-san xD

– Someone from Newtype called Tajima-something was also there, but I couldn’t find any info about her.

– Talk about Nekoi massaging everyone at the party xD

– Mokona’s birthday is coming, they about about the party’s concept? They mention Gundam since Mokona likes it very much.

Question from CLAMP corner: Nostalgic Anime. Some of the answers include Magic Knight Rayearth, Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura. They kept talking about this subject for a long time.

Komugikotoride no Yonshimin #43 (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 56 MB.
File type: MP3 – 192 Kbps.
Running time: 41 minutes.

19 thoughts on “CLAMP Internet Radio #43

  1. >Why only in Holitsuba? Doesn’t that apply to Tsubasa as well?

    That’s because the naming is different from Horitsuba to Tsubasa. Yuui in Tsubasa equals Fay in Horitsuba, and so on. Therefore, if Fay in Horitsuba is older, Yuuy in Tsubasa is older. (I guess)
    Edit: Ohkawa said she didn’t particularly set who’s older.

    They were talking about Syaoron because of the same question (twins being which one’s older), but they didn’t really report about real name!! (Like “Real” Syaoran in Tsubasa!)

    Michiko is a girl’s name because of the suffix -ko (child) Like my real name (from “tmk” part, sorry I’m not going to say my real name) -ko, is girl’s name.


    • Ah sou ka! You’re right, because in Holitsuba there isn’t the whole “different name” thing. So yeah, if Fye is older in Holitsuba, “Yuui” is older in Tsubasa. Got it, thanks!

      >Edit: Ohkawa said she didn’t particularly set who’s older.

      Thanks for this bit too X3

      >Michiko is a girl’s name because of the suffix -ko (child)

      Exactly XD It was very stupid of me to think she was a guy.


    • I don’t know sometimes I think that fay in horitsuba is like Fai before and Yui is like he is now so that’s why he is older… or maybe I’m just being stupid xDD


  2. >No idea in what, with all of this month’s breaks xDD

    It’s Legal Drug. XD I feel so evil for suggesting that and getting people’s hopes up.


  3. Thank you 😀
    Hm…interesting…maybe they lost overview on their names in TRC? XD; Or as twins with magic they actually got born at the same time?


  4. Thanks for the news chibiyuuto-san !

    As for the Yuui and Fye thing… I’m kind of… Lost ^^”
    It’s like Yuui in Horitsuba is the actual Yuui (knew as Fye before) in Tsubasa and Fye in Horitsuba is like the Yuui known and acting like Fye in Tsubasa before knowing his past… That means the Yuui we know in Tsubasa is the older twin cause the Fye in Horitsuba is the older, right ? I think that’s it ^^” I’m a bit confused u.u

    (By the way… How many Horitsuba omake are they ? I’ve read only two of them… Is there any other ones ? >


  5. ?

    How old IS Fai? I mean, the Fai that tsubasa FIRST met, in the beggining?? now we know him as Yuui i guess….
    i kindof guessed that he was the older one, but- WAIT!!!
    …arent Fai and Yuui TWINS? so what would the diffrence matter anyway?
    uuhh @__@….


    • Re: ?

      Well, you have to think about it from the standpoint of the language. In English, we only have terms for ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ but in Japanese there are separate terms for the older and younger siblings. Because of that, even in twins there’ll be an official older and younger twin. It’s kind of interesting to note which’s which. ^^

      I’ve always wondered how old Fay is too. I always imagine him to be around 60 (though that’s a pretty arbitrary number… xD)


      • Re: ?

        Yuko did Say Fay was the older ones of the group, “much” older if I should say, in like Manga Number 17, 18? Can’t remeber what book at the…

        So for the Whole Age thing: TRC Fay is Really Yuui–ie. the Older of the Twins. While the Real Fay is the Younger

        In Horitsuba, Fay here, is TRC’s counter part of the Fay(Yuui) that is living, and is older. So Yuui is the younger….

        Also: CLAMP talking about Sailor Moon is COOL!! I wounder what they thought of it.


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