XXXHOLiC & Tsubasa “big project” soon to be announced, and more

The website CLAMP-PLA.NET has a section called “Columns” that consists of monthly columns written by people somehow related to CLAMP’s works. The same section CLAMP-NET.COM used to have years ago.

Currently, there are 4 columns in total, 3 of them are written by the editors of their current works (Tsubasa, XXXHOLiC and Kobato.), and a fourth one is written by Takuya Matsushita, who works at the comics sales department of Kodansha.

Takuya Matsushita updated his column today, and in it, he says that there’s a “big project” in the works regarding Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC that will soon be announced.

In his words:


You might remember Takuya Matsushita from this post of mine where we learned that he was an important piece on the puzzle of turning Tsubasa’s Tokyo arc into animation. He tells us to keep an eye on the official websites, magazines and comics. Don’t worry Matsushita, we will!

Whatever it is, I’m already excited about it, more information as they come!


On other small news, the official website of XXXHOLiC◆Kei has a new layout in response to the upcoming new season. Most of its sections are still under construction, though.

The new season of XXXHOLiC premieres in April on TBS.


Lastly, -san has kindly scanned a few pages (the most interesting, according to herself) of the CLAMP in CARDLAND Official Catalog book, which can be downloaded on her LiveJournal.

Amongst the scans, there are previews of the 2nd Season special cards (Rayearth and Code Geass).

Thank you for letting me know about it! ^__^


53 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC & Tsubasa “big project” soon to be announced, and more

  1. I’ve got five hundred yen that says it’ll be announced this Thursday with the next TRC color pages. I’ve got another five hundred yen that says it may be something along the lines of a joint animation. Other than that, no idea.

    Thanks for the news!


  2. Big project? (*O*) What could it be?! I’d say Celes turning into anime, but that has nothing to do with xxxHOLiC… It’s probably something regarding the two series?

    Buu, I can’t wait! And when are they going to announce they’re making a Kobato anime? (T3T) (Yes, I know it’s too soon ;;;) Even a CD drama would work for me, I only want to know the seiyuus for now!


  3. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    Ne, those are pretty cool news right there. ^^ HOLY MOKONA!! I really love the layout for the new season! Oh Yuuko and Doumeki… they look so damn hot in that layout! >///< Oh my gosh, I really want to know more about this mysterious TRC/HOLiC "Big" Project so hard. I wonder if Ohkawa will be behind this project… O____o Arigatou gozaimasu for for sharing the CLAMP in CARDLAND catalog book!! I'll check it out right away! ^o^

    Arigatou gozaimasu for the latest CLAMP news!! Shiawase desu wa! *glomps*

    Ja ne!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  4. I hope the two trading cards of CG and MKR are more or less how you expected them to be 🙂
    As I already said in my LJ, all the rest are only the pics of the serie one, NOT including the promo cards *that was a super let down, I was so hoping for a good picture of KamuixSubaru T___T*

    So, a ‘big project’ they say o__O
    They sure really know how to arise all the Clamp fans interest with a single sentence! ^^
    If it was only Tsubasa, I would immediately have concluded it would have been more OVA but since XXXHolic is concerned as well it’s definitely not this one ^^;;
    I don’t think it’s gonna be figurines (we already got Clamp in 3D Land), not trading cards either (we already got Clamp in CardLand), no mangas (both series are still running in their respective magazines), no calendar at this time of the year, there is already a new season for the anime of XXXHolic and TRC OVA are still on going so no anime either (unless it’s gonna be a new movie maybe?)…then could it be…an artbook?! An artbook compiling all the crossover pictures with both Holic and Tsubasa characters? But is an ‘artbook’ a ‘big project’? o__O Something about HoliTsubasa? : if they are gonna make it into a separate manga I’m gonna die of happiness 😀 what’s left…mmhhh….can’t think of anything else ^^;;


    • I want to see Tokyo Tower so badly in the MKR one ^^

      > NOT including the promo cards *that was a super let down, I was so hoping for a good picture of KamuixSubaru T___T*

      That’s a big letdown indeed…

      >If it was only Tsubasa, I would immediately have concluded it would have been more OVA but since XXXHolic is concerned as well it’s definitely not this one ^^;;

      I don’t think you can discard that idea so lightly. XXXHOLiC could have some OADs too! They could pick an arc and release it as OVA, or make Ohkawa write an original arc just for the OAD.

      >But is an ‘artbook’ a ‘big project’? o__O

      I don’t think so… I think it’s bigger than artbook ^^


  5. ZOMG!! a new big project *0* what could it be, maybe a new movie? XD
    well it’ll be great for sure, im very excited about this

    Thanks 4 the news chbibiyuutochan and thanks to cutesherry-san for the scans, arigatouu n_n


  6. I really hop it would be more ova’s!

    I like infinty arc the most – the world with the biggest action, full of lies and mysterious plans and the best end ever!

    but it’s quite vogue currently, as xxxHolic is also mentioned…


    • Re: I really hop it would be more ova’s!

      I think there’s a great chance that the announcement is about the anime version of Infinity. As far as we know the OADs sold really well, it could be ^^


  7. *_____* My heart just started beating a lot faster when I read that… thank you so much for the heads up! The wording seems to imply this would be something very big, along the lines of an animation… kyaaaah, I can’t wait! x__x


  8. Oh I hope it’s the Infinity arc animated *o* but Infinity arc wasn’t as long as the Tokyo arc, so would Celes be included as well? (but then the Celes arc was very long…)

    Or would it be Horitsuba turning into an actual manga, or even some random OVA? (that has to do with both TRC and holic)

    Or what about TRC and holic both turned into an onstage musical!

    Live action movie!

    TRC and holic theme park!

    TRC and holic cafe! (like those maid cafes in Japan)


    • I’ve been thinking about that too. Infinity and Celes together have the same size of the entire Tokyo arc (around the same size). So I would say that there’s a great chance they’ll release both arcs at once, IF this announcement is about more OADs, that is ^^

      >Or what about TRC and holic both turned into an onstage musical! Live action movie! TRC and holic theme park!

      Hahaha that would be unusual and new! XD


      • I don’t agree

        tokyo arc is maybe 3 episodes, but it could have also been 13 episodes.
        don’t forget that outo arc was 9 episode and in the manga it was 2 and a half volumes , tokyo arc was 3 volumes (30 chapters), so don’t think about that, it will be 3 episodes as well..


        • Re: I don’t agree

          I can’t tell you precisely, but some time ago I counted how long Infinity and Celes arcs were and I remember they had just about the same size as Tokyo.

          As for Outo taking 9 episodes, we have to take a few things into consideration:

          1 – They had one original episode with original scenes mixed with actual manga story (The Afternoon Piano).
          2 – The anime episodes are a bit shorter than the OADs, so it takes more episodes to tell something.
          3 – The pacing in the OAD is much faster than in the anime. The script is very well-condensed, Ohkawa managed to write a lot of things in 25 minutes.

          Which is why I think Infinity and Celes could fit in 3 more OADs. I’m not saying it’ll be like that, because I don’t know xD But I’m just saying it’s possible in my point of view ^^


  9. A big project ^^

    >Since it’s from Takuya Matsushita’s board, I would think it will be OAD coming along with tankoubon.

    Same here.

    >A movie or a drama CD project would have come from the Shounen and Young Magazines’ editors, since it’s has very little to do with tankoubon release.

    Exactly, Drama CD specially, and it’s not a “big project” at all. I wouldn’t totally discard a movie, though.

    >The two first opus of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelation seem to have sell well, there’s no reason not to continue.

    Exactly. And I don’t know if you remember, but I think the announcement will be made on Volume 23 itself. That way the people purchasing the final OAD will know that there’s a continuation in the works.

    >He said “big project”, so I expect as many DVD as needed to complete the series.

    I think it would be too risky… I think they’ll make 2 or 3 more, wait to see if it sells well, and announce 3 more xD

    >Since it will be a collaboration project between xxxHolic and Tsubasa, I guess it may be that they’ll do the xxxHolic side too, which won’t be part of xxxHolic’s tv series.

    I think so too, specially since the TV series cut all the links with Tsubasa, they might pick a random arc to work with or Ohkawa will write an original arc for the OVA.


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