Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC 2008 Calendar!

We’re a bit further than the middle of the year and Kodansha has announced the list of calendars for 2008. Among them are, of course, the usual Tsubasa + XXXHOLiC calendar, to be released by the end of this year.

Apart from that, Ageha Ohkawa wrote on her Private Board that she had written the script of the 3rd Holitsuba Gakuen Drama CD beforehand, and that not only the script but also the recording sessions have ended successfully. She also added that we shall see how the jackets will look like on Shonen Magazine #38 (on sale on 08/22) and Young Magazine #39 (on sale on 08/27).

Happy Friends day to all my friends, in special to koalaexe, who’s celebrating his birthday in this date. Happy Birthday, may all your wishes come true! ^____^


45 thoughts on “Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC 2008 Calendar!

  1. Yay for TRC & xxxHOLiC calendar. ^____________^

    I’m waiting as well for my copy of the book, I think I will die happily after I’m going to read it. Yesterday I almost killed someone when he posted fake spoilers from the book. ><

    Thank you for the information.


    • Yay for the 5th TRC + XXXHOLiC Calendar XDDD

      >I think I will die happily after I’m going to read it

      Indeed. It’s on my list of “Things I Need To Do Before Dying”, “Read the end of Harry Potter”.

      You’re welcome X3


    • Well, I saw it but I don’t think it has to do with script, neither with the tattoo o.o

      I think it has to do with screen-tone. She says there’s a wrong tone in one of the characters, or so my translator says XD





          • I think I see what’s going on. Ohkawa first wrote “Oh noes, there was a mistake!”. Then Alice posted on her LJ, she even said that Ohkawa doesn’t say where.

            Later, Ohkawa “replied” to her own post with the information I posted above. I think that’s when she specifies it. Are you sure Alice saw that text?


            • I checked back again, and yeah it seems Ookawa did add more to it^^; She seemed to be talking about how mispicking a screentone will change the whole interpretation. I guessed it was about the tatoo at first when she said ‘misprint’, but I guess there’s more to that issue^^

              And yay about Horitsubasa CD! This time’s it’s a teachers centric episode right? Nice gift to take a breathe from the manga’s angst^^;


              • So I guess the script remains intact, then?

                >And yay about Horitsubasa CD! This time’s it’s a teachers centric episode right? Nice gift to take a breathe from the manga’s angst^^;

                Yes, this is what she meant, then! I didn’t understand that part very well. Thanks ^^


  2. yay something to look forward to, hopefully new pictures ^_^ maybe subaru’s in it ^_^

    being a major HP fan, i had my book preorders lol, and i re-read a couple of the books recently^_^.
    i’m angry with whoever spoiled it, and i was on a forum somewhere and they had a list of people who died(someone commented) but i pray it’s just lies they posted, they didn’t even say “hey i’ll post a spoiler” or anything dumb fools, oh well, i don’t believe everything i hear, so i can’t wait for my books, i’ll probably get it monday or tuesday, cuz i live just above u-.-, guyana can bite soooo>_>


    • I pre-ordered mine 16 weeks ago XD

      I’ve been avoiding forums and virtual public places ever since the beginning of this week. To tell you the truth I am scared to check even my own flist ^^

      Thankfully none of my friends did a horrible thing.


  3. I’m also so excited about DH!! I pre-ordered my book and I hope the postman will be very efficient to deliver it later (in 7 hours’ time).

    And yay for calendars and holitsuba scripts!


  4. It´s incredible the only fact that absolutely everyone is waiting for the book, even myself that I only read the first one, I´m anxious about it XD. TV news are also talking about it, newspapers (btw have you heard? … how could they! it pisses me off…). Is just something that is on the atmosphere today on earth XD Really I think everyone can feel something is going on … am I crazy? XD
    I also want to remark that all those people doing lines in bookstores worldwide are there not waiting for a new movie, videogame or cómic book, but to buy something to actually read, a (great) piece of literature… I don´t know I think is truly amazing… wasn´t about that, that good ol´teachers were talking about when we were children? That young people doesn´t read anymore and all that…? … now see and stfu XD

    Have a nice reading, I´m sure you´ll enjoy it a lot =)
    Take care!



    • I know! It’s really really amazing! I’ve not been watching much TV lately but recently there’s nothing else on TV apart from the airplane crash in Sao Paulo, that has “covered” the HP stuff a lot.

      Apart from that, it’s so awesome seeing everyone at the same emotion XD Trying to avoid spoilers at all costs, counting the days, posting “I’ll be away for the next few days… reading HP7!”.

      I was so moved reading the reports from the publishers saying that the people who read the spoilers called them crying for having read it.

      And Jo even posted today some acknowledgements, and that was SO moving >.< I can't ever possibly imagine what's she's feeling but I know few have felt it.


  5. goodness, it’s past-midnight here XD in my time zone, teh book will be released “tomorrow morning at 7”, and i’ll get my copy tomorrow afternoon…^^
    it feels wonderful when you know that so many people are waiting for the same thing with you…sense of unity maybe?
    well, i’m sure we’ll enjoy the final book~^^ don’t forget your detailed commentry XD see’ya after the book then XD


    • >it feels wonderful when you know that so many people are waiting for the same thing with you…sense of unity maybe?

      I know what you mean X3 And it’s so great! Specially because it’s the last time, for Harry Potter at least.

      I’ll try to write a report for sure! I think it’ll be hard to keep shut ^^”

      See ya after the book!!


  6. happy friens day for you too!!!!
    and thanks for the news i hope you will have a happy reading!!! because i must wait to my sis in U.S. send me that at B-day delay present so i don´t know when i will read it!!! ToT


  7. Waaaaaa!!!!! X3333
    Happy friends day too! owo

    Teh end of 10 years of fandom!
    It’s so… so… i don’t know how to say it.
    But next week we can comment on it by msger..
    I’ll not be online a lot to avoid spoilers XD

    Clamp! HP is finished!
    It’s X turn now XDDDDD
    (or at least tsubasa and xxholic)

    When that happens the end of the world can happily come.


  8. — This was probably the longest week ever, I thought about this book more than a million times through it XDDDD

    I can’t think about anything else…. XD
    I stopped using MSN and stopped acessing some sites, because I DON’T WANT SPOILERS! And well, the book leaked. I saw pictures… But didn’t read. -__-;
    That was when I decided to KILL MSN and etc. It’s too dangerous! ¬¬
    I don’t wanna see anything on someone else’s nickname…. ._.’

    I pre-ordered the book too! I just received an e-mail telling that they have already SENT it to me… @__@;; (it’s not in my city, so it’ll come a bit late)
    I can track it down through the site, and that’s like a torture… XD

    Ah! Sobre o video do CLAMP em algum post anterior… Tem duas músicas em português, WTF!! XD
    “O que ela tem… Tem só ela tem!”


  9. Yay! Calendar!

    The deathly hallooooooooows! I won’t buy it tonight. I’m would break the promise I did to my mom.
    Mom: Since we’re crossing Canada in car, we should only read it during the trip (begins August 4).
    Me: Of course…
    Mom: I’m gonna hide it.
    *End of Flashback*

    I would go crazy if I had it in my hands tonight. It’s a bit sad, since it’s the end.

    Have a good reading toooooo! Hope you’ll have a great time!


  10. Happy friends day Chibi Yuuto-san!!!! ^^
    Now I’m so happy to know that Ohkawa in the end wrote it ^_^
    BTW, I hope your book arrive soon. Waiting is a big punishment +____+
    And finally, happy birthday to Koalaexe!!! ^o^


  11. Hey chibiyuuto-kun! Thanks for the updates! Have you read the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet? I already read it and I was really shocked and all the previous questions are totally explained…



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