Feast on Scraps

Today I bring some unsorted stuff, starting with the latest entry of Ageha Ohkawa’s Private Board, where she speaks about the renewal of CLAMP-NET.COM.


CLAMP-NET.COM was renewed.

The biggest change was “Serial Information” and “Work Information” being separated.

When you enter CLAMP-NET.COM, the Serial Information appears immediately,


It’s possible to go to each Work Information by the illustrations above or text indications from below.

Also, “NEWS BOARD” became “TOPICS”, and is displayed above the Serial Information.

Since the design and structure has changed, you might be puzzled for a moment trying to find where is what, but please keep visiting it in the future.










Thought it would be interesting to post it ^^”

Newtype USA #6 – Kobato. + CLAMP Interview:

nokiirat-san has scanned CLAMP’s appearance on this month’s Newtype USA. Among the contents are the debut of Kobato. on the American magazine and an interview with CLAMP (Ageha Ohkawa). The interview is quite shorter than I had expected, but it does contain some interesting tidbits as well as a Q&A section.

You can see those scans here through (the post is locked and you must be a member in order to see it).

Newtype #7 – Code Geass cover:

As I had previously posted, CLAMP drew the cover of this month’s Newtype magazine, featuring an illustration of Code Geass. x_reggg-san has nicely scanned the (fabulous) cover and you can see it here, through .

EDIT: A clean, text-less version of the cover can be seen here.


Another contribution, this time by mc_quiz-san, who kindly offered to scan everything “scannable” from the CLOVER DVD. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge it.

DVD Jacket
Lyrics Card – Front
Lyrics Card – Back
Menu A
Menu B

A big thank you to everybody who contributed! ^__^

51 thoughts on “Feast on Scraps

  1. Oh gosh! 😀
    Love seeing the Clover DVD scans…hopefully it’ll be released in the US sometime, maybe as part of a package with the manga, if that’s ever re-released….I doubt anyone would license it on its own though.


    • >Ohkawa’s comments are always interesting xD

      I agree! XDDDDDDDD I’ll post anything I find interesting (that is, everything that is NOT related to food, beers and movies XDD)

      >I’m wondering who designes the new layouts °.° did they tell it?

      No, they didn’t, but I assume it’s the company who always designed it and it’s also CLAMP’s manager, it’s a company called PYROTECHNIST.


  2. I won!!! “NEWS BOARD” became “TOPICS” XDDD
    Ajem…I don’t know but the interview has “the always ask questions”, at least most of them ¬¬ I suppose it is for the people that don’t know CLAMP, do they exist? O.O
    Also Lelouch and Suzaku look better in their manga CLAMP’s version than the other one. On the other hand, we don’t have new art of CLOVER, just the cover ;___;


    • > won!!! “NEWS BOARD” became “TOPICS” XDDD

      Yay, congrats!! XDDD

      >I don’t know but the interview has “the always ask questions”, at least most of them ¬¬ I suppose it is for the people that don’t know CLAMP

      That’s true (in fact, it’s hard to find a question that CLAMP haven’t answered yet XDDD). But I liked the Q&A and the part about the process of making Kobato. ^^


        • Since I haven’t read that interview….. XDDD Btw, where did you read it? Spanish translation?

          Did they mention that Nekoi did the first draft? I thought that bit was interesting xD


          • Yeah, it was Spanish translation after all is the only one that can be found in America XDDD

            Let me check it (bad memory again). They talk about how Kobato was made, where Kobato and Ioryogi came from, and some curious things. About your question they talk about how many time they spent when they did the argument of the story and the characters design. Also, why they chose that Kobato has large hair; but nothing about drafts.
            If you want the interview, I can transcribe it, and if I can, translate it to english.


              • Don’t worry, right now I’m on vacation, so I have got a lot of free time ^_^ Moreover, I was thinking to transcribe it and put it on my journal. The last months I have been putting the CNK interviews that aren’t found on internet. Therefore, it’s o.k., I will do it.


  3. Nice ~ And thankz for the scans ^^.

    Well, if it was Mokona that drew that Suu Image, i think she may have lost the CLOVERish drawing style. She really doesn’t look like her :x.

    それで「ちびゆうと」の「ゆうと」は何の意味なの? 花の名前みたいだけど。。。辞書で調べたけど変な意味を見つけただけ、だからあなたに聞くと思って。。。


    • You’re welcome!

      >Well, if it was Mokona that drew that Suu Image, i think she may have lost the CLOVERish drawing style. She really doesn’t look like her :x.

      I think it’s inevitable that her art gets influenced by TRC and XXXHOLiC since she’s been drawing them like crazy for the past 4 years… but I believe that once these works are over, she’ll quickly drop that style, too.

      >それで「ちびゆうと」の「ゆうと」は何の意味なの? 花の名前みたいだけど。。。辞書で調べたけど変な意味を見つけただけ、だからあなたに聞くと思って。。。

      Ettou… I don’t really speak japanese xDDDDD Could you ask it in english, please? ^^”””


      • O.o But you translate a lot of stuff, or you just translate word by word and try to make a sentence with sense ? Looks like it ^^;

        The question was that what Yuuto means in , it sounds like a Flower Name, or maybe it is after Kigai Yuuto from X ?


        • Ah, for that I use online translators, mostly, and when i’m in doubt I ask somebody with a greater japanese knowlegde than mine.

          I tried to translate what you wrote and I kind of understood what you asked, but I thought it would be wiser to be sure of what you asked instead of answering something that have nothing to do with what you asked xDDD

          But answering your question, finally, yes, it is because of Yuuto Kigai from X ^^


      • actually

        mokona’s usual shoujo(CCS) style will be seen if X resumes,the artstyle of the picture in the movie box has is her usual style but the lines are quite thinning and also used her usual style in the code geass newtype issue and mokona uses more liquid paper in her usual style and less ink on the eyes since late 90’s.


  4. Thanks for all the news !
    I love the illustration of Code Geass *o*

    I love the stuff of the CLOVER DVD (why it is so expensive T_T).
    Their DVD (Clover and CCS films) are so much nicer than the french one (we don’t have Clover of course)…a really pretty material *o*
    And I don’t think Suh doesn’t looks like her (like I was thinking before seing the picture in “big size”). She looks different, well, in her members, a little too longs maybe (but I’m not sure), but her face is like before I think, with the same eyes…maybe I see what I want to see and not what it’s drawing @_@
    Well …XD
    Thank you vety much ^^


    • I thought the biggest different from the 90’s Suu and this Suu are definitely the eyes, to me at least. Her eyelids are so big, which makes her eyebrowns distant from her eyes. Just like the TRC and XXXHOLiC style ^^”

      And you’re welcome for everything!


  5. Thanks for sharing the scans… the Clover images are lovely and the Code Geas Cover too… it looks so “X” isn’t it? Well, both characters remember me Fuuma and Kamui in X artbooks with the swords and the wings piercings… kawaiii


  6. Jeey! thanks for all the info and scans! i love the code geass, and Lulu looks a lot like Kamui!! I think Lelouch personality is the most Clamp style in Code Geass, maybe that´s why i like him.
    See you^-^.


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