CLAMP Appearances

CLAMP on Wanna Gonna – Video Preview:

I can’t thank them enough. clow_shirow-san and miyazawa_lulu-san have been searching for Wanna Gonna on the japanese p2p programs ever since I asked them to (but I’m sure they would still be searching even if I had never asked).

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find the whole video. They found all episodes from 1 to 18 and episode 20, but not 19 (CLAMP’s episode). Now, this is what I call Himawari’s bad luck ._.

However, Clow-san managed to find a sample of the show on the least-likely and yet obvious place: YouTube!

I had made several searchings on YouTube by the time the episode was first aired, but I gave up after unsuccessful attempts.

Clow-san not only found the video after I had already gave up on my searchings, but he also ripped it and converted it to a much nicer and downloadable format!

The sample is unfortunately very small, only 3 minutes long, and the (blessed) person who edited the video chose to show the beginning of the CLAMP segment, which is an introduction to “What is CLAMP”, things we already know. The only interesting thing is that they reveal that the Worldwide number of comics sold by CLAMP has been increased to outstandings 92.000.000 ! 8 million more and they reach 100.000.000 (I bet it’ll coincide with their 20th Anniversary).

The episode is indeed like I had imagined. Shouko-tan pays a visit to CLAMP, whom she is a big fan of since her school days, and there she gets to know their studio, helps them drawing Tsubasa and serves as a model for a one-shot manga collaboration. But like I said, the sample doesn’t cover all of it. I know she visit each member’s individual booth but here we only get to see Nekoi’s. The video is much more “Shouko-tan visiting CLAMP” than “CLAMP being visited by Shouko-tan”.

Enough babbling, see it for yourselves ^^

CLAMP on Wanna Gonna – Preview (Right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 22 MB.
Format: AVI.
Running time: 3 minutes.

The original video posted on YouTube can be found via this link.

A MAJOR thanks to clow_shirow-san and miyazawa_lulu-san for finding it, and for keep searching for the full video (they are still trying!).

Yui Makino attends to CLAMP Webradio:

Thanks to Jonatan from Argentina, who let me know that Yui Makino has posted in her online diary about her guest appearance on CLAMP’s Internet Radio show.

I was very curious to see the studio where the radio is recorded.

They sure love hats, don’t they? XD

I knew the show is recorded earlier than it’s airing day, but I didn’t know it was THAT early xDDD

The episode with Yui Makino as a guest will be available on April 10th.

Once again, THANK YOU Jonatan ! I love when people e-mail me with those things *-*

CLAMP on ‘Mou, Shimasen Kara’:

I had previously posted here that a new chapter of Mou, Shimasen Kara featuring CLAMP would be published in this week’s Shonen Magazine. ladydarkmoon-san was kind enough to scan it for us, and you can get it here.

It concerns one of Mokona’s sign session, and how Nishimoto is jaw-dropped after seeing that 400 people attended while Mokona feels so “normal” about it xDDDD

Phew! Hope you liked all these CLAMP appearances ^^

41 thoughts on “CLAMP Appearances

  1. I think I read in Anime Insider that Mokona really likes hats. Apparently she has a ton. It also said that Igarashi is a roller coaster fanatic and prides the fact she has never ridden the roller coaster at Tokyo Disneyland. Not once.


      • It’s a magazine published in the United States (it’s also available in Canada). It primarily focuses on anime, and also manga and video games.


          • It was an article on all their works to date (so no Kobato =( , but the writer included Sweet Valerian) in 2005, with some details on CLAMP no Kiseki and Northside and Southside.


              • No interview. =(

                It has a small panel about CLAMP, like their birthdates, what their primary roles are in the group – Igarashi and Nekoi each have five or six things listed I think compared to Ohkawa and Mokona – and an “interesting tidbit”. There’s also a panel about some of their dojinshi (like on Saint Seiya and, believe it or not, Star Wars).

                If you’d like, I could try and scan a copy for you (assuming that my scanner cooperates and I remember where I left the magazine…)


                • Oh! It seems quite more interesting than what the average articles normally are ! xD

                  >If you’d like, I could try and scan a copy for you (assuming that my scanner cooperates and I remember where I left the magazine…)

                  Oh really? Well, if that’s not a problem for you, I’d love to see it ^^ Thanks!


  2. 91 million is a lot of copies! Are CLAMP one of the top 5 best selling artists in Japan? Behind the creators of DragonBallZ etc. I haven’t heard of anyone else as successful as CLAMP.


    • 92! XD

      >Are CLAMP one of the top 5 best selling artists in Japan?

      I would like to know that! You know where can I find some sort of list?

      >I haven’t heard of anyone else as successful as CLAMP.

      Rumiko Takahashi is known as the richest mangaka of Japan. But maybe they are basing that count on the information they have available. I mean, maybe nobody knows how much money CLAMP earns and so they can’t put them on that list.


      • hmmm

        CLAMP girls idolized Rumiko Takahashi,I think they should stop complaining about the fans like Rumiko did.

        Oh! I like Nishimori too i’m a fan of cheeky angel who is also a fan of CLAMP.


  3. THANKS!!!!!!!!! as always!

    wow the video is really..amazing but so funny haha that girl she rly does scream so much xD (i probably be the same way) ;
    wow CLAMP they…’do a lot of reverences’ so much to xDDD hehehe , i wouldn’t reverence at all…i would completely go crazy and hug them all til they couldn’t breathe *squeee* ,then kiss Mokona’s hands and probably kiss ohkawa’s forehead [such a brillant brain inside] xDDDD teeheee

    thanks again dear, see ya~


    • You’re welcome ^___^

      It’s a really nice video indeed ;__; I’m so sad we can’t watch the full version .__.

      >then kiss Mokona’s hands and probably kiss ohkawa’s forehead [such a brillant brain inside] xDDDD teeheee

      HAHAHAHA!!! Loved that comment XD


        • I would do the very same if I could xDDD Or maybe I’d just faint XD

          >well,let’s be patience ,maybe someday we will have the full video ; so i can laguh a little more 🙂

          May the gods hear you *prays* It would be total bliss!


  4. thz~~as always^^
    OH MYYYYY GODDDDDD!!!Shouko-tan is so damn lucky!!!!!she she she can see the orginal copy of clamp’s drawing!!!!tats like the-final-wish-of-a-clamp-fan!!!!!!oh my god oh my god oh my god……..


    • Indeed, while we are having a lot of Himawari’s luck for not being able to see this video, she’s having a lot of Sakura’s luck for being able to meet CLAMP ^^” Ah, the world is so unfair XDD


  5. Oh, it was nothing ^^U you don’t have to thank us! Thanks to all your info we were able to find it.
    We’re still looking for a HQ (and maybe complete) one, but I don’t think it will appear… >_< anyways, Shouko-tan was really a CLAMP fan, that's always good to see (I love their reactions XD).


  6. Wah!Konnichiwa,ChibiYuuto-kun!
    hihi`.Thanks for the video and info very VERY much!!! The video was a super MADNESS & i lub it!!!! X3 Kya~!It was so delightful and cute!DOMO!! x] *hugs* Also thankies to Clow_shirow && Miyawaza_lulu-san for the search as well.heh.xP I always love da` hats.They’re really adoring. :]



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