Bigger version of Tsubasa #18 Deluxe cover

What’s that thing beside him? A candle light? O.o

Tsubasa #18 hits the stores on March 16th.

78 thoughts on “Bigger version of Tsubasa #18 Deluxe cover

  1. OH SHIT! It is SO PRETTY!!! but can you please share the link? I’ve been checking amazon EVERY day since then and I have still not seen vol 18 deluxe listed…. how you found it??????????????


  2. Thanks for posting! Subaru is always so sad looking, extremely pretty though (he isn’t the king of angst for nothing). I can’t wait to see the complete spread, this is already my favorite cover. ♥


  3. I haven’t done any search for the Artbook yet… but thinking about it, they SHOULD have some pre-orders already o.o

    Yeah, seems like doesn’t have it… I’ll do a search and if I find anything I’ll post here ^^


  4. hooray for, in any country. and march 16 = i can get it when i’m in new york on spring break. woot. as for the flame, i don’t know…a torch or a candle, probably, but why?


  5. Very lovely indeed and thank you for sharing. ♥ Though I wonder if its a candle or if it’s something else. Like a magical artifact or a staff like Syaoran has on the first cover.


  6. Thank you very much !
    Subaru-kun is so cute with his upset mood >o<
    I would love to see the illustration for the artbook coming soon.
    However, thank you very much ♥


  7. Kawaiiiii! ^_^

    Thanks for sharing!

    And for the thing beside Subaru’s head, I’m thinking of a torch too. Since Fuuma was pictured in the same world than Kamui, I guess Subaru will be in the same one than Seishirou, which means a gothic medieval setting according to the arcades we can saw on volume 10. So a torch would be fitting.

    See you tomorrow for the end of another xxxHolic volume. ^_~


    • You think so? I think he’ll simply be in his own vampire-esque environment. Yes, a gothic/medieval setting. I’m still wondering where Seishirou was at in his cover. If we consider that all characters appeared on their own homeland, then that would be Seishirou’s country o.o


  8. Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way are you going to put the cover when it comes out (the whole image?


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