We still have to wait a week to find out what will happen to Fye, but Yuuko and co. is back this week ! And they are all cleaned-up at The Room of Requirement XD

So Doumeki can see the creepy woman even with his normal eye = not a spirit = creepy.

Doumeki going all thoughtful about the woman (I guess?) and Watanuki noticing it… I wonder what will be the consequences of this, is there some similar situation in which Doumeki can relate to? O.o

I loved Yuuko’s clothes full of butterflies XD But even though Watanuki seems worried about the woman in the window, she won’t hesitate to ask him more of the water from the well, MANY MORE ! I wonder if something shall happen after the well is all empty? O.o Will the woman finally do something?

And finally, the highlight of this chapter: Watanuki making a promise with Himawari.

We all know that “promises” is among CLAMP’s favorite subject. And it got a full page. And Watanuki felt something. This is yelling at us “THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT!!!”… and I wonder how.
This never occurred to me before, but after seeing this chapter, I asked myself, did Watanuki ever touch Himawari? O.o I don’t recall right now but I think he never did.

This also reminds me, Kazahaya has the power of seeing the memory of things when he touches them, will Watanuki also see something here?

Anyway, I find this chapter one of the most intriguing of the whole series so far. That creepy woman, I really want to know what’s up with her !


40 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC 111!

  1. That woman’s pretty interesting, yeah, but we have a breakthrough with Himawari! Woo-hoo! Man, that plot thread’s never going to get resolved until the very end of the series. Or maybe now. Hopefully it’s the latter.


  2. Thanks for the scans!^-^ I wonder what’s so special with the water… Why do they have to get so much?
    And now, it’s Watanuki’s turn to steal glances from Doumeki and not the other way around!XD Clamp’s new fetish now is not showing faces. First is of that woman in the sakura, next is this woman. hehe=D
    Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve seen Watanuki touch Himawari before either. Maybe that’s why he didn’t sense Himawari’s err…strangeness? heheXD Wonder what’ll happen now…

    Thanks again for the scans!=P


    • >I wonder what’s so special with the water
      I wonder that too… but coming from Yuuko, it could be -anything- XD

      >Clamp’s new fetish now is not showing faces.
      LOL ! So intriguing >.I don’t think I’ve seen Watanuki touch Himawari before either.
      rubyd-san told me he touched her in the first volume, remember? When he hugged her after the lying woman was hit by the truk =\ I guess my theory was debunked xD

      And you’re very welcome for the scans \o/ glad you appreciate them ^_^

      PS: I adored your icon XD


      • heheXD How true… anything from Yuuko is so unpredictable!=P

        Now that you mention it, he did touch Himawari! I’m so forgetful!XD I wonder why he didn’t feel anything back then..Maybe this fact shows character development?=)

        Your hardwork is always appreciated.^-^
        Thank you! I adore it as well, considering I’m a newbie at icon-making…XD I love coloring Yuuko and she has such amusing expressions.=D


  3. well, a strange woman who Doumeki can see? interesting…
    but what did they talk about when they are sweeping the ground/cleaning the campus? Doumeki seems sooo worried…

    and Watanuki’s going alone this time? o_0 *doesn’t know any japanese*

    i wonder what kind of promise Watanuki made with Himawari…the “promise me to take care” kind? anyway, Watanuki felt something, at last! after all the times that Yuuko hinted to him about Himawari, he finally notices~ that’s good~ i can’t wait to know more about Himawari, she’s so mysterious~

    so that’s all for this week…*worries about Fye and TRC gang, after finally catching up*
    Thanks for the cleaned-up scans, chibi yuuto-kun~^^”


    • I want to know what’s going on as well >.the “promise me to take care” kind?
      I guess it is. There was some “I’m fine ! Don’t worry” from Watanuki and some “Really? Are you sure you are okay?” from Himawari. So I guess she was kind of making him promise that he’ll take care of himself (which can be a little hard, knowing how Watanuki is so reckless with himself).

      And you’re welcome for the scans *bows* ^^


      • >So I guess she was kind of making him promise that he’ll take care of himself
        oh….this kind of promise sounds a bit, hmm, ordinary to me…but since this is Clamp, who knows what will happen next 😛

        and that woman had better be very special, not just a corpse or something…(?)


  4. Yeah, I thought about the touching thing too. I honestly don’t remember Himawari and Watanuki ever touching each other. Himawari hasn’t touched anyone to my recollection. Hmm… I’m so looking forward to what happens now that this has occurred. ^^


    • Yeah ! But it was debunked, see? Vol 1? The lying woman getting hit by the truck, Watanuki hugs Himawari… =\

      I guess it really has to do with the promise itself (Watanuki? Taking care of himself? Please…XD)


  5. Watanuki finally realizing there’s something wrong with Himawari can only mean one thing: Holic is going towards it’s end. Just like Tsubasa v_v
    Awww, I’m so excited *v*!And what if the two endings are related…?Like Himawari being a vampire or something XD Ok, I’ll stop rambling…Anyways, godd chapter!And cree~py °_°!


  6. Thank you !

    Thanks a lot to you and Lady Darkmoon for this new chapter.

    My! So much water! Is Yuuko planing to purify something big or something very corrupt o.O

    Looooove Yuuko’s outfit. She look 10 years younger.

    Can’t wait to know how Watanuki’s promise is going to backfire at him ^_^ .


    • Re: Thank you !

      You’re welcome ^__^ *bows*

      I hope all that water will serve for -something-

      >Is Yuuko planing to purify something big or something very corrupt o.O
      LOL ! I would say the 2nd one xD

      >Can’t wait to know how Watanuki’s promise is going to backfire at him ^_^ .
      I’m with you at that. I think he just promised something he won’t be able to do.


  7. I don’t like the idea of making promises with these two. Yuuko said, that Himawari’s kind of bad luck and, pinky promises, are friggin’ dangerous when Clamp has to do something with them T_T I’m afraid next chapters will be full of sorrow and something painful.


  8. It’s just me or something terrible will happen next chapter? Clamp with a killing spree in Tsubasa and a two weeks break in Holic… I tell you, they are evil!!! I fear Doumeki will end gravely hurt next week!! *_*


  9. Such a cool chapter!
    Might it be that the water Yuko is collecting will be used in the world in which Syaoran and the gang are?
    In that place water is a treasure… or could it come from that place?
    But that doesn’t really make sense… when ‘waking up’ Syaoran caused the water to disappear pretty quickly… the water Watanuki and Doumeki collected is a lot less than the one that disappeared…
    ARGH! I want to know what Watanuki promised to Himawari…


  10. Kyaa~~ This chapter is kawaii~~
    I want to see at last that Creepy Woman face ==”””” Eh but I forgive CLAMP that I must to wait for it to next chapter thanks for so cute pic with Yuuko looking like Flower Child ^____^
    This is very interesting for what Yuuko ordered Watanuki and Doumeki to collect that water and what’s role in this everything has that Creepy Woman?!? Maybe next chapter of Tsubasa will give us some clues about that? I hope so… Of course we have also that promise from Watanuki to Himawari (Watanuki at last saw that Himawari play some big role in history of his life?) I must to get translations o_O


  11. Scans! Awesome!

    (Yuuko’s probably making them get all that water just so they’ll keep freaking out about the woman. =P)

    Though I really do want to know what’s going on. Is anybody translating this chapter, do you know?


  12. Translations

    Hello to all Clamp lovers! Thank you so much ChibiYuuto for hosting the TRC and XXXHolic files. I have just seen the last Holic chapter and what can i say, it’s Clamp and Clamp is good (I adore Doumeki, love Watanuki and admire Yuuko. I want to be like her -‘cries’- She’s sexy). Anyone knows where i can find Holic translations? My Japanese is very bad (my english too :P) and i have been living without translations since chapter 100. Please help. Kisses to all. 😀
    Guyva, a Clamp lover…


  13. Yeah, that pinky promise makes me afraid for the future. I’ve been pretty much convinced that Himawari-chan is the EVIL since vol. 7, when it was essentially her fault that Doumeki’s book got eaten and Watanuki didn’t get his eye back. I’ve been wondering if she’s related to Xing Huo in TRC…they *ahem* have similar hair. And Watanuki seems to be important for the resolution of the TRC storyline, probably, or else why would Yuuko randomly talk to Clow (sort of) about him? Is he related to Clow, that’s the question…Well, thanks yuuto-san, and can’t wait for next week!


  14. Pinky Promise = DEATH!
    And Watanuki is so crap at taking care of himself O.o. I was surprised he didnt jump at Himawari’s invitation to go with him.
    Come on CLAMP! go with it! Give us some answers!


    • >Pinky Promise = DEATH!

      LOL ! XDDD But it does seem like something serious is coming… finally, I’d say ! XXXHOLiC could be even better with some deaths, don’t you think? XD


      • Yeah maybe but CLAMP deaths arnt little things. If we go by pattern Doumeki is going to kill Himawari (or possibly Yuuko).
        I’m not getting too attached to Kohane thats for sure >.< anyone who makes Watanuki happy should look out for crazy good looking sociopaths.


  15. finally! i found this thread!

    thank you very much! you’re so kind! *hugs*

    anyway, yeah Doumeki can able to see what Watanuki sees! Oh god! Plus the pinky promise!!! Like what Yuuko said, the pinky finger is very important. I think Watanuki senses something bad on Himawari and he will finally realizes! (i hope this will happen!!!)

    Doumeki!!! rescue your Watanuki! LOLZ!!!

    Though, I’m hoping the possible first name calling on Doumeki and Watanuki and of course their pairing!!! Grrr!! CLAMP!!! listen to us!!! 😛


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