First things first, so let me explain everything before:

koalaexe-san will attend AnimeExpo exclusively as Press Member of Mexican net-radio Genshiken. There, he’ll be able to join the press-only talk show and make question(s) for CLAMP. So, basically, it’s 100% sure that his question will be asked (he already got his “Press approved” e-mail confirmation).

Why am I saying all that? Because he kindly agreed to make a contest in order to decide which question he’s going to ask at the event. Now, that’s what I call kindness ^^ So let’s all take a deep bow for him *deep bow* ^__^

Please, everybody, let’s participate !

How To Participate:

All you have to do is to leave me a comment in THIS POST with the question you want to ask. Very easy.


1. EVERYBODY can participate. It doesn’t matter if you have a LJ account or not, or whether I know you or not. Everybody is welcome. For those who don’t have a LJ account, just leave an anonymous comment.
2. You are free to ask as many questions as you wish.
3. Feel free to comment as many times as you want, if you happen to have a new question but you already commented once, just do it again.
4. We prefer english, but in case you’re not so familiar with the language, you can post your question in any language you want (later, we’ll see if we can get someone who can translate it for us xD).
5. The deadline for the questions will be of 5 days, in other words, you have until June 17th to submit your question.
6. After this date, all selected questions will be placed into a public poll where everybody will be able to vote on the one they like the most. The winner one will be asked for CLAMP at AnimeExpo.

The selection will be done by me and Koala-san. By “selection” we mean “take off the bad questions”. Then, you’ll be able to vote, among the selected questions, for your favorite one.

What will be considered as a bad question:

1. Personal questions – We’re not from People! Magazine xD.
2. “Will you come to xxx country ?” – We all want CLAMP in our countries, and it’s not only up to them to decide which country they shall visit.
3. Questions who have been answered before in past interviews or already have an answer – Of course, and this includes the ones related to the hiatus of some of their works.
4. Questions directly related to the plot of unfinished works like “Will xxx happen in xxx manga?” – They won’t reveal any spoilers, and it’ll be just a matter of time to find out the answer to your question if you simply follow the manga.
5. Debunked rumors like “Is it true there’s a 4th CCS season in the works?” – No need to comment on this one xD
6. Offensive questions – No need to comment on this one either…

This is only to avoid troubles, it’s only *one* question, it has to be a very good one ^^ Other than that, please ask anything !

Please everyone ! Submit your question ! You might be lucky enough to have it answered by CLAMP, and let’s face it, the chances of your question winning this contest are much higher than winning AX’s one ^^”

One last word: Koala-san gave me his word that he’ll ask the winning question, and he’s really not lying about all this (or I’m gonna kill him XD), but in the eventual misfortune of him not being able to make the question, we should all understand instead of criticize him. Every press member usually can ask a question or two, but we never know what might happen.

http://genshikenr.blogspot.com/ – The site for the net-radio in which Koala-san will be representing at AX.

C’mon people, I wanna see smart questions ^_~

Wow ! Thank you everybody who submitted your questions ! The contest is not over yet, don’t worry, keep posting, but we had a very nice first day. Lots of very good questions and I would like to know the answer to all of them.

A couple of things to consider:

1. If you want to submit OTHER question(s), please do it in a NEW COMMENT POST, it’s easier for me to spot them, and that way I won’t accidentally skip it.
2. Please make sure to not ask questions in the black list (read above about the “bad questions”)
3. Also, make sure to not ask questions who were already asked. Here is a list of the pre-selected questions, read it before submitting your own.

As you can see, it’s a LOT of questions. I wasn’t expecting this much ^^” I might anticipate the deadline in a day or two, otherwise July 1st will come and we’ll still be here voting on the questions. Maybe it’s my fault, for asking everybody to post as many questions as possible, but as I said, I really didn’t expect it to be SO many questions (how stupid of me, maybe?).

EDIT 2: The first part of the contest is over. There’s no time to submit your question anymore.


156 thoughts on “OUR OWN “ASK CLAMP” !

  1. damnnn bad question #2 XDDD

    hm… would you rewrite/redraw any of your works because you don’t like the initial ending you gave it?

    WHEN WILL YOU COME TO HONG KONG?!?!??!?! sdlkghsflghgldf


      • >damnnn bad question #2 XDDD
        Hahahahahaha I swear I’m not being mean to you XDDD

        Okay, thanks for the questions ! I really liked the 1st one ^^

        And DO NOT worry, spam away ! XD


        • you’re just being mean to the millions of other CLAMP fans that can’t go XDD

          no problem ^__^ i’m glad the question actually made sense O___o;;


          • another one, (i’m not sure if this was answered before tho)

            why did you end CLAMP Campus Detectives?

            (i’ve seen 1-3 continued in a few old CLAMP volumes, then it changed to 1-3 end.)


              • in my older X volumes/CLAMP manga, there are ads in the back of the book of the same author/same publisher. i’ve seen an advert of CCD, where is says “1-3 continuing” then after a while the inner cover (where there’s a list of other works by the same author) it was changed to “1-3 end”.

                i’ll see if i can find anything to back this up, or it might have been a mistake on the chinese publisher/my side…


                  • okay, we have the advert (sorry for the subaru shot, didn’t want to cut him off ;__; ). other than saying “let us serve you (referring in a honourable tone to ladies)”, there’s the “1-3 continue” on the bottom. you can see it was copyrighted to CLAMP in 1993.

                    then, we have the list of works. we can see that the CLAMP Campus Detectives is there (it’s the 3rd one down from WISH and the only name with CLAMP in it XDD) and next to it you can see “all 3 volumes”. this volume of X was published in April 1999 (copyrighted in 1998 to CLAMP).

                    so something must have happened between those years to make CCD go from ‘continued’ to ‘finished’ (btw, even volume 3 of CCD says continued!! from what i remember).

                    and ironically, those two scans were from the same volume (X11).


                    • That’s very confusing O.o

                      1st. Is that from an original japanese tank?
                      2nd. If it came on X 11, why is the copyright from 1993? O.o

                      I really never heard of CCD being more than 3 volumes. As far as I know it had always meant to be only 3.


                    • 1. nope. it’s a chinese volume, but it’s a first print, so the information should be relatively update as the list changes when more volumes come out (my first volume, which is a 19th print, says X is 1-16 continuing).
                      2. i have no idea o___o;; maybe it was when they started it? so all the characters were copyrighted years ago? (i should be right, my volume one (printed in 2003) has a shin-something-i-forgot advert copyrighted at 1992… )

                      hm… i’ll see if i can get hold of a CCD volume 3 after my exams (which end @ 16th june!) and see if it has “continue” on it and scan it up 🙂


                    • THANKS for such High Res scan of X11 last page ^___^ I noticed the missing furiganas but I see below it is the chinese version.


                    • no problem ^^ did you just want that page or something? never thought someone would need it 😛 (and sorry for such a big scan… i don’t like resizing stuff x___x)

                      yeah, it’s the chinese verion. did you want the japanese version or something? XD


                    • oh, thanks but I think I won’t need it ^___^ I have it scanned, but none was SOOO huge, that is what got me in, and the fact you could not cut him off ^_~


                    • the internet does lack huge scans .____.

                      but of course you can’t cut off subaru!! esp in his side story thing, esp when he’s angsting about seishirou!!


                    • *loves icon* But Roy lost his left eye XDDDDDD

                      I love that Subaru’s image, it, not his eyes, reflect too prefectly his inner pain 😉


                    • Since I happen to have an Japanese X11 first edition, let’s see if there’s something there as well: Oh, there’s an ad for the new format tankoubon of the Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan books (with a reminder for the other kadokawa series), it says 全3巻 as they write with completed series.


                    • hm…. i read the new editions came in 1997… which totally doesn’t make sense, since the first edition of X11 should have came out in 1998 (according to the copyright) if the ads are from the same book. if they aren’t, then it doesn’t make any sense either, since the chinese X11 was out in 1999…


                    • Oh, it seems the Chinese Editor wasn’t that crazy after all, there’s a mention of the Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan series not to be finished after the third tankoubon in the 6th tankoubon of X, but the series was classified as complete ever since …


                    • first, yay for non crazy chiense editors!! 😀

                      hm… so it stopped somewhere at volume 6? .___. volume 6 was published in 94/95 but X11 was in 98/99… this is just messing me up x____x

                      the chinese editor might have put in an old advert… but then they aren’t THAT crap..


                    • well in the same book, there’s the CCD ad (incomplete), Clover ad (1-3 incomplete), Wish (1-4 complete), Shin blah-blah-blah (1 complete).

                      the clover thing is copyrighted in 1997.


            • and another!

              was it your idea or the director’s idea to cut off all the tsubasa references in the xxxholic anime? is there a reason for cutting them?


    • would you rewrite/redraw any of your works because you don’t like the initial ending you gave it?
      Just adding: and how (would you rewrite them)? ^^;;

      CLAMP has created works from many different genres (magical girl, shounen, fantasy, etc.). Which is your favorite type of story to create/draw and why?

      Hmm… if I come up with something actually intelligent I’ll post again. ^^;;


        • A little… the first one no, but the second one kinda…
          They would probably answer “Each work has an unique style that applies to the feeling of the story” or something around these lines XD
          But I’ll put the first one, sure ^^


  2. I’d like to ask why all the subtle subtext of shonen-ai in most their stories, but never a story about it actually occuring. >_< So irritating.
    Do they have a projected time of retirement? A certain age? When all their stories are complete?
    How in 'the-world' they get away with putting stories on hiatus? I thought contracts were final, and the 'dreaded deadline' every manga artist writes about, comes about regardless of whether they are sick or dying.
    How they narrowed down their group to just the 4 of them?

    I'm sure I'll think of some later, but I got a test in three hours I've yet to study for.



    • Do you mind formulating questions? I don’t want to get the wrong adaptation.

      I specially like number #2, about the retiring, because that’s something I worry from time to time xDDD Though that may seem kind of insulting, if you look at a certain angle XD

      About 3 and 4:

      3, well, none of the current works on hiatus are because CLAMP got lazy or is not following the contracts. On the contrary, they are on hiatus because they are all somehow impossible to publish. X because of social problems, Clover and GD because there’s no magazine. As far as I know, the publisher “approves” the works in hiatus because somehow they are culprit for what’s going on (for not having enough magazines where the manga can be published).

      As for #4, I’ll put it, but it has been asked before I think. They’ll answer that each ex-member followed their own path as mangaka, others gave up on the career.

      But please formulate the “questions” so I can save them ^^


  3. #1 There are a lot of references to Yumegari in xxxHOLiC, do you mean to continue this story in any form (movie, book serialize on your website, tv anime, etc.)?

    #2 After the Young Magazine and the Shounen Magazine, do you want to write a series for the last Kodansha’s weekly comic magazine, the Morning?

    #3 X, Clover and Gouhou Drug are all on hiatus because they are problems with their magazines, what prevent you for releasing them directly in tankoubon (especially Clover)?

    #4 Since the Shin Shukaden series was interupted before the end, how was it originally supposed to end and what was up with Chunyan’s father?

    #5 The three first chapters of Suito no Dragon were republished in the Shoryuden artbook and the last sentence is “to be continued”. Do you really mean to continue it, now the Mystery DX is closed and an official manga series of Shoryuden was made by someone else?

    #6 Would Igarashi be interested in becomming the main illustrator of one of the Clamp series?

    That will be all for tonight …


  4. (ignore the strike-through)

    – Which main character from your works do you like the least? XDDDD I want to see the wank/drama

    – What’s your favorite pairing from your works?

    – Have you ever cried when you killed off a character? If affirmative, which one(s)?

    – What’s Mokona’s favorite Mokona? The God, Soel or Larg?

    – What ending would you have wanted to give Shin Shunkaden? Who was the person Mong Ryong wanted Chun Hyang to meet?

    – If the Gohou Drug and the XXXHOLiC cast gathered one day to play mahjong, who would’ve won? Who would’ve been the worst player, Kazahaya or Watanuki?

    – Did Eriol grow up after he went back to England, or was he permanently stuck in that form? If he did grow up, which I’m sure he did, was it something sudden (one day he was a kid, one day he wasn’t), quicker growth than usual in a Clover style, or normal speed like a real eleven year-old? did Kaho like what she saw afterwards? …lucky bastard

    – We keep hearing about Clow Reed’s descendants. Are these descendants direct or indirect? Has Clow ever gotten married and had children, or are the Lis and Fei Wang great-grand-nephews and great-grand-nieces or something? Also! Apart from the mentioned and the Kinomotos, will we know about more of Clow’s relatives in your mangas? see how vague I am and how this can be answered in a yes/no format; I’m not directly asking about the plot or the condition of people like Watanuki or Xing Huo, no sir-ee

    – What was Hokuto’s opinion on Kakyou? If they had met under different circunstances, would they had become good friends or something else????

    sorry, but I MUST write this question off, because I have no idea if it’ll come out in the plot

    – How does Yuuko REALLY feel about Clow? What’s her REAL opinion on him? She told Watanuki he was an annoying bastard (more or less) for her and doesn’t want to see him again, and Fei Wang says he’s the only one she envies, but how true is that?

    Mmm, I think that’s it for today, but I’ll be back if I come up with something else.


      • Not quite. Some are about dead plots/subplots (as in, series is long-time over and won’t take the character again that way, or ‘this is so unrelated to the main characters it might never come out in THE PLOT’). So…


        • Well…….. XDDDD I kept all of them until Eriol (since CCS is ended we can talk about it), very nice questions, but the other ones seem a little plot-centered indeed.

          I KNOW how crazy you must be to ask about Yuuko/Clow (so am I ! XD) but we are not sure if they plan on developing it more in the story.


  5. I just have one… or two … or more XD

    Are there more X pages drawn that the ones released?

    Is X complete, stored somewhere in a safe place waiting to be released someday? where? XDDD

    If X is resumed (we all hope it shall be), will it have the same beatiful art style it had or it will have the new clamp style?


  6. My question is the following: You have started at the same time xxxHolic and Tsubasa (more or less)Does it mean, that these two series are going to end at the same time too?


  7. Ha, Kiri asked a lot of the questions I had in mind, of course. X3 A few more:

    – When you work on stories like Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC that have to do with previous series, do you try not to contradict your older works, or do you give more importance to the new plots? (And if you think it doesn’t fall under #4: will those contradictions be explained?)

    – You often make your series reference each other. Do you also make references to outside sources, like books or movies, in your works? lalala Tolkien lalala

    I may come back with more later…


  8. Must… ask something not… plot related….

    – CLAMP does a lot (sometimes more than a lot) of work on a weekly basis, so did you ever have trouble meeting deadlines? If so, which series did you have the most trouble meeting deadlines with?

    – Where do you get your inspiration when you create new stories or drawings? (i.e. books, movies, walks in the park, etc…)

    They don’t count as personal questions do they? ^^;


    • Took number #1, really liked it ^^

      Number two has been asked quite few times. I don’t have the answer in my mind so clear but Ohkawa once said she gets some ideas in dreams and movies (never from books, or she might be sued XD). Hope you can understand ^^”


  9. – Is it true that WISH originally had a different ending? If so, what is it and are there plans to publish it?
    (if this rumor has already been debunked….then can someone fill me in? lol)

    – The occurance of a character losing sight in one eye seems to happen frequently in your works. Does this hold any special meanings for you? Any special symbolizations?

    A quick point about people asking questions like “what’s your favorite character?” ….I’ve seen those questions asked in other interviews (just read CLAMP no Kiseki…) and their answers are always similar: “we’re proud of all our works” or something like that….so maybe people should avoid those questions so that we can get some real information, lol….

    I might come up with more questions later….but I suck at thinking them up….^_^;;;;;;;


    • In CnK with Wish, Ohkawa says that the end is indeed the one she planned. I was also curious but I think it has been debunked after that interview O.o

      Took number #2, though. Very nice.

      So far, I didn’t spot any “What’s your fav chara?”, on the contrary, Kirisame asked “What’s your LEAST fav chara” XDDD but if I happen to see a question asking what chara they like the most, I will not add for sure ^^


  10. #7 Do you have any idea of what stories you will work on after Tsubasa/holic? (hum … don’t know if it counts as a forbidden plot related question)

    #8 Would you like to work on an animation (movie, OVA or TV series) that wouldn’t be based on a manga?

    And let me reword #3 that sound kind of rude:

    #3 X, Clover and Gouhou Drug are all on hiatus because there are problems with their magazines, did you ever consider to release them directly in tankoubon instead (especially Clover who was now on hold for 7 years)?


  11. ok, my turn :
    #1 Considering many of Seiden’s main characters are virtually teachers for the Clamp Gakuen, can we consider the all Seiden story as a play from the teacher for a school festival ?


  12. More questions!
    How much free time do you have, and how do you generally spend it?
    Are you eager to pick up the on-hiatus series?
    How much do your cats interfere with your work?
    How much do your fans interfere with your work?

    And lastly… How can you grip our souls so mercilessly, and still make us love you? T_T”


    • #1 was already answered.
      #2, they will say “yes” since that’s what they’ve been trying to do for all this time.

      I’ll be taking #3 and #4 then ^^

      (#5 is a joke, right? XD)


  13. – Do you have any more series planned for the future? Similarly, do you know how many volumes your current series will last?

    – From the likes of RG Veda and X to series like Chobitts and TRC, the mood and themes of your works has changed considerably over the years. What, if anything, has motivated these changes?


    • *Deep Bow*
      -Has Xxxholic been planned since CardaCaptor Sakura was written?
      -How long will Xxxholic run? (not sure if this has been asked before)
      -Will Tsubasa and Xxxholic end together, or will either series outrun the other? (They so won’t answer this)


    • Since #1 is a double question, I’ll be taking the second half of it, because somebody else already asked about the first half xD
      However, I’m quite sure Ohkawa knows how many volumes will Tsubasa (at least) will last, since she said it’ll be longer than X. And also because she always knows this kind of stuff XD

      And I’ll be taking #2 as well.

      Thanks !


  14. gahh, so many good questions!! O.o
    and someone already asked the one i wanted to post…
    the one about the missing eyes… T-T
    ill post again if i think up another.


  15. Ah, okay, mine isn’t as interesting as everyone elses, but it’s something that’s bugged me for ages.

    This point is made throughout Wish, but it’s never really explained, so why is it that Shuichirou looked so much like Kakyou?

    This is really lame, but I really can’t think of a better question…-_-;;


  16. 1. You’re obviosuly fond of Sakura and Syaoran to bring them back as the main characters in TRC, are there any other characters you are especially fond of?
    2. You’ve killed off a lot of charecters over the years, which one were you saddest to kill off?
    3. Legal Drug and xxxholic are quite similar in some ways, is the reason we’ve heard nothing about Legal Drug restarting because you’re focusing on xxxholic?
    4. Quite a lot of characters have lots their (normally right) eye. Is there any reason for this? Do you just like similaraties between series or is there something deeper?
    5. You’ve had many different drawing styles over the years, which is your favourite?
    6. Will Hokuto be in TRC or will you FACE MY WRATH!??


    • oh my god….. senefen-san, I can only take #5, I hope you don’t mind T-T Because, look:

      #1, they already said that they don’t have a “favorite” one (because they like them all)
      #2, somebody already asked this one =\
      #3, they have stated that GD’s hiatus is due to lack of magazine to publish it.
      #4 Somebody else asked ^^””””
      #6 Plot-centered, sorry ^^”””


      • Wasnt sure about #3 but it doesnt really matter cos now I have an answer ^^, just read GD (1st) recently and thought it was weird how similar it was to holic.
        #1 yeah down worry. I wasnt paying attention, I was just typing random questions. Maybe better rephrased
        Why did you choose to bring back Sakura and Syaoran as the main characters for TRC rather than someone else?
        Or has someone asked that ^^.
        #2,#3 ^^; ha ha there were a lot of posts I kinda didnt read them all
        #6 was joking, I dont expect them to answer that. They should just be aware of my wrath is Hokuto doesnt show 👿


    • Also regarding #2, in that tv interview a year ago, Clamp, actually Mokona, said she didn’t want to have to draw Hokuto dying, I mean she, and the rest of clmap members, didn’t want to kill her, the answer is Hokuto here….


  17. What the ….? Mexican net-radio Genshiken. Why I haven’t heard about that?
    Ok that means, mexican magazines of anime doesn’t make their work right. It’s very difficult to inform or make a little post about that radio? ¬¬
    Yuuto-san do you know how can I contact him on a easy way?
    And after making a small anger, I need to think in good questions but right now my mind is in white XD (too much school these days)


    • Koala-san told me it’s the radio of a local college. I don’t know very much about it, sorry ^^”

      >mexican magazines of anime doesn’t make their work right.
      Maybe they’ll be attending as well? O.o I hope so…

      I’m also so busy with college ^^” But I’ll be waiting for your questions ^^


      • -the radio of a local college- That explains all. This radio is only for one state not for all the mexican republic (that’s so sad u_u)

        And after finish dry from crying, here my questions:

        -Kazahaya from Gohou Drug and Suichiro from Wish have the same last name, it is just a coincidence or they are some kind of relatives? (please don’t say it’s a secret, if you do that I’m going to hit my head until fainting)

        -All your works are going to appear in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles? (I hope so)

        -When Clow or people related with him cast some kind of magic appears a symbol, at the same time other symbols appear in it, the one of Rayearth, Ceres and Windom from MKR. This means Clow has something to do with Cephiro or is just a coincidence and the meaning of using this symbols is to represent the elements fire, water and wind? (Again, please don’t say is a secret or you know what I’m going to do)

        -If Clow doesn’t has to do anything with Cephiro, why did he create a creature very similar to Mokona. Even knowing physical characteristics and special abilities? or is this another coincidence? (I have long time thinking on this)

        I know there are better questions but for now, this is what I can ask.

        See you next time Yuuto-san ^_^


        • The 1st one has already been “answered”…. kinda… in CnK featuring GD they asked that question, and of course, Ohkawa didn’t say a thing !
          I would love to know that as well, but I’m afraid that is too spoilery ^^”

          I’ll be taking #2, #3 (very interesting) but #4 I think is a little spoilery since Yuuko does mention that they both based on MKR!Mokona to create Mokona=Modoki

          Thanks for the questions !


          • After being sick and have a miraculous recovery I back to post.

            I know the first one was in CLAMP no Kiseki, I will always remember that:

            QUESTION: Kazahaya has the same last name as Shuichirou Kudou in “Wish.” Is there any relation between them?

            OHKAWA: That’s a secret.

            In that moment I thought “What the hell kind of answer is that? I still with the doubt. But maybe CLAMP just want to make suffer their fans with the doubt (as always XD)


  18. – Having a few series on hiatus (namely Shin Shukaden and Gohou Drug), doesn’t it bother you to leave them unfinished and unpublished while new projects are still being made? (*hint hint HURRY UP AND RELEASE THE REST OF THE PROJECTS ON HIATUS! nudge nudge*)

    – Has there ever been any law suits involving any of your manga? (*totally random O_O and is that offensive?! asking if they’ve been sued before?!)

    – Clow is mentioned quite a bit in their works, so are there any plans to create a manga featuring Clow?

    – Of all the people you guys have worked with, who influenced you the most and who was the most interesting to work with? (*I dunno if it’s been asked before so if it has… >__


    • #1, they kinda stated before that they are always trying to get the unfinished works back to be published (hence Kobato who has changed publishers).

      #2, I think we can make it in a way that doesn’t sound offensive xDDD I’ll be taking this one.

      I’ll be also taking #3, #4 (very interesting !)

      As for #5, I can make it as “Do they have plans to make a xxxHolic, TRC or Gohou Drug artbook like they did with X?”, as for how long does it take, it usually takes as long as it needed to “fill” the artbook ^^ Since it’s a compilation of published images, the series needs first to have a LOT of image available ^^


      • heh ^__^ I guess my questions are okay huh?

        – Clow is mentioned quite a bit in their works, so are there any plans to create a manga featuring Clow?

        would be a very short question and I honestly hope they do have plans TT__TT Clow’s mentioned way too much but there never is any one-shot featuring him…. except for in CCS and that was wayyy too short *cries*

        Clow’s as interesting and Yuuko ~_~


  19. I´ll submit the same questions from the “Ask CLAMP” post. I think they´re quite interesting and very different from what everybody usually asks. If we send him a common question, somebody might ask it before he does and we will lose our chance *SELF MARKETING* XDDDDDDD

    1) It is noticeable that you use many references from occult/esoteric/Qaballistic/Western traditions in your works. Are you a member of any of them? Which ones? Or is it just that you like to study those traditions in books? Thank you for the wonderful works.

    2) My question is about the X Tarot Cards. Did you actually have the intention of reproducing the meanings of the cards (based on Marseille/Rider-Waite-Smith/Crowley decks) or is it just that you wanted to create cards with the characters in them?

    Analyse them with care,

    See ya, Yuuto-san



    • >somebody might ask it before he does and we will lose our chance

      In that case, he’ll ask the question who won the 2nd place ^_~

      I’ll be taking both of them. Thanks ! You know I liked them ^^


  20. Ow, I’m sorry kiki-chan ! But your question was already asked in that Tsubasa/HOLiC Puff interview. It’s all centered in your question, you should really read it ^^

    My question to CLAMP will be: Will you marry a fan? XD


  21. actually, I running out of questions! @_@
    but this question suddenly pop-up in my head:

    Will you make original character design for game since you are making one for the anime Code Gears – Rebellion of Lelouch? (because I love games & please make it into RPG & for PC ^^;;)

    ah! more questions, please pop-up in my head! T3T


  22. Well I wasn’t going to participate XD, but then I thought “what the hell”. So my questions would be:
    1.- Kobato will resume publishing on October-November. Does that mean that Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and/or XXXHOLiC will be ending by those months?

    Mmm… I suppose that’s it XD, it’s a silly question but the others I was interested in asking had already been asked :P. See you!!


  23. My 7 Dragons questions XD:

    – Clow has always been one of the most important characters in the CLAMP Universe, and it seems that he’s one of the main plot devices in TRC/XXXHOLiC. Is he more than what he appears to be under his smiling face?

    – When Seishirou says his last words to Subaru and the wind ‘blows’ them… the possibility of finally knowing his real feelings disappeared. But now, in Tsubasa, the situation has been reversed: Subaru’s being pursued/hunted by Seishirou. Will we be able to know their real feelings?

    – It has been always said that X would be 19 tankoubons + 2 artbooks = 21 Tarot cards, and when the serialization stopped, it was at the supposedly last tankoubon, but there’s still so much to be told. Will the 19th tank really be the last one?

    – In stories like RG Veda or X, we find that the ‘bad guys’ aren’t really what they appear to be, they just have an opposite destiny, and sometimes we can think that the good ones are in fact those who are evil.
    What can you tell us about the good and evil duality in all your works?

    – TRC has showed us there are so many worlds shared with crossovers, but you have always loved linking your works, and we can find parallel worlds, for example, XXXHOLiC’s with CCS’s and Lawful Drug’s, and this one with Suki. Dakara Suki’s, or Angelic Layer’s with Chobits’. Do you have a clear idea about the world in which the series will take place when you start creating it, and other works that share that same world?

    – Before Chobits anime, you’ve been always very involved with the animated adaptations of your works, and they were, at least, closely supervised by you. Why did this change in newer series like Tsubasa Chronicle?

    – CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan has no main plot, just the missions of the three main characters, Akira, Nokoru and Suoh. Was the serialization stopped or it really never had a ‘beginning and an end’?

    (and sorry if #1 is a black one, but I don’t want to know Clow’s spoiler XD only if he’s so important for the CLAMP Universe).


    • Lots of questions about Clow…

      But your questions are quite spoilery, don’t you think? 1 is a little, 2 is a lot ^^

      About 3, you got the wrong counting… it’s 22 tarot cards, actually. They go until 21, yes, but there’s The Fool, represented by the 0, so in the end, it’s 22 in total.
      So, X will be a series of 20 vols, with 2 tarot cars, one in each artbook.

      I’ll be taking #4 and #5

      About #6, I don’t think it’s quite like that. CLAMP had almost no involvement in X TV or Angelic Layer… and now they are back with XXXHOLiC. I think it would be more appropriated to ask them WHAT decides whether CLAMP will or not participate in the anime. Is it CLAMP? Is it the animation studio?

      #7 was already asked by x_regg-san: Was CCD always supposed to be 3-volumes long?


      • About #3, sorry if I misunderstood the number. But I have a theory with a friend, because the image formed by the tankoubon’s spine. In #18 we can see Fuuma’s hair who is supposed to be the last character (to be ‘gemini’ with the tank #1 with Kamui), and no one else has more than a tankoubon for his image… so it’s only one more, or that’s our theory ^^U.
        If you say #6 on that way, or CLAMP or the ‘black list’ for CLAMP studios will kill you XD
        And about #7, I’m not asking about the number of tank, I’m asking about the “main plot”. CCD has no main plot (CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan has even more XDD, and it’s rocks :P), if that was intended or it was just “forgotten to be told” ^^UU.

        And sorry, but today my English is 0, I’m sooo tired of studying Networks >__>. And thanks to you, Yuuto-san and koalaexe-san for the contest ^O^.


        • Yeah, there’s the mystery of Fuuma’s hair as well… but do you really think that CLAMP would let the oh-so-nice Tarot cards incomplete? If you say it’s going to end on 19, then we’ll have one less card. And I don’t believe they can end X in the only remaining 100 pages of tank 19, do you?
          Maybe we WILL have Fuuma’s face on the spine of 19, or maybe the face of child!Fuuma (since we have a child in The Sun card), and then CLAMP can think of a way to fit the spine of 20 xDDD But they have everything planned already so we’ll see…

          Okay, I misundestood your question #7 then, I will reconsider it, I’m sorry ^^

          You’re welcome ! It’s so fun isn’t it? May the best one win !


  24. I think, my question would be… well, my problem is that I’m a Spanish speaker, so I don’t know if I’m ok…

    “How do you get so original stories with so unexpected changes?”
    “¿Cóme se les ocurre historias tan originales con cmabios tan inesperados?”


  25. question

    sorry, I’ll be writing the questions in french okay?

    Est-ce que les membres de CLAMP vont parfois sur l’ordi et elles voient des fanlisting avec des couples non officiel (par exemple tomoyo x eriol, etc) et se disent ; Ah! on aurait du coller ces 2 là ensembles dans la serie! (C’était vraiment dommage, il y a avait plein de persos que je voyais ensemble, mais à la fin…)

    La deuxième; Quel serait le plus beau couple? (deux personnages de n’importe quel séries qu’elles ont faites, dans le même ou différent)

    Et la dernière: est-ce que CLAMP surf sur le net et vont regarder des fanarts ou lire des fanfics de leurs fans?


    • Re: question

      [instant translation:]

      Do you lurk in fanslistings with non-official pairings (like Tomoyo x Eriol, etc) and say:”Ah! we should had put these two together in the series” (it was such a waste, there were so many characters I wanted to end up together, but in the end … )

      The second one: Which would be the fittess couple among you characters (two characters, regardless of the series or the timeline)

      And the last one: Do you watch fanarts and read fanfics of your works on the internet?

      [j’espère que ça te choque pas trop que j’ai adressé les questions aux Clamp directement et que j’ai changé un peu la formulation … ]


  26. is there ANY truth, WHATSOEVER, in what yamasaki and eriol say in CCS? as in their ‘true’ stories about all sorts of stuff.

    (i forgot if they go on like that in the manga, but if they don’t, just ignore this question ^^;; )


  27. I had to create a livejournal account to post this T_T, I hope they are ok..

    -As we have seen in your previous and current works, we can find some characters in different worlds but Clow is always mentioned like if there’s only one. Anyway, in Tsubasa, Clow is Sakura’s father, do the other Clows have the same magic power that CCS Clow has?

    -Yuuko is the almighty character in CLAMP’s universe, are there more Yuukos in the other worlds/dimensions? If that’s true, do the other ones have the same magic ability and craziness that make our Yuuko so well known?

    Chibiyuuto! Do you think the questions are related to Tsubasa’s/Holic’s plot? o_O
    I’m not very sure.. Also, I think the two questions are so much alike, tje only difference is that the first one is relevant to Clow and the other to Yuuko XDD


    • #1 is very interesting O.o
      #2 is awesome ! I always wanted to know that too ! ^^

      I don’t think they count as HEAVY spoilery ^^ They -might- be important to the plot, but it’s not something we have SURE that is going to happen ^^

      >Also, I think the two questions are so much alike, tje only difference is that the first one is relevant to Clow and the other to Yuuko XDD
      You’re right XD I Loved them, thanks !

      Good thing you created an account XD


  28. All right, I was thinking about my questions for a while, and now I have them:

    – What is your opinion about the changes made to plotlines of your works when adapting them into anime? (e.g. Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura)

    – What do you think about the voice actors who have worked in anime made of your works? Which ones do you particularly like?

    – Of all the actors who have played Sakurazuka Seishirou (X movie, X TV series, Tokyo Babylon OAV, Tokyo Babylon live action movie, Tsubasa Chronicle TV series), which one is your favourite?

    There you go. ^_^


  29. #2 Will the Clamp Gakuen univers die with X’s end, or will there be another titles about this universe ?

    In my opinion, to answer at the If X is resumed, will it have the same art style it had before or will it be affected by the new CLAMP style? question : of course it’ll be affected by the nes styleS. Seiden was afected by Tobabi’s style in his time, After Sakura, X’s style has been affected too. I think they’ll keep the same drawing line (strong inks, tones overdose, etc…) but the style’ll be, of course, affected by new stuff…
    This was my useless speach of the week ! ^__^


    • I like this question… I have one similar, if X world is the same world of XXXHOLiC (since it’s also Tokyo/Japan and Yuuko knew Subaru).

      And I agree with your answer about X’s style being affected by the new style ^^


  30. Hi !

    Thank you so much for all the informations about both series !
    Where can you get the schedule for the next chapters? Is it in the
    Weekly Shonen Magazine or in the Shonen Jump Magazine or is it the same?

    Arigato !
    (: 🙂


  31. CCS volume 12 :

    1-When Sakura asked Syaoran if he really had to go to Hong Kong, Syaoran answer he had to go no matter because he had things to do : what are those “things”?
    2-In the end of the book, Syaoran is in the bus and thinking : “She didn’t give me an answer (to his confession of love) BUT…” and he looked in front of him with determination : if at that right moment Sakura didn’t came running and screaming “Syaoran-kun!!!”, what would have he said after this “but…” ?

    X volume 16:

    1-Just before dying, what did Seishiro said to Subaru? why did Subaru said he was a liar?
    2-Subaru said that until the last moment, Seishiro never said what he wanted to hear : What is it that Subaru wanted to hear so much from Seishiro’s mouth?

    well…I guess that’s it!



  32. I haven’t read through all the posts so I don’t know if these questions have been asked already…

    1) The characters in some of your works(i.e. Yuuko in Holic) have a very distinctive fashion sense. Have you ever thought of designing/ been offered to design your own line of clothing?

    2) Lately, a lot of popular manga are being turned into (life action) movies or musicals. If you were offered the possibility to turn one of your works into a movie or musical, which work would you like to see most? (Who should play the the roles of the [main] characters?)

    Personally I’m very interested in question no. 1 *_*!
    I’d really like to wear clothes designed by them! Though I’m sure I couldn’t afford to buy them…


    • Yay, thanks for the questions ^__^ And no, those weren’t asked by anyone!

      I loved them ! Always wanted to know the 1st one and I’d love to know the 2nd one as well ^^

      >I’d really like to wear clothes designed by them! Though I’m sure I couldn’t afford to buy them…
      Me too T-T Even their masculine clothes are awesome !


  33. I can post my own questions as well, right? XDDD Mine are more technical than plot-related. Here we go:

    1- How much time, usually, does it take to draw an entire page (starting from the storyboard until it’s completely done)?

    2- Who does the design and the updates of your official site?

    3- How much influential power do you have over the anime adaptations of your works? Who decides whether CLAMP shall join or not the main staff of the anime?

    4- Do you ever considered extending your work beyond the anime and manga field? Like writting or producing your own movie, TV series, etc?

    5- Is there any story you’d like to draw but never had the opportunity of doing it?

    6- How big, in terms of time, is the interval between the first concept of a story and the first chapter published?


    • Damnit, we need like ten questions, not one XO!

      The second half of question 3 is partly answered by Ookawa(as far as the Holic anime is concerned) in the anime guide book.

      >>4 My first question goes into that direction, but yours is more general!
      I.e. I’ve also been wondering whether they would create a line of goodies (like Hello Kitty) because thet draw very cute mascot characters (like the cat in Suki dakara suki).

      I like all the questions, but I would probably go for no.4 (with a few additions, like the fashion thing, or making the character design for computer games etc.) :D!


      • Re: Damnit, we need like ten questions, not one XO!

        Ow really? Does she say how come she got involved in the project, then? Cool !

        Your suggestion also applies to my 4th question, surely ! I gave the example of Movies and TV Series because they are more general indeed, but I really meant ANY external field beyong anime/manga ^-^


  34. Question!
    Do you plan the minor crossovers in Tsubasa, or do you just insert random characters for the fun of it?
    Is there some deeper meaning to finding Miyuki-chan in every world?


  35. hallo, first off: thanks for your site – now my question (it/they has/have been asked already, but as separated questions, so I try to put them all together, since they bother me a LOT):

    From different interviews (from the Puff-magazines one in 2002 to the two most resent) one could think, that the rest of the storyline of X and its ending are already written, or at least thought out – would that be correct, and if – regarding the very abrupt hiatus – are they already painted?

    Thanks a lot. Hope my english is not too bad.


    • Yes, Ohkawa already knows the end of X. She always thinks of the end of the story when she’s planning it. I’m not sure if it’s already drawn, but either way, somebody else already made this question ^^


  36. If there’s still time, I’d like to ask one more question.

    – When the anime Card Captor Sakura was licensed, it was heavily edited. How did you feel about that, and what is your opinion about editing shows for a foreign audience?

    A VERY interesting question in my opinion.


  37. I feel ashamed to post this irrelevant and little question, but anyway ^^u

    “Will you ever draw a kiss (in the lips) between two of your characters?”

    I’ve always wondered why even their most obvious pairings, like Sorata and Arashi, never kissed *explicitely*. If I recall correctly, the closest thing we’ve seen was Kakei and Saiga in Lawful Drug.


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