XXXHOLiC #1 Subbed + Drama CDs

Kyuuketsuki fansubbed XXXHOLiC #1 and the torrent link it’s here. You can also get it on their channel at mIRC: #kyuuketsuki @
They are a new group, and I’m still downloading my file, so I can’t tell you how is their job. But it’s something for the people who waited for a subbed version.

Also on XXXHOLiC, it seems that Tsubasa isn’t the only one getting new Drama CDs. People who got their copy of this week’s YM in advance told that they announced Drama CD(s) for XXXHOLiC! I just hope Ohkawa-sensei gets to write it/them.

24 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC #1 Subbed + Drama CDs

    • I just finished watching it and I can’t really attest to the quality of the subbing cos I can’t understand what they are saying, but it seems okay.

      I am wondering why they chose to start the series like this? I didn’t quite like it that much, I prefer the original beginning. I guess they just wanted to establish the main characters before anything and cause a little bit of drama for the first episode. Hm. It was okay though.

      I have a question though, and maybe someone can help me here. I am just wondering because sometimes I get confused, is Watanuki his surname or given name? *feels dumb*


  1. I saw it all and the subbing work doesn’t seem bad done to me… and I particularly loved the Karaoke effect for the songs.
    Just a question… does someone get how Maru and Moro calls Yuko? I assumed it was Nushi-sama but it sounds more like Nii-sama…
    Thank you for always informing everyone when something as good as this episode is out!


    • They call her O-nee sama or Nee-sama!
      That means something like sis or big sis so you can call someone like this if this person is older than you and you have a good relationship, I think…


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