Tsubasa 110 Spoilers

– Chapter Title: The thing that can’t be handed down (or something like that).
– Fuuma and the others came to steal something.
– The 2 groups fight against each other (I hope we finally can get to see the faces).
– They (or one of them) withdraw and Kamui goes after him/them. He tells the others to watch over Syaoran tachi.
– The thing under the soil which Fuuma wanted to steal is “water”. It’s either the powerful thing Mokona sensed or something besides the water.

I’m assuming here that since this world is all devastated, water must be something precious in there, just like what OUR own Earth might become. So Fuuma came to claim for it. A WAR FOR WATER? *-*
I hope it’s really that. It would be very interesting to see that world as a warning, telling us to take care of our land.

19 thoughts on “Tsubasa 110 Spoilers

  1. Hmm, how interesting ^^ In the bookshop where I work, a book came in today all about how we’re using all the world’s water unsustainably and what will happen when we run out – what a coincidence!

    Thanks for the info ^^


    • Yes indeed, it’s very important to take care of water and maybe CLAMP wants to pass that message ^^ It’d be nice to open our eyes (more than they already are) for that cause.


  2. I hope we get to see at least one of their faces besides Kamui and Fuuma.

    A WAR FOR WATER? *-*
    >Yes, water is very precious. It’s actually non-renewable because the earth only has so much water (we’d be doomed if water molecules weren’t Mickey Mouse shaped, that’s what makes them “sticky” enough so it doesn’t just evaporate into space) for everything to use and not much of it is drinkable to begin with (unless you really want to dig through a glacier or dig underground). We think it’s renewable because the environment naturally recycles it. But, I disgress with the chemistry and geography lesson.

    O_O Maybe it’s magic water that makes wishes come true. Dangerous wishes…


  3. Wow, how do you find this out so much in advance!?

    Maybe the feather is keeping the water clean, and all the other water is acid. Then, if they take the feather away, Kamui and everyone would die, so they have a big moral dilemma.



    • That would be top of cool. I’ve sort of been waiting for some time when taking the feather wasn’t a black and white thing. I mean, I GUESS the library wasn’t, but theiving and genocide are slightly different. ^.^;


    • There’s a japanese BBS-like site where the guy posts these sumaries ^^

      >Maybe the feather is keeping the water clean, and all the other water is acid.
      That’s a very very good theory ! I think maybe that’s what’s happening.


  4. Wow~ a war over water… maybe in our future it will come true too (o.O okay, that was a freaky thought)

    okay anyways…. look at my icon! It(he) looks like a GIRL! A GIRL! I messed up with his eyes and I had to put eye liner on him! -_-… but turns out pretty ♥cute♥ though

    I wanted to play with photoshop because your icons are so ♥♥♥ nice~! ♥♥♥


    • Your icon is very nice ! But yeah, the eyes could be a bit ligther. But the shading is very good ^-^

      >looks like a GIRL! A GIRL!
      But you did on purpose, right? XDDD The red lips and purple eye liner ^^”


      • yeah sort of…. after I messed up on his eyes I had to put eye liner on him to fix it (I thought only purple looks nice♥). And then I went what-the-heck and added lipstick.
        But the result is pretty ♥cute♥ though. >.


  5. Water… Then Kamui must not be a vampire… Doesn’t matter, there are still Kamui and Fuuma (even if we don’t know what is special in this world about Kamui)


  6. I wouldn’t put it past Clamp to put in such a political message…

    Bets please that the individual that withdraws is Subaru, thus explaining why Kamui chases after him…

    Am hopefull that we’ll see faces this chapter as well!


  7. I live in Australia and we’ve been on permanent water restrictions for a few years now. You’re not allowed to water your lawn during the day or wash your car with a hose and stuff like that O.o. Our dams are only like 50% full. We’re starting to build big treatment plants I think. We own half of antaractica anyway we might have to start mining it or something but hopefuly itn wont come to that especialy since mining in Antaractica is illegal. AND WE HAVE NO BANANAS! >.> yea but thats because of a cyclone (like 90% of the crop gone) and I just had to throw it in. We have a ban on importing them too the the banana black market will be firing up pretty soon…. *just realised how off topic that was O.o*

    If you live in a desert I’m not surprised that they fight for water. The feather-in-the-tank theory is pretty good. I want the chapter! ;_; I wanna see Subaru. How long is the chapter?


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