XXXHOLiC Movie Review

First of all I’d like to thank to EVERYBODY who wished me a Happy Birthday, to the ones who gave me cards and everybody who participated in the last meme making those questions to me ! Thank you very much for caring ^__^

Now to the post’s purpose:

For those who still don’t know, a subbed version has appeared at Shinsen (thanks to ).

When I first saw the cam-ripped version, I thought it was “OK”. But it wasn’t fair to judge by a cam-rip (it had good quality but not perfect) and without any sub. So after watching the subbed version I can finally say safely that I loved it !

Seeing Watanuki in movement is even funnier than seeing him in the manga. His attempts to escape the evil spirits is TEH FUNNY XD It’s way more exaggerated than in the manga too and they also show from the street people’s view which is interesting at the least XDDD Watanuki’s seiyuu did a very wonderful job, he really made the part live by it’s own.

Not only Watanuki is perfect, but also Doumeki and Himawari. Their chara design couldn’t be better, and the seiyuus did great too! As for Yuuko, well, we’ll talk about that later XD

They show perfectly clear that when Doumeki is around Watanuki doesn’t see the spirits (and he himself admits that he still doesn’t want to hang out with him).

I’m glad they added that 1st page from 1st volume with Yuuko talking about humankind, it couldn’t be a better scene to present the title. Go P. IG!

I repeat here again (because the scene is being showed xD) that I loved to see Watanuki struggling against the spirits, it was really funny XDD

Maru and Moro: cuuuuuuuute. Perfect seiyuus too, it’s a shame we saw very little of them (it’s a shame we SEE very little of them even on the manga T-T).

Mokona=Modoki is well, the same as Tsubasa!Mokona, only CRAZIER. I still think the seiyuu should change a bit her voice to a more grave one, I don’t know, isn’t this one too high-pitched?

So Yuuko is all desperate for sake and ordering Watanuki around: excellent XD I think her seiyuu is more comfortable in the part. I don’t blame her for what she did in Tsubasa since that expression-less Yuuko didn’t give her much chance to show her skills. I’m not only very used to Yuuko’s voice by now but I also liked it.

Just a quick note for those who didn’t catch: When Watanuki is cleaning Yuuko’s stuff in the yard, we get to see the monkey’s paw ! Go P. IG !

Just a quick note by me: Mokona’s “Watanuki is written with the kanjis for April 1st” joke is far from being funny, it’s actually pretty dumb XD Was it just there to tell to the non-readers of the manga?

When the teenager girl comes to the shop, two things I have to say: Watanuki is cute when he says “Nani ka?” to the girl XD and for the only time in the whole movie we get to see the evil!Yuuko when she screamed to Watanuki’s whispers to Maru and Moro XDDDDDDD Sayaka seiyuu CAN make such voice, good.

Yuuko’s design looked good in all the scenes inside her shop, IMO (except for the extremely long hands). The trouble begins when they are visiting the mansion. She’s just “off” in many shots. I think she looks better in profile than in front (this is mainly where her boobs look awful and her face and head look smashed XD).

The whole event in the mansion was one thing: Surreal XD With all the crazy doors that only open for Watanuki, places that only appear if you go to the right time and the right moon XDDDD
The collectors all seen to be crossovers from previous P. IG’s movies. I don’t think CLAMP would ever draw such charas. But that’s not a critic, I’m not complaining about it, in fact I think it’s quite nice ^^

Speaking of them, another VERY P. IG-ish thing is the part where Watanuki senses all that rotten-ness in the air. Another thing CLAMP would never draw but I think it suited well, all that distortion.

Watanuki’s journey to the lavatory couldn’t be more surreal. Which means I loved it ^^ The chase to the lavatory was at the least intriguing, and I can totally picture CLAMP doing something of the same kind.

The Hide and Seek dream sequence is too CG-esque IMO, a bad one too. I wouldn’t mind a normal animation sequence.

When Watanuki wakes up, his hair is all untidy on the back, how nice XDDDDDD

Then more surreal sequences as he walks through the mansion, and finally finding the collection rooms. They are all one weirder than the other, aren’t they? But it wouldn’t be XXXHOLiC if it wasn’t weird, that’s why it’s so interesting XD

The sequence where Yuuko shows up at the “collector of collector” room is one of my favorites, because that’s where we get to see how amazing Yuuko is *___* OMG what is that when she’s fighting against the collector? And then she gets a bit knocked but she FIXES HER HAIR – all with that indifferent look of hers – just amazing.

The old lady part is very confusing, in purpose of course, but basically what I think that happened was: The girl lived with that guy in the house. I don’t know what he was to her, it doesn’t mention, but I think it’s weird the fact that she moved and he stayed. So, she had to move and told him to wait for her and he said that, in the meantime, he would be collecting something unusual for her (to be proud of him).
Another weird thing is that it seems 100 years have passed and the guy STAYED THE VERY SAME. So my thoughts is that in fact he’s a spirit. Yuuko did say that his true form was a spirit that had gathered that amount of power from collecting hearts and souls over 100 years. Maybe the girl was just like Watanuki who could see spirits, and that guy was her spirit friend. That’s why she had to move but he had to stay.
Once he saw her again, he remembered why he was collecting for and so he could “leave” to the other plan, if you know what I mean XD

I just didn’t really get why her teenager form appeared in Yuuko’s shop. Do only Yuuko and Watanuki saw her like that? When in fact she was already old.

In the final scene, all the designs look great (I think that it was those clothes Yuuko was wearing that screwed her design, they were really off), and then we get something I wasn’t expecting AT ALL, which is Watanuki questioning Yuuko if she had troubles in the past with love *___* Well, of course she wouldn’t answer just now, and she didn’t, because the Tsubasa people decided to pick the worst moment to make a contact XDDDDDDDD It’s okay I don’t blame them, if it weren’t for them it would be something else.
But I didn’t think the producers were going to add that, since is something not related to the plot. I’m so happy they did, though ^__^ I wonder if they realized by themselves or Ohkawa hinted them that o.O

Overall considerations:

I’m really happy with the movie. One can tell this is not a movie written by Ohkawa, but I think the staff managed to transform the manga into a movie really well. We get the feeling that it’s just another arc of the story, at least I did. The chara design was PERFECT for Watanuki, Doumeki, Himawari, Maru and Moro. Just perfect, the eyes, the head, hair, body, everything.

When I saw it for the first time I thought they had still a long road ahead to learn how to animate those weird bodies, but after seeing for the 2nd time from the DVD-rip, I’ve changed my mind. They definitely animated everything very nicely, the colors are excellent and even the shadows in their faces are in the right place !

Yuuko is a totally different case, unfortunately. There were some shots (mainly the ones where she was in profile) that she looked incredible, while others I couldn’t even recognize her. Some of them she looked way older than she actually is and not fancy at all. Her eyes need to be a bit more open in some shots and her hands are so long. And of course the boobs, which we are all tired to hear XDDD
I hope they fix her up in the anime. I’m not worried for Watanuki and the others but I am a bit for Yuuko, she’s the bloody star, they must do her well !

The backgrounds were very nice. Again, when I saw it for the first time I thought it was all very crappy CG, but I was wrong again. They were responsible for half of the creepy atmosphere. I still prefer the “normal” backgrounds, though. I’m not very fond of CG, but those were fine and they matched well with the story.

I loved the soundtrack too, I had listened to it before when it was released months ago, but listening to it in the movie is completely different.

Anyway, I really loved it in an overall way, I enjoy watching it which I think it’s the most important. I think it really makes justice with the manga of XXXHOLiC. All the basics elements were there, the creepy-ness, the total crazyness and the philosophical thoughts, all flavored with bits of humor. Ow, and the Watanuki/Doumeki fans have many reasons to cheer for XD

Now off to search for Tsubasa’s one !

62 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Movie Review

  1. Hello~! I just came across here by accident and realized that you are the owner of Room of Requirement, correct? SQUEE~ I love that place. X3 Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m going to add you if that’s okay? :3 I don’t have many CLAMP fans on my f-list which sucks, and you also seem really cool. Also, Happy belated bday~!

    On the note of the xxxHOLIC movie, I also loved the soundtrack but I haven’t seen the movie yet. TwT Isn’t it lisensed to Funimation for the english? >.>;

    Anyway, nice to meet you ^^ And you don’t have to add me back if you don’t want to


    • Hello~! Yes I’m the owner of The Room of Requirement ^_^ I’m glad you love that place xDD (BTW, I loved your icon ^-^)

      >I wanted to let you know that I’m going to add you if that’s okay?
      Sure, please add away ^__^

      And yes the movie has been licensed… though there’s still no news for release and such.

      >Also, Happy belated bday~!
      Thanks ^__^ and nice to meet you too !


  2. About the “old lady”, that’s what I thought at first, but if the spirit collected people for 100 years, she should look +100 years old in the final scene. She just looks like a 50-ish year-old lady with leg problems XD

    I don’t know, it still doesn’t fit because of the stupid woman. Unless she’s a ghost, already dead and changes her looks at will. This is why she didn’t need the key, although it won’t explain why the fuck she couldn’t get in the house. Maybe spirit guy would only let collectors in, and therefore, since he forgot the real reason he was collecting, he didn’t consider his friend would try to get inside one day?

    That’s the most fitting conclusion I got.


    • Japanese people tend to live for many years and they are one of the most healthy people in the world, aren’t they? So it could be that she’s 100 + her age when she was little (which would be around 5, 6). Just the other day the local TV showed an old lady who as alive (talking and everything) and celebrating her 126th birthday in Brazil XDDDDD So it’s not impossible.

      I must admmit, though, that I agree that she could be be dead already and that’s why she could change her looks at will.


      • I’m not sure. +100 year-olds have problems talking and moving and sometimes even thinking. Their bodies are kind of wasted. She seemed too normal. Even though Japanese are healthier, this would be over the top.


        • Yeah, sure. But it’s not impossible. I do think she looked way too “young” for a 100+ old lady too.

          The lady of the TV, though, was very healthy (for her age at least). She even answered to the reporter what was the secret of living so many years (she said it was eating a banana in every lunch XDDDDDDDDDDDDD).


          • Hey, maybe Yuuko eats a bunch of bananas on every meal, and that explains why she looks like she’s thirty XDDDDDD Hinoto, though, eats the whole banana plant XDDDDD And I’m not even touching the MKR characters…


              • That can’t be easy to find, though, considering it was a price for something so important, and she must’ve drunk it through decades in order to be young, if that’s the method. There must’ve been something else. I’m betting it’s whatever Clow -and Eriol, afterwards- did.

                Ascot: Umi-san! I must confess! I stopped eating watermelons because of you!
                Umi: …wut? O.o


      • I thought that the old lady was a ghost, since she jumped ages so much, but then the end where they explained the lady was turning the place into a museum… eh… confusion.


    • Re: Oh, and…

      Thank you but, do you happen to know any subbed one? I’m downloading a raw from Saiyaman and it’s .avi (not .mkv which doesn’t play well in my PC @_@).


  3. Who else was thinking Doumeki and Watanuki were going to stumble into some kinky hentai collector’s room? xp~

    I agree 100% with your assessment of the film. Very enjoyable, and the story was nice and could fit just about in any point of the manga smoothly.

    A big fan of Yuuko’s killer heels, though! Man, ow.


    • The Watanuki/Doumeki fans are surely going to be happy with this movie. EVERYTHING has a second interpretation, it’s amazing XDD

      And I’m glad that you agree with me on the movie ^__^


  4. YAY!!! xxxHOLIC subbed version, thanks for the torrent Yuuto-san.

    Right know I’m downloading the file + Tsubasa’s movie raw version. OMG heavy files my computer is going to die XD


  5. *ponders* .. why is the tsubasa movie only 40 minutes long? *wonders if the xxx-movie is better then tsubasa movie .. seeing i just watched tsubasa raw -_-‘ sucked big time but yeah .. totally worth watching if you ever find a subbed tsubasa πŸ˜€

    and happy belated bday πŸ˜€


    • I know it sucked this division thing. Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC should be both 1:30 long.

      I hadn’t seen Tsubasa’s one yet so I can’t tell you which one is better. XXXHOLiC is definitely worth watching, though ^_~

      >and happy belated bday πŸ˜€
      Thank you !


  6. I watched the xxxHolic movie on Saturday, and overall I really liked it. Great voice acting… the only thing that didn’t work (as already mentioned) was how exactly the “three” versions of the old lady tie in properly.


  7. I completely agree with everything you’ve pointed out here. It was really well done overall. I actually watched it 5+ times before the subs came out (T-T)

    Throughout the whole movie I kept thinking, “Watanuki’s seiyuu is PERFECT for the role!!” >_>;

    I think the whole screwing up Yuuko’s design thing is a case of the animators trying too hard to get her to look right. Because it’s like you said, she IS the star. πŸ˜€

    The xxxHOLiC movie was really good, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the Tsubasa movie (have you watched it?). The whole story was underdeveloped and the characters said a lot of things that they’d NEVER say… *stops rambling*

    Btw, Happy 19th birthday! I turned 19 about the same time last month. ^^


    • Ow thank you ! I’m so happy you agree with me ^__^

      >”Watanuki’s seiyuu is PERFECT for the role!!”
      I know ! They couldn’t pick anyone better for the part !

      I’m going to watch Tsubasa’s one now… ow no, please don’t low my expectations xDDDD

      >Happy 19th birthday!
      Thanks ! And happy VERY belated birthday for you too ^__^

      I think your icon is really nice ^_-


      • oohh, the producer of TRC and Xholic (I.G ?) said that the work for Tsubasa is harder than Xholic….
        I haven’t watched Tsubasa yet, I’m waiting for the sub one…


  8. hello!

    happy belated birthday to youuu! =3

    thanks so much for the link! the movie gave me shivers every time the ghost girl popped up! lol

    anyway can i ask if the tsubasa movie is subbed? because i thought it should come together with the xxxholic movie…

    thanks again (:


    • Re: hello!

      You’re welcome ^_^ Some parts were a bit scary indeed XDD the mood and everything

      And as far as I know, we don’t have any Tsubasa subbed around, unfortunately. I’ll let you know once I find out, surely.


  9. Ahhh ~ I have question !
    There’s a ghost-doll ( or girl ?) always follow Watanuki, that ghost-doll looks like the little girl in the portrait. What is she, anyways ?

    Xxxholic is great ! But the story kind of confuse me ~.~
    I love Watanuki more and more !!!!!!! Luv the hair style after he wakes up, it’s just sooooo coooool !!! Hey, what about changing his hair style like that XDD Doumeki would be surprise XPP


    • The movie lets many doubts in the air. One of them is this spirit. I’m guessing it’s the girl’s “memory” (from the time she lived in the house) that was actually trying to help Watanuki ^^

      >Luv the hair style after he wakes up, it’s just sooooo coooool !!!

      WORD ! So perfect XDDDD


  10. Thanks for the link πŸ˜€ I’ll try to watch it next weekend! (well first I must download it XDDD but anyway, SS has great irc bots, so I hope to get it easilly πŸ˜› )


  11. ATTENTION!! I already found Tsubasa Movie at the same with XXXHolic Movie which were subbed. But Tsubasa Movie is still in RAW. Hope they will sub it soon. You can load both of them in my LJ.


  12. first of all, happy belated bday!!^____^ you have only one more year than me, I thought you were older!
    about the movie, I’ve seen it, but I can’t understand it so I guess I’ve missed the main part of the plot.the animation is great, though a bit weird sometimes,(the CG backgrounds are rather strange XD), and yuuko’s boobs really need a change. thank ypu very much for the review!


  13. Heya, thanks lots for the link! XD I love the movie tonnes too~ And I’ve seen those distorted people style in Paradise Kiss’ anime too. x_x Is it a trend now?

    Anyway, was that a body in the the scene where Watanuki was dusting Yuuko’s antique collection? I spotted a body near the bottom of the collection in the middle. o_O; what the heck is that?!


    • Oh yeah, and the man’s actually a spirit. Doumeki mentioned that he didn’t see anyone and was wondering who Watanuki was talking to when they entered the room with the man who collects people’s hearts. πŸ™‚


  14. I loved the movie too! yeah Watanuki was the best! HAHAHA
    Also the scene of YuukoΒ΄s “Fight” just rock my socks! xD
    And that kinda feeling of experimental animation, not that traditional I mean, was incredible good, it fitted prefectly with Holic itself I think…
    Altough here is the bad part… How is the series going to be?… I LOVED the movie but I am kinda worried about the series now u.u, DonΒ΄t you feel the same?
    Anyways, excelent review! please, I know itΒ΄s a lot of work but, can you do it more often?…..I love your reviews! Its like mind reading or something! XD



    • >the scene of YuukoΒ΄s “Fight” just rock my socks! xD
      WORD ! *-*

      I’m not that worried -anymore-. The latests Yuuko designs seems VERY nice to me. The movie versions for Watanuki and the others were excellent, IMO, so I don’t think we’re gonna have problems with animation.
      Plus, we have Ohkawa-sensei on the staff *-* So I’m hardly going to hate it ^^””

      Ow I’m SO glad you like my reviews >.Its like mind reading or something! XD
      I really put all my thoughts on it ^^


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