18 thoughts on “Tokyo Babylon – Vision Music Video.

  1. (sorry, had to delete previous message due to horrible spelling XD)

    Thanks for pointing to the scans. Can´t see the video (the free.fr college-blocking) It´s interesting to see how also years have gone by though the fashion displayed in those pictures.

    I don´t know if this is old news or if is it news at all but on the tsubasa-holic movie page theres an anouncement with both names on it and the word DVD. there´s a date though (feb-22)

    Better to post a pic I guess…


  2. chibi, por acaso esses artbooks serao vendidos na fonomag? o.o e se nao forem, tem loja online q venda para o brasil? waaaaaa /o/ as fotos ficaram muito lindas!!!! X realemnte eh tudo de bom!!! =D


    • Eu amei as imgs XDDD Tem até uma que estava atrás a anos e que nunca consegui encontrar com uma boa definição ^^

      Com certeza, vão trazer mas… Será uma facada +__+ A versão antiga de Zero custa “só” R$ 208,80 lá na Fonomag T___T


      • eh mesmo o.o’ ta muito caro… por que será? tem outros q nao sao tao caros assim XD tomara q venha com um preço mais “amigavel” /o/

        aa eh! qual eh a editora dos artbooks? ainda eh a kadokawa ou mudou pra nova editora ._. flw o/


  3. THANKS for uploading the vid….I have it already but this is much higher quality 😀

    Aaaah, Subaru how I love thee. I practically freakin memorized the OVA that was also made for TB (apparantly by the same animators). I have the other Tokyo Babylon video if anyone needs/wants it ^_^


  4. Thank you for linking to the scans and uploading the video! It was fun to watch. I wonder who the woman with green hair is, or maybe the video is just meant to be pretty and have no logic.


  5. aew, ja ouviram falar no OVA de X chamado “X2 double”, que foi composto por 5 music videos oficiais lançados em 1993 e serviu como um “preludio” para o filme? todos eles são com musicas cantadas pelo X-JAPAN. será que tem isso pra baixar em algum lugar? eu sabia onde tinha o quarto clipe, com a musica “X”, no mirc, mas a pessoa que tinha em fserv tirou e nunca mais vi… se souberem onde tem esses videos, deem um toque o/ flw…


  6. Thanks for the uploading ^^… but I had it from 4-5 years ago, when I didn’t have cd-recorder and now I don’t know if I really burned it ^^U because I can’t find the video O_o (but I’ve seen it, I remember the strange green-haired woman, drugged paranoic Subaru, the elevator,… and everything that video made me feel).
    LOL, that artbook will be mine soon *__* (next week I’ll make the order, I can’t wait >_


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