21 thoughts on “Tsubasa Omake !

  1. Didn’t saw that omake before. ROFL! I always thought Maganyan was a naughty sort of magazine from the idols on the cover, and it was just a shounen manga magazine with comics about ninjas XDDDDDD Kurogane, you fanboy!


  2. That omake was hilarious. ^^ I too thought it was a naughty magazine (and I like chibiyuuto’s idea that the magazines will be a payoff for Yuuko!)

    Thanks for the links! And thanks to ladydarkmoon too. 🙂

    One question: where are the scans for the covers located?


      • Ah, thank you! That is a great scan, and now I see that Ashura-ou *doesn’t* have pointed ears like his RG Veda counterpart.

        Quick question: have you gotten a chance to see any images for Clamp no Kiseki No. 11? I bought No. 10 partially ’cause I liked the quality of the images (I saw the scans on your site) so I’m wondering if 11 has good pictures too.


  3. ahh that was cute!!! Thanks for the links to the omake and thanks to ladydarkmoon too!!!!
    (I hope someone translates it soon, since my Japanese is only elementary, lol T_T)

    And the Ferret!Draco scene….ooooh I’m gonna watch that over, and over, and over, and over, and….

    XD Am I the only one who got immense pleasure from hearing that little boy’s “Ahh!” right before he became a ferret? I mean, I laughed…a lot ^_^
    Something’s wrong with me lol


    • You’re welcome !

      Somebody will eventually translate it ^_-

      Ow and I laughed too ! XDD But I laughed more with McGonnagal ! I forgot her line, and seeing it on screen is even funnier XDDD


      • Is translated. XD Yes, I have no life. I really need a beta/proofreader, though, because sometimes I’m just guessing at this stuff. o_O;;

        The story was funny though. Imagining Kurogane bugging Syaoran to read him his manga just cracks me up. And I guess that solves the question of “Was Miyuki-chan in the lake country?”, ne? O_o


  4. Actually, if you look at the magazines very closely in the earlier volumes, you can see that it is about ninjas. We saw that already in the first volumes, so it wasn’t surprising. It’s just damn funny xD I wonder if it’s published in Nihon, too?

    I downloaded the ferret scene, got to watch it when I have time. Thanks for the stuff! ^_^


  5. I’m kind of fonder of the book version, I must say. And since you requested it: in the book, Draco insults Ron’s mother, so Harry insults Draco’s, and then…

    “Don’t you dare insult my mother, Potter.”
    “Keep your fat mouth shut, then,” said Harry, turning away.
    Several people screamed – Harry felt something white-hot graze the side of his face – he plunged his hand into his robes for his wand, but before he’d even touched it, he heard a second loud BANG, and a roar that echoed through the entrance hall.
    Harry spun around. Professor Moody was limping down the marble staircase. His wand was out and it was pointing right at a pure white ferret, which was shivering on the stone-flagged floor, exactly where Malfoy had been standing.
    There was a terrified silence in the entrance hall. Nobody but Moody was moving a muscle. Moody turned to look at Harry — at least, his normal eye was looking at
    Harry; the other one was pointing into the back of his head.
    “Did he get you?” Moody growled. His voice was low and gravelly.
    “No,” said Harry, “missed.”
    “LEAVE IT!” Moody shouted.
    “Leave – what?” Harry said, bewildered.
    “Not you – him!” Moody growled, jerking his thumb over his shoulder at Crabbe, who had just frozen, about to pick up the white ferret. It seemed that Moody’s rolling eye was magical and could see out of the back of his head.
    Moody started to limp toward Crabbe, Goyle, and the ferret, which gave a terrified squeak and took off, streaking toward the dungeons.
    “I don’t think so!” roared Moody, pointing his wand at the ferret again – it flew ten feet into the air, fell with a smack to the floor, and then bounced upward once more.
    “I don’t like people who attack when their opponent’s back’s turned,” growled Moody as the ferret bounced higher and higher, squealing in pain. “Stinking, cowardly, scummy thing to do…”
    The ferret flew through the air, its legs and tail flailing helplessly.
    “Never – do – that – again -” said Moody, speaking each word as the ferret hit the stone floor and bounced upward again.
    “Professor Moody!” said a shocked voice.
    Professor McGonagall was coming down the marble staircase with her arms full of books.
    “Hello, Professor McGonagall,” said Moody calmly, bouncing the ferret still higher.
    “What – what are you doing?” said Professor McGonagall, her eyes following the bouncing ferret’s progress through the air.
    “Teaching,” said Moody.
    “Teach – Moody, is that a student?” shrieked Professor McGonagall, the books spilling out of her arms.
    “Yep,” said Moody.
    “No!” cried Professor McGonagall, running down the stairs and pulling out her wand; a moment later, with a loud snapping noise, Draco Malfoy had reappeared, lying in a heap on the floor with his sleek blond hair all over his now brilliantly pink face. He got to his feet, wincing.
    “Moody, we never use Transfiguration as a punishment!” said Professor
    McGonagall wealdy. “Surely Professor Dumbledore told you that?”
    “He might’ve mentioned it, yeah,” said Moody, scratching his chin unconcernedly, “but I thought a good sharp shock -”

    But there are EIGHT instances in GoF where the word “damn” is uttered. XD


  6. about the ost

    Hi there! I’m a crazy fan of HP XD so, I have a link where you can listen the whole OST of GoF…o,o dunno if you already have it…XP if ya want it ya can tell me ^o^


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