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10 thoughts on “Murikuri!

  1. Thank you so much for this!! ^^ but the 2nd story hasn’t end? there are two files (murikuri_2-3/4) that are the same page..


  2. Kobato scans ^_-

    Hi, Yuutochan!^v^
    Some days ago I’ve read Kobato 2 (thanks to Ryuuyasha-san ^_-) but, unfortunately, the page I’m interested the most was not very clear (when Chitose’s daughters appear *v*).
    As you,Anne and Jamie certainly know, 千帆 and 千世 (daughters’ names) can have different pronunciations in japanese.
    千帆 can be read CHIHO…but SENPAN as well (in this case it’s “Chiho”!No doubts! XD ).
    The problems arrive with 千世 X(
    千世 has 2 pronunciations: CHISE and CHIYO.
    The very first time I thought CLAMP had chosen “CHIHO” and “CHIYO” because it was a funny pun (and the Japanese love this kind of things) but afterwards I changed my mind.
    As time passed I convinced myself that “CHIHO” and “CHISE” was the most suitable choice so I decided to wait for the magazine (or the scans).
    When I’ve seen Anne added chapter 2 on Eomaat I jumped for joy…but, as I have said before, the page I’m interested the most was nearly illegible ç_ç
    Now the question is:” do you think Ryuuyasha-san can read the furigana and letting us know once and for all the “truth”?”
    I can’t wait to know it ç_ç
    (I have to wait another month before reading this chapter on my Sunday GX >__


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