Random things…

Today I’m kinda down because of CLAMP’s health…. that it seems that one of them is really with some chronical disease in her hand, and also the eyes of another one of them are hurting >.< We don’t know which one but been anyone of them it’s enough to bring me down….

Thank you for the people who commented on my layout! ^o^ I uploaded the layout pic so, if you want it:

On the good news, TRC71 is out!

– Liked the splash page ^o^
– Loved Running Tomoyo! It made the chapter!
– She’s the owner of Piffle Princess Brand? Oh my… o.o
– Syaoran (alone) running towards Sakura when her DragonFly is falling is the cute.


17 thoughts on “Random things…

  1. @ the poster: er… vague much? But I thought it was just a teaser poster or publicity, not the actual thing.

    Like someone at TLC.org was saying: even a 10 year-old can Photoshop something better…


  2. When did Harry have long hair ?
    its actuly ery funny when you see it my way Harry = Hairy as in more hair XD
    dont mind me chibiyuuto-kun im just trying spread my stupid thoughts across LJ πŸ˜›
    still the poster looks…promising ?


  3. first the poster is fugly….. PoA had the loveliest posters ever. They were cool and stylish.

    The GOF poster : The color on grey background ? no it never had been pretty…. it’s not now.

    Looks like a bad fan made poster to me.

    Poor Clamp >_____< this is so hard to be a mangaka. I heard that Takaya sensei from fruits baskets had to go under surgery years ago….

    The hand is so a mangaka illness…. I hope it's going to be okay T___T

    And in chapter 71, Fay doing the nikoniko routine in the background made me go *^_________^*


    • >PoA had the loveliest posters ever.
      WORD! The Wanted one was so good!

      >The color on grey background ?
      That’s what I thought >.And in chapter 71, Fay doing the nikoniko routine in the background made me go *^_________^*

      Ahahaha Fye is the best XDDDD


  4. oh goodness…i didn’t know CLAMP was working on something new! i hope they get well soon! thanks so much for all the news, i hope you don’t mind me adding you as a friend! XD


    • Oh, no, they are not working in something new… I mean, there’s Kobato… but this Angel of my Layout is not a work… is just a random illustration they drew to feature in Satsuki’s Column on Newtype ^__^

      You sure can add me!


  5. > – Syaoran (alone) running towards Sakura when her DragonFly is falling is the cute.
    You know already how I think about this chapter,but that last scene made me so laugh!!If you were in msn in the moment I was reading it,you could have thought I was going crazy..:P yeah,it was the cute,but,I don’t know why,cute scenes between Sakura and Syaoran,or them acting cute,make me laugh like nothing else…o.o Him running alone makes you think “aawwww” but also “calm down,Syaoran!=_=”
    And,for Clamp,with a bit of rest every now and then,everything will go on without problems,so don’t worry!^_^


    • AHAHAHAHAHAHA I can imagine… in fact, I though “I bet Sakura loved that scene” XD But I’m not the “calm down” one… I’m only “awww” XD

      Yup for CLAMP ^^ I just hope theses rests don’t affect the serializations too much


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