Tsubasa Cast and CLAMP having a hard time.

Found on this LJ

Touya: Miki Shinichirou (he played both Aladdin and Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts, go figure XD)
Yukito: Miyata Kouki
Fei Wong: Nakata Kazuhiro
星火 (Reed’s evil chick): Kobayashi Sanae
Yuuko: Oohara Sayaka – How ironic, she also played Yuko on Angelic Layer ^^ I think she’ll do good… she played Yamamura-sensei on Maria-Sama ga Miteru, she’s kinda Yuuko-ish.
Tomoyo: Sakamoto Maaya – deserves no introduction XD
Souma: Kaida Yuuko
Chii: Nazuka Kaori – She was Kate (girl with long black hair à la Arashi) in Sweet Valerian ^o^

Everybody is new! I don’t get why don’t keep the same seiyuu for Touya and Yukito o.O And Maaya Sakamoto as Tomoyo o.o

Now, on a more serious matter, CLAMP’s latest post on their ALBUM is about their health (they didn’t say which of them, exactly). They are kinda of bad since the temperature suddenly became really low. The ache one of them had in her hand is now worse and they also said something about their eyes hurting -____- They asked us for apologize. *hugs CLAMP*

The thing is, they say something about this been related to some vacation, I just don’t know if they mean THAT vacation they took a month ago or that there WILL be another vacation. So, I’ll put the link here in case someone is reading this and know japanese enough to do it (I used a translation tool but the results are not that accurate). I’d be glad to know what exactly they are passing and also about that vacation thing.

CLAMP having a hard time
Translation here

30 thoughts on “Tsubasa Cast and CLAMP having a hard time.

  1. > Miki Shinichirou

    He did allen … what’s that touyaxtomoyo subtext I’m reading here ? and he did Mullan Shetland in Last Exile so he should be perfect on the dork side when teasing Sakura ^_^

    > Miyata Kouki

    A guy ?? *choking herself*

    > Kobayashi Sanae

    She has a very good voice, what a waste she was cast for a small character

    > Oohara Sayaka

    ironic indeed. Well they are both strong women… so it should be ok

    > Sakamoto Maaya

    not so impressed by her cast, despite her former big characters… in any case she has a lovely voice for song

    > Kaori NAZUKA

    She did kisa in furuba… chii is so going to sound like a shotacon bait

    And about Clamp : T___T


  2. … Seki’s not there? T________T

    Of course, I admit I squeed when I read Miki Shinichirou’s name on the list… until I saw who was voicing. I adore that guy, but he’s not Touya material IMHO. Actually, I can picture him as the perfect actor for Fye. Really.

    He’s a good actor, though. I loved him as Yamino in Matantei Loki Ragnarok (that character was kinda Yukitoish though), and he rocks my socks as Urahara in Bleach. I think I’ll have to get used to it.

    Yukito’s seiyuu I’ve heard in Tactics. I think he fits. Not Ogata, but… ;_; He has a girlish voice so it’s not an issue.

    Fei Wong’s I can’t remember a lot, but the characters I recognize from the list are big, so he should have a deep voice.

    Yuuko’s… hmmm… I haven’t seen AL completely, so I don’t know. She does Ichigo’s mom in Bleach, and she’s dead already she didn’t talk a lot. One thing is sure: SHE DIDN’T SOUND SMEXY T________T *sobs*

    Maaya Sakamoto also did The Void/Hope card in the second CCS movie. Now she’s Tomoyo-hime. Heh.

    Chii’s seiyuu I know from Fruits Basket, and I think she’ll be fine.

    I echo Maiki: and Watanuki?!?! What if Seki’s not voicing Touya because he will voice Watanuki? Meh, I won’t get my hopes up.


    • I totally agree with you about Miki Shinichirou. They get him, and they give him Touya? (Pictures Fai sounded like Tsuzuki… *stary eyes* Pictures Touya sounding like Tsuzuki…. *brain explodes into thousands of tiny shards….*)

      It’s funny that CLAMP loves continuity in their own comics, but when it coms to their TV shows it’s like the concept doesn’t even exist. Oh well. *Holds out hope for Geneon licensing the US release between now and Anime Boston, and casting previous VA’s in the same parts where aplicable.*



      • Er, pal, CLAMP has almost no saying in the anime adaptation decision. Maybe in script and character design, but certainly not in casting.

        He also did Tsuzuki?! o_o Wow, since ANN translated YnM’s anime name, I totally missed that. Then again, I haven’t watched the thing ^^UU I read the manga instead.


        • I wouldn’t say almost… CLAMP is VERY active in their anime adaptations… maybe not on their last animes, but they always put their nose somehow on the production (but yes, seiyuu is quite impossible). I bet Ohkawa was there in the meetings to discuss about the series and I HOPE she does some scripts for Tsubasa and the script for XXXHOLiC.


      • >but when it coms to their TV shows it’s like the concept doesn’t even exist.
        So true… I don’t get why…

        Why? Seiyuu refused?
        Why? Lack of Money to contract them?
        Why? New anime means new seiyuu?

        I don’t get….


      • > Pictures Touya sounding like Tsuzuki…. *brain explodes into thousands of tiny shards….*

        YnM was what got me to listen for Miki Shinichirou in the first place…along with Scrapped Princess but because of the latter, I can’t really imagine him as Fai… I suppose I could get used to him as Touya…but to me, Seki Tomokazu owns that role…


    • You know a lot about seiyuus ^^

      I can’t say much about them, but I’d surely like the original ones…

      However, I think they can match their voices ^^
      Yuuko’s one I Can’t really remember, really, but she MUST sound SMEXY -__-


      • I rewatched that Bleach episode, and the actress didn’t sound anything like Yuuko in my mind.

        I’m horribly dissapointed. Maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t list Watanuki; he must suck as well. Pft.


  3. Did the album translation and posted it! ^^ I think they’re okay or will be okay, in any case.

    And I can almost see the fuss over the new voice cast, but I mean it should be EXCITED fuss! How many different official voices do, say, Subaru and Seishirou have? Let’s be happy everyone! XDDD

    Though I do agree that a boy voicing Yuki = wtf.


  4. Thank you for posting the news (even if it meant I spent half an hour finding out who the M.A.R. seiyuu were after tracing the links back to Moonphase…found out that Kumai Motoko (i.e. Shaoran in CCS) is doing the main character in that!)!

    I like Sakamoto Maaya’s songs (Lodoss Wars, RahXephon) and she wasn’t bad as Reika in RahXephon…it’s just that she’s currently voicing Lunamaria in Gundam SEED Destiny…I hope I won’t be able to recognise her from that.

    Hope CLAMP is feeling better though…I really don’t mind if they need to take more time off to recover, especially since they’ve let us know…


  5. Ohh~ thanks for the news!

    LOL I agree: Yukito’s seiyuu is a male = WHOA O_O

    I think Maaya Sakamoto’s voice will suit Tomoyo-hime very well. Yay~ my fav singer/seiyuu will voice my fav character.


    • > think Maaya Sakamoto’s voice will suit Tomoyo-hime very well. Yay~ my fav singer/seiyuu will voice my fav character. *makes sacrifices and rituals and.. stuff*
      *helps out*


  6. wow, very interesting cast.

    Miki Shinichirou-I like him. I think I know him best from Weiss Kreuz as Yoji. I was kind of hoping Tomokazu Seki would reprise his role, but this isn’t a bad seiyuu. I have faith that he’ll pull it off ^_^

    Miyata Kouki-hmmm…never really heard this guy. I think Megumi Ogata must be in semi-retirement mode b/c I haven’t seen her in many anime recently. Oh well, hopefully this man will prove at least halfway worthwhile.

    Nakata Kazuhiro-once again, haven’t heard this guy, I’ll judge him when I hear him in Tsubasa.

    Kobayashi Sanae-she’s awesome! She voices Akira Okuzaki in Mai-HiME. If her voice in Tsubasa is going to be similar to Akira’s, then Fei Wong’s assistant is going to have somewhat of a rough, deep voice. But we’ll see ^_^

    Oohara Sayaka-she’s pretty cool. I liked her voice in Maria-sama ga Miteru, but I don’t remember Yuko from Angelic Layer strangely enough ^^ She should do well.

    Sakamoto Maaya-waiiiii!!! Maaya-sama is so awesome


  7. Adoro a voz de Tsuzuki de YnM, mas acho que a voz de Seki é a cara do Touya… Mas é uma voz legal!
    Agora, Yukito ter a voz de um homem soa esquisito >_< Prefiro a voz da Ogata. Ou a voz da Suzukase Mayo ficaria melhor mas acho que o único trabalho dela é Kenshin Himura de Rurouni Kenshin…
    Em Fruits Basket, a voz de Kisa é bem kawaii… Acho que não vai ficar ruim em Chii.
    Tirando Sakamoto Maaya, acho que não conheço o trabalho dos outros seyuus…
    Pra falar a verdade, achava melhor manter as vozes mas como não é possível… Mesmo em X, eles mudaram tudo… Apesar que, no final acabei gostando mais da voz de Suzumura Kenichi que Seki em Kamui ^^' Pena que não aparece o seiyuu de Watanuki-kun…


  8. It’s my turn to say my opinion

    I thought they wouldn’t get any old voices since Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona were re-casted [is that a word?].

    I always pictured Fye with an Ishida Akira -like voice, and when I found out that Namikawa Daisuke sounds EXACTLY like him, I had no worries ^_^ I have great faith in Miki Shin’ichirou, he’s one of the seiyuus that can do anything.

    Miyata Kouki! He’s not the manliest around, I’ve heard that people really mistake him for a girl in real life xD It’s not Ogata Megumi, but I’m not disappointed. Maybe she’s concentrating on making music right now…

    I don’t know Nakata Kazuhiro, Kobayashi Sanae and Oohara Sayaka that well, same goes for Kaida Yuuko and Nazuka Kaori [though I’ve watched Sweet Valerian], but I still think they’re going to be good – they wouldn’t have got the roles if they weren’t! x]

    Sakamoto Maaya! I thought she’d have a role in the anime since she sings the ending, I hope she’ll make a cute Tomoyo! ^_^



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