Lots of News!

TRC 70:

– Nice world… of course CLAMP would make a future-esque world… Edonis Country wasn’t explored much. It reminds me that city of FF8, it was also a floating city, wasn’t it?
– Nice clothes! So 70’s! Fye’s and Sakura’s clothes especially. And yes, flowright, I don’t know why CLAMP don’t start their own brand of fashion XD
– Dragon Fly? *Gilmore Girls Flashbacks* *Kojima Yushiyuki flashback Looks fun !
– Tomoyo! She and her bodyguards XD It would be cool if she wins the cup and gives the prize to Sakura… but Tomoyo is not the kind of girl who participates in these kind of cups, ne?

Tsubasa TV anime site updated!

Now is for sure, that’s how is gonna look.

Nothing really new… just bigger pics of Fye and Kurogane we had already seen before and a preview pic of the 1st episode. I can’t recognize the pic but it must be one of those conversations Syaoran will always remember of.

Now, for the episode titles:

1st: Inevitable Deal (it can also mean meeting)
2nd: The Power to Fight – They must be already at Hanshin (look how fast)
3rd: The Cerimonial Sword – What? The only sword I can remember of before Outo’s one is when Kurogane gets one at Koryo… Koryo already?
4th: Dirty Wandering – Could it be that they are in Koryo’s caste?

Thanks Sakura-chan for letting me know! ^_~


16 thoughts on “Lots of News!

  1. Well,seems like they’ve heard my complains(and yours XD)and updated the site..XD at least we have this preview pic of the first episode…the video preview was too much,after all,they want us to wait until the day before the airing,so…they want to kill my brain >.


  2. As usual the american cover is more informative…. (the HPFGU should be boiling right now with hypothesis) What’s dumbledy and Harry are watching in that Pensieve ?

    And the british cover (I always find them too childish, and can I even say uglish ? ) makes me all teary (not really) because he’s so grown up on it !! He looks like a young adult !

    and the book on the cover adult it’s advanced potion making *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel* this mean MORE SNAPE EXCUSE MY SCREAMING I’M SOOOOOOOO HAPPYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!

    For Tsubasa…. Do you think they switch timeline ? By example they could throw shaolan tachi together and then later explain how their backstory like the end of hanshin would be in episode 3 with them dealing Kurogane’s backstory with HIS sacred sword and how his kudan turn into another sword ?
    Or they could chose to explore another world before animating hanshin ? (maybe even invented one themselves grrrr>__>)


    • >What’s dumbledy and Harry are watching in that Pensieve ?
      If it is a Pensieve, I’m not sure of that o.O

      >I always find them too childish, and can I even say uglish ?
      Me too… the OotP one was very good indeed and the best of all in my opinion (GoF one is also good). I’ll have to love that cover because that’s the version I plain to buy so I better see some beauty on that (but I do prefer the britain one than the usa one, who looks like a fan-made cover, IMO)

      Yes!!! It’s so like a disguised message!!

      For tsubasa, I think they will mainly cut a lot of things… maybe only Syaoran’s Kudan will appear… maybe they will not even say nothing about kudans (they never appeared again ^^”) It’s a fucking shame, but that’s what it seems…
      Chapter 2 is the same title of one if the chapters on Hanshin arc, so… I guess they are in Hanshin…
      It looks like they’ll try to do the same with CCS, like, a feather for 1~2 episodes, rush things up.


  3. uurgg…The titles of the episodes are no good…
    1-if they are trying to eaten up half of the story then, it’s mean :”26 eps ONLY, no 2º saison nor anything”
    2-CLAMP might have told them something super scary like “we’re planning to
    release +20volumes of TRC ooohohohoho! So beware!” in which case they are desesperately trying to left some place for the end of the story…
    3-They are trying to scare us like hell (they’ve succeded with me) by giving weirds titles that makes us thinks that the story progress super fastly…(what “ceremonial sword” bastards!)


  4. About the third episode title…it must be in reference to Kurogane’s sword vs. his kudan’s physical sword form in Hanshin. Because he refers to Ginryuu in the manga as a “hamatou”, which I would call like…a magic destroying sword, or a magic breaking sword or something, and the “hama” kanji are the ones used in the episode title, so I wouldn’t really think of it as a “ceremonial” sword. So it isn’t moving THAT fast, thank goodness. ^^ Also, “yogorenaki” in the last title means “not dirty”! And I’ll put a translation of that little blurb about episode one up in a minute. 🙂



    • I’ll definitely call you ^__^ But strangely, any of Nekoi’s works appeared in Tsubasa (okay, besides XXXHOLiC’s boys and a tiny Hinata and Asou on Outo Country’s bar)


  5. oh my .. O_O tsubasa is moving really fast, the little episodeclip kinda scares me..i cant pin point what the particular scene would be ‘_’;; though i’m glad they re updated the home page to the picture i ADORE~


    • >though its kinda odd that sakura and tomoyo dont know eachother in trc, but she looks beatutiful 🙂
      She DOES look beautiful and I hope they get along !! ^__^ I hope she makes customes and everything ^^


  6. I don’t know why CLAMP don’t start their own brand of fashion

    *laughs* It sounds like a possible thing for them to expand on. ^_^ I could do with a few more design pics, though. Makes the life of a cosplayer much easier. X3


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