Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 60

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We’re back with the main story and girl, what a chapter! This chapter marks the beginning of volume 13.

The story isn’t picked from the point where chapter 59 left out. We don’t learn in this chapter whatever it is that Momo left with the guardians. It wasn’t the ring, because Momo still has it. Maybe it was a memory?

This was a very juicy chapter, almost entirely made of flashback scenes between Kaito and Akiho’s mother.

We see Akiho’s mother paying several visits to Kaito at his favorite spot (the same garden where he would meet Akiho in person for the first time).

Kaito warns (not once, but twice) Akiho’s mother about the association and how it’s likely that they will betray her, even though they might seem to be working on the same side. However, clearly Akiho’s mother doesn’t seem to be bothered much by this possibility. She claims to have “better things to do than going to boring meetings”, and by “better things to do” she means conjuring chocolate mint out of thin air. Atta girl!

Akiho’s mother is very enthusiastic about the things she’s passionate about (in this case, chocolate mint). Her mannerisms resemble Akiho a lot when she’s speaking about the things she’s passionate about.

Kaito doesn’t seem to understand why Akiho’s mother cares about him, specially because he is certain that the association will betray Akiho’s mother’s clan. They both talk how their respective association/clan only care about becoming more powerful for the sake of power, which is the complete opposite of Kaito — who doesn’t see the purpose of being powerful — and Akiho’s mother — who doesn’t agree with her family’s thirst for power. This links Kaito and Akiho’s mother very closely. They both are outsiders, the odd-balls of the respective group to which they belong to. I think Akiho’s mother sees herself in young Kaito.

Kaito shies away from her, but Akiho’s mother is very persistent and tells him she wants to get to know him more.

We get several confirmations such as Akiho’s mother being the most powerful witch from her clan and the fact that she has strong yumemi powers. It is actually her specialty.

Kaito asks her if she has seen in her dreams the purpose of his immense power. At that time and age, Kaito clearly didn’t have a purpose for his powers. He didn’t know what to do with it, he didn’t understand what was the use for it. Did he find a purpose for his magic now? Me thinks yes.

Akiho’s mother is extremely confident and she stands out from some other CLAMP characters who are also able to see the future by making her own decisions instead of being unable to “change the future”. That’s quite a departure from so many characters that seem unable to do anything else other sit and watch the foreseen future unfold itself.

Some time goes by and Akiho’s mother kept coming back to the garden bringing all sorts of different chocolate mint flavored food for a very reluctant Kaito to try. All labels are written in latin alphabet, by the way, since they are in Europe. I simply love that brought chocolate mint flavored popcorn and potato chips xD She is such a chocomint crazy fangirl.

Eventually, Kaito gives in and tries some chocolate mint flavored custard-like thing only to find out he hated it. This was somehow expected, specially from YunaAki shippers given that Akiho loves chocolate mint.

Even though Kaito hated it, Akiho’s mother still sees that as a victory. At least now there is something that Kaito hates, in a sea of indifference. She vows to help him find something that he “likes”.

Akiho’s mother mentions having participated of a magic session with a distant relative, for which she clearly has feelings towards, given her flushed face when talking about that person. It is someone from her own family, but as she said, a distant relative. That person also gave her the ring (that is now with Momo), saying that it would protect her.

From the frame in which we can see Akiho’s mother receiving the ring, judging by the other person’s hands, it looks like a man’s hands. Is it safe to assume he is Akiho’s father? Are we going to know his real identity?

Kaito mentions that the clan has been trying to summon a person’s dead spirit for a really long time — which is why Akiho’s mother and the other members of her clan are having these magic sessions. I wonder whose spirit they were trying to summon? There is a fan theory that Akiho’s family are the Reeds, if that’s the case, were they trying to summon Clow Reed’s spirit?

Back to Akiho’s mother’s significant other, she seems very adamant about not falling in love for him because of his magic powers (so not like Syaoran and Sakura being attracted to Yukito and Kaho’s moon power). This is yet another confirmation that she is not like her clan who only cares about magic power. She is the opposite of RG Veda’s Kendappa-ou, for example, who was attracted to powerful/strong people. And in yet another demonstration of Akiho’s mother’s strong confidence, she said she didn’t rely on her dreams to know that person was the one for her, she felt it herself instead.

Then we get some clear indication that, as expected, Akiho’s mother saw a bit of the future, pulled some strings and then asked for Momo’s help (even though Kaito didn’t know about Momo at that time).

Before we leave the flashback, Akiho’s mother hints to Kaito that she might not be around to see when Kaito finds the thing he “likes”, but she hopes he will find it.

We finally have a name for Akiho’s mother! Lillie! Thank god no more “Akiho’s mother” from now on (too long of a name!).

My friend Cinzia (Sakura84) made some research and she found out that that’s the German version of Lilly, and it’s pronounced as “Lillieh” (the “e” is pronounced as in “elephant”).

There are lilies in the panel that Lillie’s name is revealed. As a reminder, Kaito’s favorite flower is lilies.

We learn that Lillie didn’t necessarily tell everything she foresaw in her dreams to Kaito. He doesn’t know, for example, if Lillie saw the outcome of his plan that consist in having Sakura creating the card he needs and Momo’s book.

The chapter ends with Momo ominously “starting” the story of the two Alices, with a warning that the characters will play their own part according to their wishes and that once it starts, “it won’t be possible to go back”, quoting the same sentence that we have seen before by the association and by Nadeshiko.

It’s the beginning of the end!

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR
  13. BLAZE
  14. MIRROR
  15. BLADE
  16. REPAIR
  17. REWIND
  18. SHADE
  19. BREAK
  22. MIRAGE
  24. TIME

Anime-only cards:

  2. HAIL
  4. SWING

28 pages for the first chapter of volume 13.

Chapter 61 will come out on March 30th!

One thought on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 60

  1. What Lillie said reminds me so much about Kotori’s mother from X. She saw the one and her destiny in dreams and decided embracing it without fear. Also she reminds me a bit about Chi from Chobits. It’s interesting that CLAMP universe is united. 🙂


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