XXXHOLiC Rei Official Comic Guide announced (Updated)

CLAMP and Kodansha are releasing a comic guide for XXXHOLiC Rei in April.

Entitled XXXHOLiC Rei Official Comic Guide (XXXHOLiC 戻 公式コミックガイド) the book will come out on April 20, costing 1000 yens.

The information comes from Kodansha‘s schedule of comics for April.

Source: Kodansha.

The timing ties in nicely with the end of XXXHOLiC‘s run in CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION and the live-action movie release. But what about the manga? Is it coming back? But is it wise to release a guide book when there is more material coming? Unless there will be another guide in the future?

Update: Here’s the cover for it:


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