Tokyo Babylon CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION scheduled for summer 2022 in Japan; CLAMP release official statement

The official twitter account of Kadokawa‘s Young Ace magazine announced today that the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION version of Tokyo Babylon is scheduled to be released on the Japanese summer in 2022.

This likely means that the next work to be released after XXXHOLiC‘s 19 volumes run should be Tokyo Babylon. The 19th volume of XXXHOLiC is expected to be released in May/June of 2022. We could have Tokyo Babylon starting on May or a little later, in case we have a shorter series in between.

This release may or may not tie-in with the new Tokyo Babylon TV Anime project, which is hopefully still in the works.

On a related note, in light of yesterday’s news that GoHands animation studio is suing Kodansha-affiliated entertainment company King Records, CLAMP posted an official statement on their twitter account:

The statement can be translated as follows:

Regarding Tokyo Babylon

It’s still a bit away, but the special edition with the newly drawn covers we promised previously will be included in the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION that is being currently published.

If we’ll get approval/permission, CLAMP will be happy to take part not only to the development of the new edition, but also to all the related media mix from now on.

Above all, we hope you can still enjoy Tokyo Babylon from the bottom of our hearts


In Japan, “media mix” is used to describe any media adaptation in any form of audio or video format. What CLAMP mean here is that they hope they can participate in any upcoming media adaptation (audio or video) of Tokyo Babylon if they have the permission to.

This note reaffirms that, as original creators, CLAMP are not always allowed to participate in the adaptations of their own works. This is pretty common as far as adaptations go. In fact, CLAMP are known to be one of the few original creators who get involved in the media adaptations of their works, but it’s a case by case basis and it’s not a given that they will always be part of the production. This could be because they chose to (as it happened in the past), or because they were not given the choice. CLAMP have previously stated that they are first and foremost a group that create manga.

At this point, we don’t know what is happening with the new Tokyo Babylon anime, we don’t even know if it’s still happening. This note from CLAMP indicates that they are not yet involved or they are but it’s too soon to announce that. In case it’s the former, I do hope that the producing committee gets hold of this message and consider involving CLAMP in the production, since they explicitly expressed a desire to do so this time.

With Tokyo Babylon 2021, CLAMP have barely spoke or shown enthusiasm about it and we all saw what happened later…


4 thoughts on “Tokyo Babylon CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION scheduled for summer 2022 in Japan; CLAMP release official statement

  1. Oh please please let this mean my dream of CLAMP creating a Shoten-era TB anime will come true.

    Jokes aside, I know most production companies aren’t aiming to make masterpieces, but the way TB:2021 was handled seemed so foolish. Doing an adaptation that capitalizes on all the things that made TB so strong (the aesthetics, the nostalgia, etc) just seems like a $$$ slam dunk. How can even the most disconnected business executive in the production line not see that?


    • I don’t know how the hell they thought that could go well. It was an announced tragedy.

      I hope all the publicity TB is getting will be good for it. No such thing as bad publicity, right? They say…


    • The CLAMP CAMPUS DETECTIVE Anime already has a SHOTEN vibe already, it is a shame that the Tokyo Babylon anime will be delayed, I hope that Sunrise picks this up.


  2. Perhaps we can have Sunrise animate Tokyo Babylon since many of the staff of TMS that worked with Magic Knight Rayearth is now in Sunrise.


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