Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 54

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Kinomoto siblings dynamic in the title page (very fitting for this chapter). Is that a little homage to the aquarium where The Water was captured? Oh and Sakura is holding a baby penguin. CLAMP are into gradient that even the detail in Touya’s tuxedo is gradient.

So Sakura wasn’t necessarily bothered by the fact that Akiho called Touya “Onii-sama”, rather it seems like she already felt that feeling before. Could this be a deja-vu? Has she already gone through this exact same situation? Who knows if we the readers are indeed seeing all the time rewinds that were made. I wouldn’t be surprised if certain rewinds were not shown at all.

Or is Sakura talking about the feeling that Akiho is becoming her?

I like that CLAMP acknowledged that Sakura would question Akiho about how come she knows Touya. It’s the most natural thing given she wasn’t there when it happened. I wasn’t necessarily expecting this so it was a nice touch.

We are reminded again that The Mirror is still MIA.

It’s amusing that Kaito’s spell is making Syaoran smile to Touya. Syaoran must be truly dying inside!

I’ve been heavily influenced by YunaAki fans out there (I’m talking about you, Sakura84-chan) and I was curious to see Kaito’s height in comparison to Touya and we can clearly see that Kaito is about a “head” shorter than Touya, which would make Kaito around 16-17 years old (though we still don’t know his age for sure).

Touya acts the big brother and threatens Kaito in case he hurts Touya’s relatives, which could either imply that he knows some of all that Kaito is up to, or that Touya is simply suspicious of Kaito. I definitely think he somehow knows somewhat of what Kaito is up to, and even though Touya has a dead serious expression (as he should), his advice to Kaito makes me thing that Kaito’s plan won’t necessarily put Sakura or Syaoran in grave danger. Otherwise, knowing this, Touya wouldn’t just threat him, he would straight out do something about it. Kaito seems to oblige (not like he has any other choice), which again makes me think that he doesn’t plan to gravely hurt Sakura or Syaoran. Kaito has really kind eyes when he is look at Sakura, which again makes me think he means no harm (not intentionally at least).

So how come Touya knows Kaito’s plan, assuming he does? Is that part of his new powers? Or did someone tell him? Nadeshiko, maybe?

Speaking of Touya’s new powers, Momo seems to see what it is, through her own eyes. She seems to imply that his powers will get in Kaito’s way — and she seems to thoroughly enjoy this!

I was curious to see how Momo would react upon seeing Touya so this moment paid off.

Back at Sakura’s place, Suppi’s words seemed a little foreshadowing…

Back to the botanical garden, Sakura is amazing for reading exactly through Syaoran’s troubled expression, even more amazing for LIFTING KAITO’S SPELL OMG. When Syaoran started talking (finally), I thought at first that it was only in his imagination and that in reality he couldn’t speak the truth about Kaito. But no! Sakura really did manage to unconsciously lift the spell Kaito had placed in Syaoran! Sasuga Sakura-chan!

Kaito immediately attempts to turn back time (I can hear everyone’s cries of NOT AGAINNN), ’cause you know, that’s what he does. Momo interjects (How unclassy of you, Kaito) but the REAL surprise comes when Sakura herself interrupts Kaito, Dream staff in hand (did she use any card?) and looking terribly sad/disappointed/concerned/cringed.

This is the moment that CLAMP have been building up to from the past time rewindings. Every time there was a rewind, Sakura became stronger and more resistant to the spell, while Kaito’s lifespan shortened and he became weaker. Even if he does turn back time now, I don’t think it will affect Sakura at all.

I sure hope these three — Sakura, Kaito and Momo — will have a heart to heart chat before whatever needs to happen to move the time forward (or backwards).

There is a long wait ahead before we find out what happens (see below)……..

Chapter 55 shall open Volume 12 — is this it? The final volume of Clear Card? Things sure seem to be gearing up towards that… What do you think? 😉

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR
  13. BLAZE
  14. MIRROR
  15. BLADE
  16. REPAIR
  17. REWIND
  18. SHADE
  19. BREAK
  22. MIRAGE
  24. TIME

Anime-only cards:

  2. HAIL
  4. SWING

This time we got ourselves a short 23 pages chapter. 134 pages so far for volume 11. This was the final chapter of volume 11. The next chapter will be a short special chapter and it will come out on June 30th. After that, CLAMP will be taking their usual summer break. Chapter 55 is only coming out on September 1st.


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